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.. Has anyone ever had a Teacher.. A high school Art Teacher .. That you had for 3 years during High School.. I asked him a question once after graduation If I school go to a local college and add to my art education? .. He tells me no! He told me if I went there in no time as soon as they saw what I could I would most likly be teaching them! He told me that that college was where he went and he told me what he did while he there .. and he opened my eyes to adding art to signs for local businesses .. Well fast forward 20 years and I had 10 to 12 people working for me and it became one of the largest sign companies in an 80 mile radius and when he retired from teaching my former Art Teacher was working for me for many years after he retired! ............... if you only knew how I got into writing music, as I have never played an instrument nor written music until 1994 ... It took me a long time just to stand before crowd, Public speaking was so hard for me to do, even when in school to stand and give a book report scared me so much! My friend I had in school was great in music He could play 6 instruments and sing all 4 parts high to low, but I lost him to cancer about 4 years ago.. Now I have no one to bounce ideas for a song off of and help me with melodies .. Anyway I still get ideas for songs but that is as about I can do until I find someone to help me with the music.. Thank you all for listening to my music .. Parrish Nichols

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