Temple Electric remaster 2014


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Very nice I love christain songs such a good effect on the listeners.Good quality song keep doing it

United States, Washington, Seattle

Temple Electric remaster


St. Vincent and the Grenadines, kingstown

Temple Electric remaster

Love it! Makes me want to hop onto my camel and trudge through the burning desert in search of the lost temple. Wonderful orchestration. Thumbs up.

United States, Georgia, Lawrenceville

Temple Electric remaster

Excellent composition, really amazing work on the guitar. Has a Hindi feel to it. The production quality could be a bit better. The cymbals are a little overpowering and sounds a little muddy which are both production issues. Great job, keep it up.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Yeah man!

Nice Instrumental composition.. Obviously a lots of work went into the making. Nice guitar works. Overall good job.. keep up the good works

Canada, Quebec, Montreal


Hi ! nice sounds of guitar :) I love it ! enjoy

France, https://open.spotify.com/album/30C5Jy9fLXodxQWVuRbsEs/66xt9yUB7RR9q2JRlTFfEt

Temple eclectic

Sounds like it could comfortably fit into a movie soundtrack. Feels like it goes on for maybe 30 seconds to a minute too long but I do like the ending.

United States, California, Lake Forest

Outfall "Temple Electric Remaster"

The instrumentation is very well executed however I would like to hear lyrics with the music. Without lyrics it is a little to repetitive for my taste. Again, though the quality of executing the music is very good.

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh


Nice!!!!! Keep up the good works; one day you are going hit it big Just keep on doing your thing, all the best, check me out if you can http://www.tommycct

United States, Texas, SPRING


nice ......sounds like it would do well as a video game sound track .maybe Grand Theft Auto

United States, Florida, Jacksonville

Review of Temple Electric by Outfall

Great music! Do you want it to have lyrics?

You tune

It sound good and agreable. Congrats! If you could, Listen to mine tunes! Thank you!

Brazil, Brasília-DF

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