Chloe Chiavacci
United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

About Chloe Chiavacci

Chloe started singing when she was just three years old and remembers the first song her mother taught her was “Follow Me”. Her Father started teaching her to play mandolin and guitar whe I find I am at my best when I have a little more to do than time allows. I seem to work just a little harder to ensure everything I can do for the day is completed. This is how I feel about reaching the lost, hopeless, wounded and hurting people before the return of our Lord and Savior. When I miss an opportunity to share God’s love and mercy then I feel I have failed in my Christian walk. I love allowing the Holy Spirit to move through me to touch God's children and when I feel the Spirit moving, see people responding to his call I feel most humbled. Words from a song I love says “Why use me God? Why choose me God? I am just one of many millions you saw from Calvary’s cross. Why take my place? Why give me grace? How could you find any value that would make me worth the cost?” This is exactly how I feel every single day. I am so thankful he did take my place and has been a part of my life since I was a child. I have always loved to sing Gospel Music and find music to be a great refuge. Music reaches the soul and helps prepare the heart for the Word of God. As the anointing flows through me I know hearts are touched and God’s plan is accomplished.

My life's journey is about reaching the lost for Jesus. His return is very close at hand and the time grows shorter every day. I am to reach as many people as possible so God can save their souls, heal their wounds and repair their brokenness. I desire to be a person used by God all over the world. Through obedience to his call on my life I want to see millions find God and in turn they share the love and mercy of Jesus with others. People who have lost hope will find the joy and peace of God and those who were hurting will experience God's healing grace. All I have to offer is sharing the love of Jesus with as many people as I possibly can during my life. I must tell everyone I meet about God's Redeeming Grace, love and mercy and help lead more people to Jesus before his quickly approaching return.

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