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Bop review

Alright let's get it started, very nice rhythm guitar and bongos happening, little bit of humming going on sets up the vocal track nicely.this track has a flair of blues traveler, and a bit if hootie and the blowfish.i really like the vocal track nice clean track also I really like the hook it compliments the vocal track really well. I'm digging the percussion congas timbales and the bongos very nicely done. So this song is very nicely done.

Walking on Perfection

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song O-Nyx delivers a solid performance with vocals that could be confused with Bon Jovi at times. Well produced, mixed and performed. Another reason you should be global superstars!


Walking on the sea review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Walking On The Sea

I have to be honest and say that the song is musically sound. I don't hear anything bad at all about this recording. Everything is well played and in key. Vocals, guitars, bass and percussion all sound like they should. So the song the way it's presented is perfect in it's recorded form. So why isn't it a hit or a huge song? Well getting discovered is a tough thing for one thing. Even with an amazing product you need to have someone in the industry hear it and feel you have something special. I hope you guys are doing well and keep on writing great songs and working to get better exposure so more people can enjoy your music. I think you guys are very talented and should keep pushing yourselves and getting others to listen to what great songs you have created. Best of luck!

Can't ever get enough

this band is great. love the cut and dry sound on this one. you guys do effects great, but it's a nice tough to see you just put out an unplugged song. great job. this song should be on the radio. I feel it could be a great cross over tune. it's a kind hardhearted soft rock tune, but in today's country it could be loved too. I hate most country music, and I don't feel this country, but in todays music country isn't country and I feel those people who love the new country music would love this too. I am always wishing you guys the best. peace..Joe Garrison

Love the bongos

Good feeling from the start on this tune. I feel the vocal could have been a bit louder or more up front, but the attitude carries it well even if you can't understand what he's singing, LOL. A very happy feel throughout the song with a good beat. Thanks for presenting this song, and good luck to the band and keep the good music comin'.

Caminando sobre el mar!!!

Buenas tardes desde Jerez de la Frontera compañeros, estoy escuchando vuestra canción y tengo que deciros que el comienzo me ha recordado al Please to meet you, pero luego li habeis ido haciendo vuestro, con unas líneas vocales muy acertadas y un soniazo, como el que nos tenéis acostumbrados. Sin duda es un tema en acústico que entrs por el oido. Tengo poco más que pueda añadir al respecto excepto desearos toda la suerte del mundo en vuestro proyecto y felicitaros por vuestro trabajo. Un saludo desde Andalucía compañeros!!!


Starting with Congo's, lead vocalist took a little time to get with, still not sure it works for me. Background sounds good. Yet something is missing. It's a good song, but voice should be raised walking on a dream sounds good but needs counter balance. Thanks Magic

very good feel reminds me of the spin doctors good stuff here

When I hear this it reminds me of the older eighties,with a dose of the seventies as well...Very well delivered,and very driven felling song!! Brings out emotions in me!!So my review of this song will be pos very good work keep em coming!!

I Liked It

Nice song you have here, O-NYX...I like the Latin feel and it making one feel like they're on a island somewhere enjoying the breeze. I almost couldn't wait to see what you were going to do at the bridge...it just seemed 'so' long getting for the feeling of being relaxed 'on' the beach, but you came through with flying colors with an almost 1 minute long acoustic run at the 3 minute mark. Nicely done ~ and the vamp out was spot on still letting me know I was still on the beach. The 4.5 was for making me wait so long for the bridge...LOL! j/kidding ~ I loved it........gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

Awesome some

Very nice song and great vocals man.loving the guitar playing too.cant wait to hear something else from you .you deffinatly will be heard and like by many fans I'm one of them so far .wish I heard this earlier

Review of "Walking on the sea (acoustic 2017)" by O-NYX

I was thinking, cool, a nice quiet version (acoustic), of a song from a band I already enjoy....What I got was a wicked power acoustic song, a little heavier than I would have liked (just to hear a really acoustic sound from you guys)!As usual for O-NYX, a tight song, great lyrics, great percussion (esp. like the 'Congo's, sound), and they're string players don't disappoint (as usual). Over-all another great song from a great band! I'd like to add the 'mix' sounds great! Respectfully Dave MacDonald

O-NYX- Walking On The Sea- Reviewed by Eja Slade

A 'stripped back' offering from the French masters, this is honest and real. Good playing, good vocal, and brave. Nice, precise percussion. That said, I have heard better from O-NYX. Maybe guys, spend a little more time on the arrangement? All I'm saying is you can give yourselves a better chance of really 'breaking through' with a little bit more attention to detail, you have what it takes, musically speaking. No doubt about it. This one is inoffensive, I would like to see you 'go for the jugular' a bit more. But it's a good song, keep going, you've got talent. Well done.


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding non stop you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin Follow my Instagram and twitter @king_james_on1


Its very nice . Not knowing much about your outfit I’ll try not to be overly critical. I think you can do better if want to but I’m thinking this the way you are going To play it. I can’t say the song is subdued because it goes all out . It is somewhat mellow and G rated and feels as your asking it to be alittle more but I could wrong. Arrangements are in place and clean enough. Song itself doesn’t touch me as a classic but still credible to listen to I’ve seen a lot better do a lot worse and I’ve seen a lot worse do a lot better. That being said you can keep attacking the game. You want what I want...✌????
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