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Old fashion

This song Vision sounds to me a bit old fashion, the way that the arrangement was done and produced. The mixing let the voice too much behind the drums - specially loud, and all the effects are so in front, in a way making it sound flat...

United States, no city

Get Glasses

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we have a fun electronica song with a hint of Reggae. Vocally, the intent might be different, but it's like the microphone is a mile away and really the singer is barely background.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Time Traveler


"Time is money, the seconds, you can't afford, Homie/ The city's reps up, they revved up, way past the sunset." [something I wrote called SlumLordz]. When I heard this track...I saw myself in a one bedroom apartment, contemplating my next move. Each time I look out the window, I get angst and wanna take another drag of the blunt...I hear Ozzy Osbourne, sober as fuck telling me to take care of my biz no matter what. Time is whatever, and all these things, plus what you make it. Some people can slow down time, but it doesn't stop. So if Time is Money...are you out of Time? Take the long way home on this one.

United States, Texas, San Antonio


bravo...le sens spatiale des cieux se ressent bien, le coté mysterieux et messager aussi !! un coté psychédélique aux intonations à la pink floyd ! personnellement, je trouve cette ambiance musicale enrichissante .

France, Airvault


Vision is a track that caught my interest from the first notes. I must say I do enjoy what you did here. Very simple,yet contagious. Even after playing the song. I still hear it inside my head. To me, that is a sign that you are on to something. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Magic

United States, California, San Francisco


Esto suena como música de alguna Película, donde las melodías y armonias se conjugan como contando una historia, las voces me recrean climas muy 80 dentro del rock, pero está bueno escucharlos, ese estilo de música siempre es para imaginar

Argentina, Buenos Aires


This will be a Good Song but You need to make more Impressive Arrangement ( this is to plain ) and better Voice.( some parts of vocal are off the tune) which is no go in today music World..also if You make a Better Quality Recording Your song will sound much better.. as It is now is ok to Perform Life but I think is not ready for Music Publisher or Radio Station..I wish You good luck with submissions but remember that Music Insiders are Very Hard to Please... good luck..

United States, California, Los Angeles


Hi I think Vision was a beautiful song. Liked the vibe in the song and you have a beautiful voice. Listen to all the song and I often don't do that, so thats a very good sign. Please keep on making more beautiful music

Norway, Fredrikstad

Deep perception in music


I start with a conclusion. Not all listeners like electronical based music, but I think this song could change the habit. This ambitious arrangement by using modular syntheziser effects and tunes is a composition full of unconventional sounds bringing a hypnotically feel into the music. In addition versatile transitions forcing the music constantly. The reverb sound of the vocals make me remember a little on Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. Experimental mixture in style of Psychodelic-Rock and Pop making the meaning of this recording engaging for me. Overal good mixed and mastered. The song has also important messages and I´m sure you will likely add him. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg


This is very nice Melody..if You just put more energy and improve Vocal Part..( some notes are off The Tune ) I like the background music ..I think when some extra work will be done It will be a good song It is now I do not think It will be pick up by Music Publisher ( They are Very Hard to please ) or played in Main Stream Radio ( Quality of Recording must be better )I wish You good luck with submissions..You did good work so far

United States, California, Los Angeles



This is a Nice Song .I really Think with a little work on The Vocal Part ( some parts are of The Tune and voice is "breaking.." this is No Go in Today Music Bizz ) It will be Very Good..I like The Arrangement.. also You must make a Radio Ready Recording after changes are make send It to Radio and Music Publishers as It is now They will "pass" on It so Put some extra effort and let see what will happen..I wish You good Luck with submissions..Good Idea..I like It..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Pyschedelic Vision

Nice.Reminds me alittle between talking heads and simple minds. Not so much reggae in this one. Surprised you dont push this song for tv. I think shows would pick it up. Keep up the nice work guys.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


I had been thinking the Bruce Gombrelli was the only purveyor of Retro "Mystical" Music. But here I find NOTREDAMNn with a "VISON" for something new OLD. Is the "VIson" clear or are we being offered just a fantasy piece? The combination of fanciful music and 70s style subdued vocals is...ah...interesting. I think that this Artist may be nearing the "right track" for their work if the track they seek is RETRO. The Artist could take some hints from Bruce on doing this type music. There is often a fine line between doing it and doing it right. Bruce does it right, the jury is still out on NOTREDAMNn .

United States, Florida, Fort Myers

Melodious and sweet

Love the beginning and the background music... vocals blend very well, lovely use of Echo and reverb, not so sure about the middle part.. I guess it interferes with he smoothness of melody a bit.. but overall a lovely number and I enjoyed listening to it.

United Kingdom, Birmingham



Este estilo de música no es de mi preferido, pero la canción en si no está mal, un poco monótona pero todo está correctamente interpretado, quizá el sonido de la voz está un poco por debajo del de la música, pero esto es más un fallo técnico que instrumental. Personalmente le daría un poco más de intensidad a la música para hacer una canción mejor, pero bien en lineas generales. A seguir trabajando, como todos.

Spain, Sevilla



This has a bowie feel, the hypnotic keys running the song make me feel this way. The trippy middle bridge with the back up voice was brimming with floyd. If i did something to it I might throw an effect on the entire track to make a universal systain. It could further tighten the unity of sound in different tracks. Great playing!

United States, California, Big Sur



It started off a little weird. For a second I thought it wouldn't sound good. It's very different. I like different.You put it well together. Sounds of the demons make it more your song. I like it. Just how it is.

United States, Connecticut, Meriden

The song is pleasant even if not very imaginative.


The song is pleasant even if not very imaginative. Repetitive, hypnotic. The vocal, stunted, imprecise, without education and without any study to support it, is still adequate and manages to compose the sound of the piece, which is raw, real, dirty. Something from the street or from a night bar of the outskirts. The arrangement, makes me return pleasantly back to the eighties.

Nice Job - Interesting signature


Nice Job - Interesting signature. Easy to listen to. This is a great foundation piece in this genre. My positive assessment/ advice is write in a bridge section ( especially on a looped piece) it keeps the music, the atmosphere of the story you are telling both lyrically and musically, flowing. That take the listener to yet another place and allows you an even more elevating dimension of your song. ( ie/more storytelling adventures to heighten the already interesting soundbed. Thanks much for sharing your Music. All the best :-)

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles

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