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Mystery North
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Mystery North

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About Mystery North

No Matter How High You Climb.
There's Still Room To Climb Higher. There's No Limits.
Servant | Messenger | Song Writer
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In the words of Mystery North, "I've been fighting my whole Life. Come to find out JESUS was right there w/ me Fighting my battles for me." There is no testimony without a test. For Cincinnati Ohio native Maria Walker "Mystery North" formally known as Moe 'Green' Grn, knows firsthand what it’s like to be tested. Born September 18th 1984 being the 3rd oldest out of 8 Children. During her early childhood she was diagnosed with a speech impediment that prevented her from successfully articulating her thoughts. Literally speaking, she had a real bad shudder which made her become Shy and never speaking. Of course she was picked on at school and at home. It seemed as if it would never end. Resulting in Maria hating herself and life. She felt Dumb and Set Apart. She believed in JESUS CHRIST but didn't know He is our Only Hope. Mystery North was raised in Church by her Single Parent Mom up into the age of 8 or 9. Then her mother left the Church. Maria's nightmare continued. Her Mother re - Married. Maria than was raised in a Negative Environment full of Domestic Violence, Fierce Arguments, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Neglect and Misfortune. Having no place to turn for Love or anyone to Talk to, She felt so alone. Faced with this issue it made her entertain the thoughts of running away from home to an unknown place of refuge but she had no other place to go, her Mother was Adopted and her Father did not stay connected. Mystery North grew this passion for music at a very young age which gave her the opportunity to escape her everyday life. She was faced with a choice: either succumb to the repugnant surroundings, or to use it as fuel for success. What does one do when faced with so much adversity? Does one give up? Does one continue to surround themselves with the harsh reality of negativity? Well, for many individuals, the answer would be “yes”, but for Mystery North she decided to be a Conqueror. She Escaped The Negativity.
     Maria has always felt like there's more to Life then the ones we are accustom too, such as Living inside of all the Lies. After searching so long for answers she realized the answer was in CHRIST.  January 1st 2017 Mystery North suffered from a Heart Attack and was announced dead for a short moment in time. After pleading for Mercy and Forgiveness of Sin, GOD'S Grace was upon her and she was given New Life. Before her Heart Attack Mystery North use to live a sinful life. She was a Lesbian for 15 years, and Dressed like a man for 17 years. She created Worldly Music filled w/ Sex, Fornication, Adultery, Lust, A Wicked Imagination, Evil Communication, Lies, Foolishness, Money, Violence, Death, Hate, Deceit, Cursing, Arrogance, Pride, Boosting. She also spoke about GOD in her Music from time to time. Maria use to hate ppl. She talked about ppl behind their back. She had a drug and alcohol addiction. She had low self esteem which made her want to become who she wasn't even more. She was very cocky. She lived in doubt instead of faith. She was a ppl pleaser. She didn't stand up for herself. She knew things were wrong but continued to do them. She settled for less. She complained. She was a fornicator. She was a cheater. She was a lair. She lived in pride. She watched pornography. She had a wicked imagination. All she thought about was becoming Rich. For The Love of Money is The Root of All Evil. She didn't stand up for what was right. She was two faced. She didn't have a made up mind. Thankfully, She no longer does any of these things GLORY TO GOD. She gave her Life to CHRIST on July 18th 2017 and was baptized March 25th 2018. She was on the verge of signing a Major Recording Deal back in 2015 but she decided not to continue w/ it and that's when she knew, Wisdom had kicked in. She did not want to be associated w/ A Corrupt Organization. In July of 2017 being gay was no longer attached to her being. Fresh out of her last relationship to escape the World of Negativity and Sin, Mystery North Lived in her car from July of 2017 until December of 2017 in the streets of Cincinnati. She didn't want to live w/ ppl who were Negative and Sinful. She Knew Deep Down in her Heart that she had to Change her Ways, and she wanted to Change her Ways. She wanted to Talk and be w/ JESUS CHRIST every step of the way. She didn't won't any Negative Influences around her. No Television. No Wicked Influence. No Negativity. No Cell Phone. No Social Media. No Judgmental Ppl. No Arguments. No Meaningless Conversations. No Alcohol or Drugs. Sober Minded and at Peace every minute of the day. She Chose to Live This Way, turned out being The Best Decision she'd ever made. After that Life Changing Event she felt the need to take a Break from Music to re-group. In 2018 she Birth a New Name and Started Recording Music once again. She No Longer Creates Worldly Music, and she No Longer Dresses like a Man or does Worldly Things. She has taken the Proper Steps towards being Closer to The True Living GOD and Staying on The Path of Righteousness. She has Truly become Born Again and would Love for others to do the same. On December 31st of 2019 she began Dressing like a Woman full time once again.
     Since the start of her music career at the age of 18 she has dropped 4 mixtapes "The FrontLine, Philosopher 27, Killin Spree and Settle The Score." All 4 under the name MOE GRN. Now as Mystery North, she has Released 1 Album entitled "Set Apart" which was Released in 2020. She's now Working on her 2nd Album entitled "Messenger." Her Music is an outlet to Inspire, to Uplift, to Correct and to Encourage others while telling Her Story. She has managed to use her roadblocks as stepping stones to pave the way for True Success and True Succe is giving your Life to YESHA 'YAHU and putting Him first. Her ability to draw in a supportive audience tells us that Her Message is Well Needed in The World Today. She not only brings another side of Music to the table but Her Story will continue to bring HOPE in The Year's To Come. Mystery North is not just The Product of A Broken Home and A Cursed Generation; she is A Servant, A Trendsetter, A Survivor, A Motivator, An Adventurist, A Truth Teller, A Mind Opener, A Friend and an Amazing Artist. A True Success Story. This is Only The Beginning of A Historical Journey in Music History.
JESUS is the Answer to All Things.
He is A True Friend and The Savior to All Broken Hearts. GOD BLESS.

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Not Searching for Fortune or Fame.
I'm already Free. What more can I ask for.

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