Robbie Beel

Robbie's is a natural drummer he loves all percussion. He is great addition to our band he has such a positive vibe about him.

Nick Fischer

Drummer Guitarist
Nick is a accomplished musician who is great drummer guitarist Nick plays for a variety of cover bands and lives for his music ❤️ Nick's extensive music experience brings our music together he is a wonderful backup member

Matt Hickey

Bassist Vocalist
Matt is a very talented bass player who has played in successful cover bands and now a core member Matt lives for his music and wonderful addition to team bringing his musical experience and love of music His husky voice blends well with vocals and helps create our sound

Duncan Oliver

Duncan is natural on lead guitar a founding member and creates many of the riffs the songs are composed from. Duncan Ruth Matt work together to create and compose original tunes Duncan loves our original songs and has the strength of character to stick to our origonal tunes. Duncan is a talented guitarist who has extensive music knowledge .

Ruth Hanson

Guitarist Songwriter Vocalist
Ruth is a founding member The lead vocalist and lyricist A solo singer songwriter for past decades Ruth got together with Duncan started the band Ruth organises opportunity for band .Has a network in music scene and lives for her music and loves entertaining people
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