Mitchell Maybury Hunter
United States, Florida, Middleburg
Mitchell Maybury Hunter
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Mitchell Maybury Hunter


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Many Thanks to all

I would like to take this moment to thank all of you that have commented and taken the time to listen to the material. I am pleased that you are pleased and enjoying it. I pray it brings pleasure during this time of Covid that has caused a great deal of distress upon the world. People everywhere are fighting the insanity of lock downs and loss of family friends and colleagues. It has definitely been a challenge for many all over the world. Please know my heart is with you all during this time of distress. I pray you all continue to stay strong and dig into the greatest pass time of listening to music. I know I do. Creating it for others has been an honor to know it is being appreciated by so many. Thanks again, stay safe, wear that mask, keep distances and most importantly. God Bless.

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To all that have enjoyed my works

I want to thank you for your loyalty and wish to take this moment to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous Christmas and New year. I pray the next year brings better blessings for all of you and my family as we struggle through some difficult times. May all your days be blessed with joy and gracious family closeness. Peace and thank you for your loyalty.

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Keeping it real

Thanks to all that have appreciated my material. It is a joy and an honor to know that i have moved many with the songs that have come through me. Peace and God bless to all.

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