who else could he be(demo) single

mike corry

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Mike Corry

Good Opening by Musicans....(Gutiar Bass. & Piano).....Then, The Vocals Take Over, with A Soulful Rendition Of, The Lord's Painfull Gift, To The World.....Very Well Done Story Of The Lord's Death....5 Star's for This....Overall Great Job....."A Blessing ,To The World.....

United States, Texas, Houston

Simple and effective


Mike Corry's recording of "Who else could he be" is a simple but effective folk anthem, inviting the listener to consider the question Jesus asked of his disciples: "Who do you say that I am?" The ensemble of piano, bass, led guitar, and rhythm guitar works well together throughout, and the lead vocal is a little bit Dylan-esque. The guitar solo in the break is solid, not overdone, and fits well with the mood and flow of the song. My only small criticism is that the bass is mixed a little too far forward. From a songwriting standpoint, the only thing that's missing for me is a bridge that goes into more depth about why the writer sees Jesus the way he does.

United States, Texas, Kyle

Who Else Could He Be

Very good Song Mike Corry. The musical arrangements sound very well done and the guitar gives it a bit of a reflective tone. The vocals are reminiscent of Tom Petty and win all of that is put together it makes for one really great sounding song!

United States, Alabama, Mobile

I Loved


It reminds me of Bob Dylan and I find it very inspiring. He is a great artist who thrills songs like this, filling the space that remains in my emptiness when I am alone and sad. Thank you. Very many thanks

Spain, Madrid

Easy Listening

I love a slow groove and that is what this song is. It makes you think and reminisce of what God has done for you. I feel comfort and satisfaction in knowing who he is. I definitely recommend this song!

United States, Mississippi

Good Song

I like the cadence of the your song. It sound like a nice old school country gospel song. I really enjoy the instruments that you are using. Keep up the good work. It was definitely an enjoyable listen.

United States, Florida, Miami

Clean, honest Christian Rock

Ok so I should start this by saying I don't listen to Christian rock. Most Christian rock tends to sound pretentious to me. Often overdone, grandiose and pompous. That said I know a good song when I hear one and this is a good song. He's put wrote some good words that seem very honest with appropriate chords with a good melody. Mike performs it well with good clean production. He sings it from the heart in a way that demonstrates a humble honesty which engaged me as the listener right from the start. I give it 5 stars!

United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown

very nice feeling

Very heart felt lyrics and performance by the singer in this very well organized song , I love the clean guitar though it maybe just a touch hot on the eq upper mid frequencies i would bring the piano and guitar just a little closer together in the eq

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Dylanesque to Me

Great song of praise. Steady beat smoirgly pkayed ax nd easy melody wirk together well. A slight skemblancevto a souritual Bib Dylan vocal stlye set it in a 70s nostalgic grove. Might even play it.

United States, Colorado, Pueblo


who else could he be (demo) single is a very easy piece, within reach, without commitment and proposes to the listener as a simple advice on what to do and what is right to do. I translated the words of the song and I understood that it is dedicated to Jesus and you ask yourself about who could do what he did but him. I do not enter into the merits of the text even though I am a believer in God and in Jesus but being a musical review I limit myself to this. the piece is nice.

Italy, italy

who else could he be!...


pretty melody, beautiful voice ...good, my friend ! this song seems a little nostalgic, I like it a lot ... I hope you also like my songs, the ones I publish atcually are rather blues-rock style. see you soon ! Rolando Giordani



Canada, Ontario, LONDON


This is essentially cretinous claptrap, otherwise known as tripe. Why should I tell him who else it could be? (N.B. Question Mark) If he does not know after 2000 years, he might as well pack it in. Strange to say, I quite his voice, which resembles a young Bob Dylan. The guitar playing has a nice, relaxed feel to it. Might I suggest that he checks out The Prisoners' Songbook on Spotify, where he will find genuine gostpel/Christian type songs with meaningful words? Remember " In the beginning was the word."

United Kingdom, Twickenham

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