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A treasure to be bold

If you dig here, in N1M, you can find a lot of good songs, composers, musicians, but sometimes you find "That" one. A song that you think: "hey, I know I've never heard it before! It's familiar, it's really good, it brings me good memories!". Miguel Guerrero is one of these artists. I will not compare him to others, but if you stop and pay attention you can find good references and I know for sure that his work comes from his heart, a real and honest treasure to be bold! Thank you, Guerrero, you got a fan!


You did a phenomenal, fantastic, extravagant job on this piece of music. Your song is a piece of art and I am confident that if you continue this type of work with the right amount of passion then you will go far in this business. If you don't mind my saying, I think you should reach out to some graphic designers, photographers, producers, editors, collaborators, labels and anything and everything else that has to do with the business because you have the talent to go far. You just need to get in touch with the right people.

Good Vibe

Hello good job on this piece of music, I would prefer to hear the vocals a bit more clearer. I can hear the guitars better than the vocals. Please don't take that the wrong way, see it as constructive criticism.


I like how it is reminiscent of Spiders from Mars Era Bowie. You have a flair for lyrics and I wouldn't mind having you write some for a few of my songs. I have a few artists that could benefit grom your abilities.

Short but good

It's powerfull with strong distorted guitars and loud drums. I like the global atmostphere of the track supported by the kind of neutral tune of the voice (I feel "nevermind what happens" at each word) and the echo effects. The linear strings enforce this feeling also. The arrangements are clean, all is clear, it's a very good work to me. It is short and efficient, sure, but I would have expected a little bit more in length.

Guerrero groves

I think the song is really quite good, i like the production kinda Bowie like vocal over a New Wave chord change kinda mid -80'S type of feel i would give it three and a half stars or point six to be exact


Like the intensity of this one, the verses sound a bit like Matchstick Man and Match Stick cats and dogs! I do like the verses a lot, chorus is bit flat but the rest of the song is lovely. Definitely could listen to this again and I see no reason why this song cannot be a bit longer with a mad guitar solo thrown in for good measure.

Interesting style, very playful

I love this song, it is really unique style, and I recommended to everyone who wants to relax and enjoy the rytham. Lovely job, and I feel the artist does amazing job. I will be looking forward to hear more of his songs.

old school

Its a nice song a little to heavy on the low end I think if you bring the high end up a little it will make the track less muddy, I like the vocals but they need to be brought up in the mix. The guitar track is nice. I do like the song I think with a few adjustments it will be really fun to hear. Take care and keep writing.

Days go by

At the first listen this reminds me of David bowie in places. A lovely melodic piece and has a indie pop feel, the guitar meldoy is fantastic a very complete song. Miguel guerrero this is very commercial piece and it should definitely be heard by lots of music lovers alike. The recording has a very British sound to it, I really enjoying listening to this song and it was a real pleasure to review this track. Keep up the great music and I look forward to hearing more of what you guy's come up with. Keep rocking Miguel

Days Go By

Days Go By by Miguel Guerrero is an alt. rock song with stunning guitar-work and solid drums, reminiscent of early Coldplay! However, the song seems a bit to low for the vocalist - tuning the song up by a whole step or two might be quite beneficial to the sound of the entire song. The song was quite short as well, and starts and stops quite abruptly.

Sweet Rock!!

This song is well written, performed & produced..I could listen many times cause it is soothing to the soul..I can't help but be reminded of David Bowie's "Major Tom" a bit but that's a good thing because David was an Amazing Artist..keep striving for greatness because your potential is Great also..keep up the good work & good thing can come your way!!

Great Sound

I like the sound of the guitar and the texture of the voice in this song. It sound for me like it could be a mix between the sound of the the Pink Floyd ant the sound ofThe Rolling Stone, but at least it's the sound of Miguel, and that what i like.

Modern Bowie...

This is a well-produced track that unlike some of the more recent music I've heard sounds instead like a wash. No need for lead because the guitar sequence holds up throughout. The lyrics fit the track well along with the vocal production which merge well with the vibe of the song; however, if you're looking for lots of words and massive depth, seek elsewhere. I really love the length because it makes me want to reply the song again...kind of like singles did back in the 1950s and 1960s. Still, this song has a modern sound with the vocal reminding me a bit of classic Bowie. Thumbs up!


The whole vibe of this is nostalgic. I get taken back to the late 90's rock shows that I used to go to with my parents. Gorgeous. I'd only like for it to be longer and include a solo of some kind to extend the amazing sensation. Honestly, one of the best pieces I've heard in the modern music scene and deserves to be on an album!
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