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I AM you and you are me
In every single face...'ya see?

Childhood friends...Parent's fears...

NOW; the time to see OUR SELF
In every book on every shelf.

Experience. Lives. Many.
The facets ALL real.

When the TWO become ONE,
WE, in this, can feel.

The Piper


Let me tell you a story that has been told before. It is MY story. MYSTERY. Perhaps, you have heard it...it begins like this: In the beginning, GOD. Not a sound. Not an object of the 5 senses. The unmanifested essence of BEing. Pure, undifferentiated BEing. There is no symbol, no word to describe I (Roman 'NUMERAL' symbol for 'ONE'). Nothing (NO 'THING') yet existed. Shiva means 'that which is not'. "The Tao that can be understood is not the eternal, cosmic Tao, just as an idea that can be expressed in words is not the infinite idea." The 'ancient of days'. Just I. Totally still. Unmoving. Not breathing. Peace. Tranquility. Not existing in time...yet. The early depiction of this 'idea' has been shown as a black dot. A boundlessness. DIMENSIONLESS. A 'point' of Pure ISness. A symbol of this is the dot in the circle representing 'ALL' THAT 'I' AM. The 'void'. ZERO and ONE. Absolute unity. 'ONE' dimensional. THE FIRST DIMENSION. Time' was not...yet. Just a 'neutral' BEing. A neutron.

Time began when 'I' desired to 'perceive' and express 'I' and, thus, became 'I AM' (this/th'IS'). A 'B'ing. The first thought/THOTH/'that', the 'beginning' of MIND. How did I become 'that'? A 'moveMENT/mentum/verb/action'. A stirring within the ONE, a 'motion', an E-motion. An 'E-lectron motion'. VIBRATION/'shaking'. Slowly, at first, slower than the Great Year, visible light had not appeared. Faster and faster, I began to dance within my SELF upward through the 'octaves' of sound, heat, colors red to blue then back through the transitional OCTAVE of violet to the highest pitches surpassing the white light containing ALL colors as 'white light'. Then beyond visible light into darkness, once again. To the highest frequencies. Before the BEginning of visible creation, I AM the darkness. I BE-'came' TWO parts of the ONE that I AM; with the neutron and a proton of three parts forcing outward and an electron moving about the CENTER of ALL and consciousness was born within the SPHERE. A single-'CELL'ed (container/prison) organism of MIND. The 'FIRST' ATOM/ADAM. The shortest DISTANCE between the TWO 'formed' and the 'LINE' came (in)to/TWO 'B'Eing. TWO-DIMENTIONal BEing - the 'PLANE of existence' or 'duality' symbolized as Yin/Yang, unified 'by the ZERO' or 'WITH'-IN the circle/SPHERE OF MIND encompassing ALL and thus, THREE came to BE. The THIRD DIMENSION. THREE-dimensional BEing of FORM/"IN" FORM ATION (action). [The Yin/Yang is a 2-D 'image' of a 3-D concept of MIND known as the SPHERE with '3' axes (AXIS: "imaginary motionless straight line around which a body (such as the Earth) rotates," from Latin axis "axle, pivot, axis of the earth or sky") This can be shown if an AXIS is drawn through the TWO holes of the Yin/Yang SYMBOL. 1) The TRI-ANGLE 2) The Tetrahedron or "TOROIDAL FIELD". TRINITY. The 'FIRST BORN' of creation. I could perceive my SELF as a RE-'flection' (an ACT of bending or CURVING - there are no straight lines in creation; a straight line is only 2-D representation of an ARC which joins TWO spinning 'objects' which is the NUETRON or ARC of the COVENANT BETWEEN TWO). A PROton and an Electron. Electron motion. Electromotive force spinning around my SELF eternally. The reflection was pure and balanced. Equal (=). The SPARK that ignited the 'ALL'. Light. (The 'sun'/SON created from FATHER (ONE who begets a child) and MOTHER/matter). Hydrogen. Gaseous. Ether. 'I' could PERCEIVE/SEE 'I'. (I+I=II; TWO 'I's/eyes) Sight. VISION. I COULD SEE MY SELF and, it was GOOD!!! The FIRST MAN ('but it was NOT GOOD for man to B alone/ALL ONE. The 'eyes' were created, male and female, and that light filled the void. A 'turning', A REVOLUTION! There was light AND darkness. Inner and Outer. THE FIRST DAY (of creation).

'RE-MEMBER'ing/reJOINing of the TWO hemiSHPERES only can occur when it is understood that those TWO are RECPRICOL 'IN' NATURE; that is reciprocating 'back and forth' implying directional 'RE-VERSE'al. Superimpose TWO toroids, each ONE spinning in an opposite direction, to FORM a BI-DIRECTIONAL, UNIFIED TOROIDAL SPHERE. This allows MIND to 'project' thoughts forward and backward in TIME. Memories of past and dreams of future from the CENTER of the toroidal SPHERE of consciousness WE refer to as 'NOW' or the 'PRESENT' MOMENT/motion. By combining TWO individuals of this balanced 'character', the result is FOUR. The FOUR 'chambers' of the HEART of GOD is exemplified when TWO people are united as ONE in MIND and SPIRIT. They 'breath'/conspire together/TWO-gathered as ONE. "Wherever TWO or MORE are gathered in my NAME (the breath or WORD), I AM there, among YOU." A-MEN. AUM. (Sounds like a 'sigh' of relief to me!) "It's been a long time crossing the Bridge of Sighs." (Robin Trower) In cellular reproduction, degeneration occurs as a natural result IF the TWO polarities BEcome imbalanced. Many things affect this, externally but most importantly, the internal aspect of thoughts. The MIND can be calmed by sitting and closing the eyes and just simply breathing. SPONTANEOUS CELLULAR REGENERATION.

As the Toroid is a sphere, only the 'outer' surface/FACE is 'seen' by the eye as REFLECTED LIGHT. Internally, it is MIND moving about within the DARKNESS. The kingdom within. But the OUT-SIDE is the SKIN of the SPHERE of MIND; the EXTERNAL, manifested REALITY. If you look at a hurricane from above, there is 'NO THING' in the center. The 'eye'/I is the 'WIND'ow (breathing IN to OUT and OUT to IN) into the soul' in light. The ear is another 'WIND'ow for perception - sound. THE BREATH OF LIFE 'proceeding from the MOUTH of GOD, THE WORD comes/BECOMES. This is the HEAD. "For man is the head of the woman AS 'Christ'/anointed ONE is the HEAD of the church/creation/MATTER/MOTHER". The '8' on its side is latitudinally a representation 'in form' of the TWO hemispheres/halves observing through the POINT of perception on the surFACE of ALL living 'things'/objects created by MIND. The '8' upright represents the MIND/MATTER connection. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. The unseen within the seen observable UNIVERSE/ALL turning as ONE. It's a double toroid. Harmonic resonance must be achieved between the TWO hemispheres to attain UNITY. Unity of MIND 'reflects' as unity and 'construction' on the existential level. Dissonance of MIND reflects as 'destruction'. The LINE up the center is only an 'image' of the PASSAGE of TIME. It can only be a curved LINE 'of thought' in the toroidal SHPERE. Think of in-phase versus out-of-phase. Parallel 'lines of thought' are resonant BEings of spin/rotation around an IN-'VISIBLE' CENTER. Each 'eye' is a BLACK HOLE into the UNIVERSAL MIND that perceives or 'gather' light. Just another 'point of reference' on the surFACE of the existential SPHERE at the ever-changing PRESENT moment/'motion' called NOW or Today/'TWO-part-day' of ONE 'spin'. ONE complete REVOLUTION of THOUGHT. In a native American tradition, a medicine man will have you sit face-to-face and just look into each other's eyes for a couple (TWO) hours (1/12th of a DAY/revolution of the planet/planetary SPHERE) and a true KNOWing/communion/yoga/ONEness occurs. This would be emblematic of FOUR, or 2 'EIGHTS'/complete OCTAVES. A clover leaf with each petal divided by the 'spine' into TWO parts. Patriarchy is left hemisphere dominance. Matriarchy is right hemisphere dominance. True Monarchy is balance of the FOUR (a perfect FOURth in music which is the first TWO notes of 'Here comes the Bride' played at weddings) resulting in a 'unity', or FIVE. The first tonal triad. Major or minor is a 'reflection' of harmony or dissonance. MAJOR THIRD is complete JOY in SOUND. MINOR THIRD is SAD in SOUND. Emotions of BEing. There's something to the old saying "You need to take a good long look into the mirror." In this ONE's case, my first epiphany came after my 4th divorce (!) as I sat in front of a mirror for a couple of hours. I saw my egoic, differentiated 'view' of who was 'thought' to be my true self. The illusion of external 'seeing' only. Then, 'I' could see what the individual was, for what it was really, for the first time. Just an illusion/Maya/Mitote. The false 'idea of self' went into the throes of death; the 'first death' required before RE-birth into harmonious UNION with ALL. Until that occurred, I could not possibly conceive of the true meaning of being "born again" and no longer having the 'fear of the second/physical death' because I was not 'alive' to the RE-MEMBER-ANCE into the ONE. At that 'point' of RE-cognizing, I became A PART OF ME. Only a 'child' of the ONE. A small wave of vibration in the ONE SPHERE of universe/ALL turning as ONE.

TIME: noun(Old English tima "limited SPACE of time," from Proto-Germanic *timon- "time" (source also of Old Norse timi "time, proper time," Swedish timme "an hour"), from PIE *di-mon-, suffixed form of root *da- "to DIVIDE.")

TIMING: noun(mid-13c., "a happening," verbal noun from time (v.). From 1590s as "the noting or recording of time;" 1915 as "coordination of moving parts in a machinery.")

How long has this been going on? Well, WE know that soil is a combination of minerals and decayed organic matter, right? How long would it take to make massive layers of this coming from the first simple organism to now? A very, very, very, very, very........LONG TIME. The Mayan 'Great Year' is small fragment of the Year of Brahman. 'I' as 'WE' have been at this for a while, MY FRIENDS! How long is an hour in the DAY of Brahman? Of the GREAT YEAR? Of a single DAY on EARTH? How 'long' is a SECOND? WHEN IS NOW? DOES ANY OTHER "MOMENT/MOTION EXIST 'outside' OF NOW? THE ETERNAL NOW IS WHERE THE EVER-PRESENT ONE LIVES in ALL of US!!!

365.25 days is the current planetary revolution in 'time' for a 'year' with a 'year' BEing a specified period or 'frequency' within the SPHERE of MIND at every SCALE or DIMENSION of existence. 12 is particularly relevant to this 'process' of MIND or sequential thought as in a MATHEMATICAL 'form'ula. Since geometry is directly related to the 'function' of thought process as it relates to manifested reality, consider how the latitudinal and longitudinal 'points' (of consciousness) are related to the spherical THIRD DIMENSTION of existence: They are referenced as DEGREES (of arc or angle/ANGEL), minutes, and SECONDs. These are directly related to the 'concept' of time (flow of thought energy) within the spinning torus field. Angels and demons. ANGLES and DIVIDERS. The moon directs the bodily fluids 12 'times' a year with a rising and falling. Any woman can tell you this. It is OUR birth cycle. The sun 'governs' the mineral aspects by 'light' photons right down to the 'bones' or the TEMPLE. ALL is about 'relationships between points' in the bodily systems; 'memory of preceding spins (REVOLUTIONS) within the SPHERE of MIND'. A continual 'RE-NEWing.

TIME AND SPACE: Until WE grasp a proper MENTAL 'concept' of this elusive quality of OUR existence, WE will still 'feel' that WE are running 'out-of-time' simply because of an improper 'perspective' of TIME. Consider the transit of an electron moving 'around' the SPHERE of an ATOM: at the starting point, or the BEginning, it COURSES around the circumference of its PATH back to the same POINT on its LINE of motion. This is the END, as well as the BEginning, of ONE cycle of TIME. The Alpha and Omega that rejoin at what is referred to as NOW. A completion of the ONE ever remaining UNIFIED. An occurrence has taken place 'AS TIME'. As many of these occurrences take PLACE in the SPHERE in succession on various 'DIMENSIONS', small to large, WE designate them, in 'relationships to their own DIMENSION' as well as smaller or larger DIMENSIONS. This gives us the 'illusion' of 'spatial' size. On the GLOBE of Earth, many smaller DIMENSIONS can BE observed 'DOWN' to the sub-atomic 'UP' through ALL higher functions of this same principle to the COSMIC DIMENSION. ALL are turning as ONE with many 'sub-divisions within a SET', MASTER FREQUENCY. The fundaMENTAL TONE. Without proper 'perspective' of this SPHERICAL relationship to MATTER, orientation is muddled. This is the WAY WE can remain in congruency with PAST turnings. From the development of the FIRST up through many REVOLUTIONS of ITME, the entire material UNIVERSE is ever BEing created. The bodies NOW possessed will go back into TIME/Past as the new/Future is ever BEing created ON THE FOUNDATIONS OF PAST REVOLUTIONS of ever-expanding MIND. "No eye has seen or ear heard what the Lord will do." It's not come into BEing existentially until it BEcomes firmly established in the MIND-scape. Until UNITY, or the idea of a single unified 'concept' in the MASSES of individual MINDS, is fully brought into existence and taught to the CHILD, there will perpetually BE a sense of BEing 'lost' in TIME. Modern education starts off with the basic mathematical number LINE. But then fails to RE-orient the next GENERATION of physical existence by instilling the broader 'concept' in the NEXT GENERATION and the FIELD 'suffers' collapse. For cohesion of MATTER depends upon remaining united with MIND. 'Honor your FATHER (one who begets a child) and MOTHER (MATTER), so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you." This is said to be 'punishable by death' because, in relationship of MIND to BODY, it will occur. It is the WAY of THINGS. The 'images' of 'the holy' are depicted as having the hands, and sometimes the feet, together. This brings the TWO 'aspects' in the body into a balanced 'phase' relationship. It allows the electrical energies and the physical (muscles) to EQUALIZE. With daily practice, this aids the individual to hold the 'image' in MIND so that the system remains vibrant.

So, many people feel that they are 'running out of time' because they LITERALLY are 'out-of-step' with the natural cycles of 'time' dictated by natural phenomena. Due to irresponsibly not 'ruling their own kingdoms' and responsibly regulating OUR own minds and bodies, WE turn to addictions to substances which, one the one hand, slow the system down. Examples would include: excessive consumptions of foods that are disagreeable to the system, drugs that 'retard' (the timing of) metabolism like opioids, and fluids that do the same such as alcohol. Others use substances that accelerate (increase the timing of) the metabolism with stimulants like caffeine, sugar, nicotine, amphetamine, cocaine and the like. There is just cause to 'feel' out of time BECAUSE THEY ARE! The entire harmonic distortion of phase relationships in the brain are thrown off and critical thinking is unachievable in this state of consciousness. This leads to not doing what needs to be done and doing a whole lot of unnecessary things that consume and waste energies that are needed for healthy survival. Insanity and death are the proper outcomes which is evident in the insane things being seen in the News of the World today.

THE FUNDA'MENTALS': From the POINT 'out' to the CIRCUMFERENCE of the CIRCLE/SPHERE of MIND-SPACE, there are only TWO sides or DIMENSIONS; the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE. Expansion and contraction of the SHPERE is the GREAT BREATH of the ONE. But where is the CENTER of MIND? Let US look 'into' Charles's Wain.

Let's look at the BOOTES area of the UNIVERSE (northern constellation containing the bright star Arcturus, late 14c., Boetes, from Latin Boötes, from Greek Boötēs, literally "cow-herd," also an adjective, "of a cow," from bous "cow, bull, ox" (from PIE root *gwou- "ox, bull, cow"). Also, see ARCTURUS (literally "guardian of the bear"), it must BE understood (stood under) what the WORDS "mean" ("intend, have in mind;") ARCTURUS: For first element, see ARCTIC; second element is Greek OUROS "watcher, guardian, ward" (from PIE root *wer- (3) "perceive, watch out for"). 'ARC''TIC' ("artik, "of or pertaining to the north pole of the heavens") a feature associated with the region around Athens (see Attic). ATTIC - "top story under the roof of a house," by 1807, shortened from attic story (1724). Attic in classical architecture meant "a small, 'SQUARE' decorative COLUMN (AXIS) of the type often used in a low story above a building's main FACADE (FACE)" The word then was applied by architects to "a low decorative facade above the main story of a building" (1690s in English), and it then came to mean the 'space' enclosed by such a structure. The modern use is via French attique. "It is the FOURTH-brightest of the fixed stars. The double nature of the great bear/oxen WAGON (see Charles's Wain) has given two different names to the constellation that follows it: Arktouros "bear-ward" and Bootes, "cow-herd." Consider that a WAGON 'bears' (Old English beran "to carry, bring; bring forth, GIVE BIRTH to, produce; to endure without resistance; to support, hold up, sustain; to wear") a load. A 'wagon' is a "FOUR-WHEELED vehicle to carry heavy loads". AS mentioned before, a wheel in 2nd DIMENSION is a SPHERE in THIRD DIMENSION. AND THE HEART BEGAN BEATING. In the human body, the SPACE BETWEEN HEMISPHERES is the CAVE where the PINEAL (see: pine as VERB/action - Middle English pinen "cause to starve" (c. 1300), from Old English PINIAN/ "to torture, torment, afflict, cause to suffer," from *pīn (n.) "pain, torture, punishment," from a general Germanic word (compare Middle Dutch pinen, Old High German pinon). SOUNDS 'like' PINION: "small wheel with teeth to gear with a larger one" (as in rack and pinion), 1650s, from French pignon "pinion" (16c.), literally "a gable," from Old French pignon "pointed gable, summit" and "wing joint, segment of a bird's wing" (technically the joint of a bird's wing furthest from the body), early 15c., from Old French pignon, penon "wing-feather, wing, pinion". More about this when discussing the TEMPLE and the ARC. Lastly, recall that a TIC is the "twitching of a FACIAL muscle".

ETERNAL LIFE: Will this go on endlessly from darkness to light and back again? YES, and NO. "Heaven and Earth will pass away, but MY WORD will never pass away." The inner DARK of MIND will fill the entire existence and the surFACE will SHINE with a smile in the satisfaction of KNOWing and UNITY for some while OTHERS, mis-aligned or 'out-of-phase' with the FUNDAMENTAL TONE, will experience HELL. It takes the Yuga a long time to complete it's cycle. In the 'MEAN'-TIME (MEAN=UNITY or BALANCE point between TWO adjacent polarities), the only hope for the outer material manifestation, is that EACH individual ONE comes into an experiential 'balancing of the currents of the TWO energies within' the human Being. In this WAY, growth towards the END/GOAL of life is approached continuously. The material creation is an on-going RE-veiling of that which the MIND OF THE ONE has already achieved. For the BODY to achieve that experience and the CHILD BE BORN, is of a personal nature. "The entire creation groans as in the pains of childbirth awaiting the REVEALing/REVELATIOM of the 'sons' of GOD." "And it's whispered that soon, if WE ALL call the Tune, then the Piper will lead US to reason. And a new day will dawn, for those who STAND long and the FORESTS will 'echo'(re-VERBerate/vibrate) with LAUGHTER." Do you, individual, think it impossible to achieve what is already firmly established in the MIND of the ALL? Complete collapse of ALL thought would be the dot in the circle, the point in the CENTER of the SPHERE going back to UNITY in a certain perception. Understand, that 'THIS' is the ever-PRESENT place where the ONE exists in perfect stillness. Also understand that FROM this POINT, every THING is 'CONSTANT'ly moving around within the SPHERE. The 'place' of the SOURCE of time. A very fast spinning object in perfect balance (or harmonious action) only 'APPEARS' to be still. SHIVA DANCING. I AM THE LORD OF THE DANCE. THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES.

KNOW: Old English cnawan (class VII strong verb; past tense cneow, past participle cnawen), "perceive a thing to be IDENTICAL WITH ANOTHER," also "be able to distinguish" generally (tocnawan); "perceive or understand as a fact or truth" (opposed to believe) KNOW THY/YOUR SELF!

BELIEF SYSTEMS: A belief system is something held to be true without any tangible evidence or an un-proven theory. An example of a belief system would be: Say I believe I can jump as high as a 2-story roof. I've never done it in actuality. I just believe I can. A way to verify this belief is to try it and prove it to be true. So, I try to jump up onto the roof and cannot on the first attempt. Now, I can give up the belief and KNOW I cannot, or I can, begin framing a way to jump up onto the roof and try again. Until this process is done 7 times, each time learning more about how to jump, strengthening my body and coordination, and training, there is still the possibility that I can. After all, pole-vaulting can be impressive when executed flawlessly by ONE who practices diligently. If it turns out that, after doing all I can possible, I cannot reach the roof it would be sufficient to realize that my belief system was false and the LIMITS of what can be done as an individual are KNOWN. If I do achieve jumping onto the roof, I no longer have a belief, I KNOW the truth because I have experienced it: The LIMITS of experiential REALITY. Further REVOLUTIONS OF MIND may accomplish this, but at the PRESENT POINT of REALISATION, it would BE a FACT in the KNOWN universe only. 'What GOD has intended has not been seen by the eye or heard by the ear.' It just hasn't occurred...yet. Some things just CANNOT BE SUSTAINED/carried on due to a lack of BALANCE or RESONNANCE or 'defiance of the LAW OF ONE/GOD'. Obedience, then, is bringing a life(cycle) into HARMONY with the fundaMENTAL ONE/ROOT (of JESSE).

THE TEMPLE: The 'new Jerusalem/city of God 'descending from the heavens' has '12 gates' In the Chinese system, the 2 ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists are referred to as 'the 12 gates' because they contain nerve ganglia that must be 'opened'. "Strengthen the feeble KMEES..." "Blessed are the FEET of those who bear good tidings!" "Lift your EYES/"I's" towards the 'heavens/hemispheres'" refers to, LITERERALLY, as in yogic postures, focus the eyes up and toward the CENTER (of the SPHERE of your head). This evens up the tension of the ocular nerves that are connected to the thalamus and the muscles that connect to the back of the head easing pressure on the medulla oblongata. Study these areas and see. Look at an image of the endocrine organs and see how they relate to the 'chakras'. KNOW THYSELF!

A physician comes to heal the 'sick'...

I am ONE of those 'sentient beings who have abused free will'; an Archon, if you will. Growing up with a Judeo-Christian background, I was taught the stories but had obscured examples of what it actually 'looked like' to live by that 'faith'. How could those who professed 'brotherly love' continue to be so aggressive in word and deed and not RE-COGNIZE the hypocrisy? I saw it in my own bathroom mirror, too! Cognitive dissonance set in as the 'outside' didn't match up to the 'inside'. It was in the mirror that I met satan,'the adversary'. Too much lack of understanding of the 'personification' of concepts exists. In ALL traditions, the only WAY to carry an idea, a 'thought', is by use of SYMBOLS of the 'unseen'. They come in the forms of words, letters, physical structures, various 'forms' of art. How else can MIND be communicated in a physical existence? The question that faces each ONE of US is this: Do I exemplify GOD or the DEVIL? The choice is up to each ONE. Freedom of will DOES come at a cost. The price paid shows up as PAIN. The whole world is screaming out in pain, and ALL can see, feel and hear it without a doubt. The theory of separateness has been PROVEN to be false. The empirical DATA is in. That type of thinking is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE! Do NOT rely on artificial intelligence to save you. Too much dependance on it IS NOT BALANCE. What is inside of you must balance what is outside of you.

As a child, I questioned that "if god is the creator of everything, where did the devil come from?" And "Can god make a stone so big that even he can't move it?" ("The questions of my childhood weave a web of mystery." Kerry Livgren from the "Leftoverture") With the theology and teachers I had, I did not find the answers I sought. After I sobered up in a 12-step program, I had serious questions about the whole 'higher power' concept. Being convinced that 'my' view of God was right (and therefore, every other view wrong), my mentor asked a question: "Your god is loving, right? Well, do you think he doesn't want Muslims or Jews or atheists, etc. to have to die drunk/INTOXICATED?" That was the beginning of wisdom for this individual ONE. I had a misunderstanding about a 'chosen one' and that the 'body of Christ' was just those who 'believed' as I did. Poor Jews. Poor Muslims, poor 'pagans'. Poor everybody...but ME!!! That philosophy breeds arrogance, racial division, and hypocrisy. "Who do you think you are?"

A couple years back, finally reaping the 'reward' of the lifestyle I'd chosen, my body gave out and I had to file for disability. Not being happy with the 'modern' medical options, I chose to look into holistic possibilities such as yoga, qi gong, Feldenkrais, etc. Also, as I had much 'TIME on my HANDS' and inability to get out of the apartment (and bed some days!), I took up a comparative analysis of many ancient traditions. I've come to understand that there is only ONE 'true' religion. From the 'symbols' of numbers, it began. From the ONE, came the TWO 'aspects'. FATHER (one who begets a child) and MOTHER (matter), positive and negative energy in electricity, Yin/Yang, masculine and feminine, and so on up through up to NINE. There are only NINE numerals, with TEN (1+0) being '10'. Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Da Vinci, the Rosicrucians, Zoroaster, Kabala, Free Masonry, Persia, Egypt, Rome, Greece, Assyria, SUMER...ALL had ONE 'idea' in common: they ALL talk (speak mathematically) about the 'temple' - the human body, the planetary SPHERE, and the cosmos (smallest to largest). The 'image' or symbol of CREATOR! What a shock! One truth underlying so many 'faiths'? How could this be? All discussing the same TWO 'aspects' in their own 'symbols' according to their times and audience. Modern science even shows the same in OUR 'CURRENT' understanding of physics, biology, fluid dynamics, thermal transfer, and electro-magnetism.

I was deeply impressed with the Chinese understanding of the 'energies', meridians, and how diet and seasons were woven into their understanding of homeostasis. It is the same in the yogic doctrines of 'chakras'. But that was hard for me to grasp. Both of these 'systems' comprised of physical postures, breath management, and 'sound' among other 'technologies' are means of balancing INNER/OUTER, LEFT/RIGHT, NORTH/SOUTH, EAST/WEST, and ALL dualities. With my left-brained, linear understanding, I tried to do the exercises and did more damage until finally, I just sat down and did the breathing exercises. Now, I KNOW why Patanjali begins his writing with the phrase: "And now, yoga..." inferring that everyTHING else, including intellectual reasoning, has been tried first. Yoga literally means 'union'. Union of MIND and BODY. Union of the individual 'parts' with the ALL of creation. It is about bringing the 'system' into BALANCE. "How can TWO walk together unless they be in agreement?" "A chord of THREE strands is not easily broken." WE speak of wanting 'justice'. God is spoken of having perfect justice. What is the 'symbol' of justice but 'THE SCALE' of justice? The 8 (of the OCTAVE) and (12 of the chromatic) divisions of MIND, LIGHT, SOUND, and MATTER in the divisions/DIMENTIONS of TIME.

Again, belief is only accepting blindly some information or data. It does not imply a true understanding on an experiential level. "Yet, by holding fast to the ancient Tao, the wise may grasp the PRESENT, because they understand the past." Jesus directed people to 'KNOW the Father'. In learning to sit still and simply breath and attempt to hold my broken body erect, I am coming to KNOW what the phrases "BE still and KNOW..." and "...walk UPRIGHTLY..." mean. There are many references to physical anatomy in ALL of the writings of old. These are 'expressions' on the FACE of the material SPHERE of existence by those who could grasp it in their 'times/life cycles'. They are to be taken 'literally'.

The tabernacle Moses writes in detail of is a model of the human temple 'descending from the heavens'/hemi-spheres 'not made by human hands'. The holy place is the pituitary gland and secretes a 'milky'/white substance. The pineal gland is the 'most holy place' and secretes a yellow substance. The 'milk and honey of the promised land'!!! The seven candlesticks represent the seven endocrine glands in the body or chakras/energy centers as well as the neural components of each. The 'Seven Seals' and the 'Seven churches' in the Book of Revelation are also symbolic of the same. When breathing, a negative current goes in the left nostril and down the spinal column and a positive current goes down the right side. (The Body Electric). The brain is harmonically 'in balance' when brain waves are equal. This can be achieved by rhythmic breathing in 'CONJUNCTION' with the HEARTbeat/TIMING of the THREE-in-ONE. In the current times, people such as Wim Hoff and Joe Dispenza are living examples teaching of the healing that can happen when this is understood and practiced. When the lungs fill to capacity and empty completely, it not only brings in the 'currents', found in the air, itself but also exercises the internal and external muscles up and down the SPINE (AXIS of the UNIVERSE) as well as the internal organs and connective tissue. The blood is 'oxygen'ated. Oxygen is the 'first octave on the periodic table of elements. "The LIFE (the FIRST OCTAVE) is in the blood".

The body consists of earth (minerals and metals), water (fluids of blood, spinal and endocrine), fire (electricity or 'light'), air (gaseous state of matter), and ether (thought-generated impulses or vibrations/SOUND/WORDS). "A single thought can create an erection." A single thought (motion of MIND) sets up wave 'forms' in the brain and alter, for positive or negative, CHEMISTRY/alchemy to occur within the systems OF THE ENTIRE BODY. The 'butterfly effect'. ALL IS MIND (Kybalion) "As a man thinks, so he is." "Take every thought/THOTH captive and place it under the AUTHORity of CHRIST." "Renew your minds..."/learn to 'think' differently. By practicing these 'systems', yoga or union or 'communion' occurs and the TWO hemispheres (halves of the brain represented by the two cherubim on either side of the ARC) are brought into harmony. By learning how to force the spinal fluid up the spine/River Jordan, from the sacrum/Dead Sea, past the stomach/Bethlehem (house of bread), near the 'solar' plexus (where the Son/sun is born), to Golgotha/skull, into the 'cave of Brahman/ABRAHAM/"MACHPELAH"- WHERE ISAAC AND ISHMAEL, THE TWO SONS OR ABRAHAM WERE LAST TOGETHER (the space between the hemispheres where the pituitary and pineal {where did Jacob 'meet god'?} glands are located), BALANCE is achieved and RE-COGNITION happens for the individual. There are calcite crystals (the stone tablets?), that when force is applied by spinal fluid, create a piezo-electric current (the 'ARC' of the COVENANT/agreement of TWO parties) just like a crystal radio set that can send and receive information/Akashic records. This is what is called 'wedding feast of the lamb/LAM'. LAM is the 'sound' spoken in yogic (yoking TWO together) practice for the ROOT/FIRST chakra. The 'LAM' of GOD. The pinecone is shown 'in stone' carvings from ancient times around the world. It is in front of the Vatican and on the Pope's staff. Is this information lost or suppressed? Doesn't matter, NOW. Attempting to bring this to 'the masses' has gotten people killed. As an individual, I choose not to publish for monetary gain because what good does it do me if MY CHILDREN/MY BODY dies? If I AM to live for anything, let it BE for ALL. I AM NO-THING but a divided part of MY TRUE SELF. I sacrifice this 'little ONE', this 'child of GOD' for ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, MOTHERS AND FATHERS. "I may 'sound' like a nut, but I know that as I go into the earth, I will RISE again as a OAK and feed many 'living' in the next GENERATIVE process, or GENERATION. Death is an illusion. Only the body dies. The soul lives on and carries the accumulated memories into the ALL which 'rises again' in subsequent 'generations'. "And the last enemy to be conquered is death". More importantly, the 'FEAR OF DEATH'. "In the DAY that you EAT of the tree of KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, you will surely die." That is the spiritual 'death' of UNITY consciousness with ALL of creation.

Once my breathing relaxed and my mind became still, I came to KNOW the truth that ALL "IS" ONE. It's a fractal universe (all turning as ONE). AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. (Kybalion) "Farther up and farther in." (link. Lewis) Learning to finally settle the masculine/outer and pay attention to the feminine/inner, I become acutely aware of the sensations or 'feelings' in my body and emotions. An 'intuition' that is 'beyond intellectual knowledge' happens. I practice awareness of the 'breath of life' that "GOD breathed into his nostrils" as much as possible (praying in the 'spirit' CONSTANTly?). {Fibonacci and Pi} It calms the mind and settles the heart ("let your hearts be at peace" and "MY yoke/yoga is easy, and My burden is LIGHT!) The organs of the body have been shown, in modern scientific measurements, to put off electro-magnetic FIELDS; the TWO 'complimentary', NOT OPPOSING, aspects of the ONE in 'motion' or "E"-motion. My hope is that you, reader, don't 'believe' or 'disbelieve' what you see here. Practice sitting still and KNOW for yourself.

When the water you drink is polluted, it causes 'blockages' in the blood, nerves, and endocrine systems in THE SAME WAY as dams and contaminates affect the rivers and oceans of the next higher DIMENSION. When the air is not pure and deeply taken in and completely expelled (improper breathing due to poor posture), the system does not get enough LIFE as with smoking and air pollution. (I know this personally as it has been a life-long struggle of mine.) The lungs are only one half of the respiratory system. What they excrete, the trees need and vice versa. (The 'TREES' of LIFE) Improper balances, by over-absorption or depletion, of minerals and metals (iron, potassium, calcium, etc.) in the bones, teeth and organs of the human body are parallel to the soil being depleted of nutrients and burned by fertilizers. SAVE SOIL! When the nervous system is constricted, the vital energies do not transfer "IN BALANCE" and the affected areas 'starve' just like manipulated 'currencies' do around the world by those who are imbalanced and living from the left-brained, masculine (not male), patriarchal 'aspect of MIND'. WE must learn 'to BE' the "wise rulers of our own bodily KINGDOM" (Tao te Ching) who "do not oppress, but 'govern wisely, the people"/cells in the body. This brings each of US, as individual cells in the BODY (of creation) into a healthy and balanced STATE. This is how the KINGDOM OF GOD is to be established; ONE 'cell' at a time. In the history of the CHILDREN of Israel (Israel means: 'struggles against God and prevails'), they are an archetypal rejection of this self-responsible attitude. They demanded a king, an outer ruler, like the nations around them. This is what is called "rejecting GOD" within the temple of ONE's own life. The symbolic warning against that false WAY, it was warned, would not bode well for them as it does for each ONE of US. If personal responsibility is passed off to someone else, it is doubtful the results will be acceptable. When every cell is healthy in a nation, and it is RE-COGNIZED that the entire creation is the larger TEMPLE or 'body of Christ', then there is no more 'judging of your neighbor'. The 'Last Judgement' happens when the ego dies (the first death). Therefore, there is no longer a 'need' to fear the physical death because it is understood that is how the 'natural world' on the surFACE of the SPHERE OF MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS changes from 'generation' to 'generation'. There is 'no time' except the ever-present NOW called the "PRESENCE" of the LORD. Living from the CENTRAL AXIS of ALL CREATION.

Hippocrates said that 'all dis-ease begins in the gut'. Our guts have ''good' and 'bad' bacteria as well as plenty of other 'entities' that are introduced into the systems within the body that can be unhealthy like molds, mildews, etc. They have their places in creation in that they DE-compose matter as a wave-FORM diminishes and is RE-INTEGTATED into the OCEAN OF MIND'. I think it was the 19th century 'concept' of germ theory that brought US from calling them demons (demon = 'divider') to germs as advancements in technology allowed viewing one smaller DIMENSIONS came into BEing. (Study how bacteria DIVIDE by fission.) 'Be fruitful and MULTIPLY' as a primary, fuda'MENTAL concept' is foundational to growth and RE-production. Division is the other end of the same SCALE. Unclean 'reptiles', animals, birds and fish were all scavengers and eaters of raw or decomposing flesh. By eating this, bacteria are introduced into the system and bring their properties into a living organism. This is diametrically 'opposed' to the LIFE-principle. These cause 'fermentation', and also alter the proper production and regulation of the endocrine system (which the 7 chakras align with). Some fermentation is good to combat the over-production of these like kombucha, sour kraut, yogurt, etc. The 'waters' of 'the holy city' are polluted. This deteriorates the balance. The communications lines are LOST. The very first conversation with the TWO in Genesis is about healthy versus unhealthy diet! Revelations speaks in terms of 'being infested with demons and every UNCLEAN BIRD'. No need to go outside of yourself to KNOW truth because 'the kingdom of heaven is within you.' LITERALLY.

In ponderings and observations of the NATURE of GOD, learning to 'listen' to the trees and animals 'talk' is quite interesting. How does OUR NATURE 'talk'/'reflect' to US? In the very 'BEing' of (it's) SELF. Not the words and language of men; but in ACTIONS. The trees grow upward towards the light. They 'draw' water and nourishment UP from the soil. The squirrels gather nuts to eat (the FRUIT of the 'tree of life') and squabble a bit but don't kill each other. Yes, carnivores eat flesh but only to keep the balance of smaller species in balance and culling off weak ones. Scavengers help 'digest' the old flesh back into the soil. The TWO 'trees' in the garden have puzzled me for a long time. Recently, a thought occurred to me: All the trees and plants in the garden (that produced seeds?) were said to be allowed for food. But 'not the 'tree of the knowledge of good and evil'. What does that mean? WAs it that they had sex? Or, is it simpler than that? How did the snake 'tempt' Eve? I've never heard a snake 'talk'. By their actions, we can 'hear' what they tell US. What and how do snakes eat? They eat live flesh, insects, eggs and such. Could it possibly be that they 'killed' something and ate it 'and their eyes were opened' to that 'KNOWLEDGE' of what is good or evil? When I was a young boy, I had a BB gun and was not permitted to shoot Blue Jays. I did once and wounded it. As it lay there, I felt the 'knowledge of good and evil' hit me like a ton of bricks. I tossed it over the fence into the pasture. My dad found it dead and confronted me about it. I, like ADAM, tried to shift blame and make excuses but the responsibility was mine.

In most, if not all, monastic lifestyles, a vegetarian diet is prescribed. In the Book of Daniel, the Hebrew men ate vegetables.

Growing up in the Mid-Western US of A, my family raised a few head of cattle, rabbits, goats, chickens and pigs at different times during my youth. I've hunted many animals and have eaten meat my whole life. There is a fine line between eating animals and being a cannibal. Flesh is flesh, after all. Am I a cannibal? I've never 'eaten' a human. But I have lived in America where OUR governMENTAL structure is that of Empire and makes war and profits from the spilled blood of humans as their lives, land, and resources are taken so that WE can 'enjoy' a good lifestyle at OTHERS expense. Does that not constitute cannibalism de facto? It never occurred to me that this is 'the BEAST' mentality within that must be overcome to usher in the KINGDOM. The western diet has more heart disease, diabetes, brain dementia and mental problems than the rest of the world. Toxins are put in the soil and animals to increase profit at the expense of killing the microbiome of the soil. The microbiome in the gut is likewise affected. The microbiome in soil has fungi that connect all the plants. If an elephant starts eating a tree, enzymes and such are sent down and the 'signal' is carried to the other trees, and they put off nasty tasting enzymes which result in the elephants moving on. This protects the trees from over grazing and maintains equilibrium in nature. In the gut, different bacteria do various things to help the body digest food, remove toxins, etc. in like manner for equilibrium. Hippocrates said, 'all disease begins in the gut'. As I am getting off of so much artificial ingredients that adversely affect body chemistry and consume less meat, I am truly amazed at the way I feel. Learning to find the proteins from plants has really helped and I am feeling better as I transition. I've always sworn that I was a carnivore and would never quit meat. But, when my arteries are clogging up and I'm almost stroking out, my attitude changed suddenly. THE REVELATION that the /'beast that rides on many waters of nations and tribes' is the one WE live in gives reason to adjust my perspective. It's not some 'guy' that's the anti-Christ. It's the ONE in the mirror who does not RE-cognize the reflection seen on the surface.

In many 'images' carved in stone, people and animals are shown with animal heads The snake-headed lion would be representative of a person (persona = mask) who, although mammalian, has a reptilian mind-set (cold-blooded killer). Look into the character represented. I'd be curious to find out 'how' he ruled. In the Sumerian, the bird headed could either be carrion eaters or people who fly in the skies. I found Sitchen's work interesting concerning the Anuk. Tera was a priest in Sumer and would have had a great wealth of in-form-ation/action to pass along to his son, Abram. Oh, it just goes on and on...like a river flowing to the ocean, returning to the clouds and coming back as rain carrying all of the memories from the good and bad that has washed downstream previously....

While petroleum products have their uses, they are not very good for the environment of the human body or the planet. Plastics are being found in the Mariana Trench and every organ of the 'body'. The 'rivers' of the blood STREAMS and oceans which 'carry' the CURRENTS throughout. Only by trying something, can it be proven beneficial or detriMENTAL.

In my mind's eye, I can see God standing in front of the mirror of creation and saying to the 'reflection'/image "This is my body, broken for YOU!"

People like Huda Akil at Michigan University, who is showing what science is coming to in understanding the WAY that dis-ease occurs in the body and mind at the molecular level, and Don Hoffman, who is bringing back to science what has been forgotten regarding relationship between thought and matter. Consciousness creates reality. These are only TWO examples of where WE are in REconnecting MIND and BODY. Science and religion have been at odds for a while as they each climb their 'apparently separate' mountains. NOW, it appears that they are coming together at the top of the SAME mountain! Masculine intellect and feminine intelligence are UNITING.

GENDER: As a result of millennia of left hemisphere in dominance and the marriage broken, WE have brought WAR into the existence. BABYLON, that 'city of destruction' is burning where the garden once stood. The orphans and widows left in the WAKE have begun to heal and make their voices heard. Destroying what WE did not want to acknowledge as the results of OUR choices in Sodom and Gomorrah did not alleviate the ISSUE pouring forth from the HEART. The pain must BE quelled. PTSD (shell-shock) brought home in those Veteran's of Foreign Wars around the GLOBE do have been doing their best to love their wives and children. But, after doing the unspeakable, a desire to numb the MIND is sometimes the best they can do. Those widows who have been left to raise children alone have done their best, as well. The orphans have done the same. As the dynamo spins, year after year, WE now FACE OUR TRUE NATURE(S). "I AM not pleased in the blood of bulls and rams. What I desire is justice in your courts. Take care of the widows and orphans. This is what pleases the LORD! Do this and I will restore your LAND." + and - are thrown off when family is broken. It is the natural result to then have (+ and +), or (+- and --), or (++ and -+), or (++ and ++), or (-- and -- ). It's basic mathematics. Gotta learn how to add and subtract BEFORE learning to MULTIPLY!. This is WHY 'things' APPEAR as they do with gender in the link TIME to acknowledge what WE, for so long, have tried to ignore. Call them! Write them! Hug them! LOVE US!! Can't YOU see YOUR SELVES in US! The imbalances and abuses are killing US. But open heart and hands will RESTORE US ALL.

GOVERNANCE OF THE BODY: Any person who governs should demonstrate the ability to govern their own mind, body, household/family and business 'with compassion' or 'a PROper response' to ALL. Those who only have passion create only pain for OTHERs. Those who govern with compassion, heal past wounds (unresolved imbalances from improper/unbalanced thoughts, words and actions) and bring about balance to ALL.

It cannot be easy to be at the top of any governMENTAL structure in these days of polarization. Where WE are today is comparable to a person (persona=mask) standing in front of a mirror arguing with the 'image' and the LEFT/EAST fist smashing the RIGHT/WEST side of the FACE while the RIGHT/WEST fist smashes the LEFT/EAST. This is NOT the WAY. Where do EAST/WEST or LEFT/RIGHT intersect? At the PRIME MERIDIAN of the PLANET or BODY. Past and future do not exist in the NOW. An 'image' of balance in the body is TWO hands praying instead of TWO fists fighting each OTHER; a 'reflection' of the STATE of consciousness contained within. It's an illusion of the individuated parts of consciousness out-of-phase to the FUNDAMENTAL frequency of the ONE. Distortion in the mirror. NOT a true REcongition of the REflection in the mirror results in separation of thoughts. Incongruencies. The masculine and feminine energies are competing instead of CO-operating as ONE. Patriarchy is the dominance of left/brained, LINEAR/2-D thinking that sees only the 'exoteric' and consumes the MATTER/MOTHER. On the OTHER hand, Matriarchy is absolutely holistic, right-brained 'esoteric' and can become the proverbial "so heavenly minded as to be no earthly good" by not allowing for individual EXPRESSION ON THE "FACE" in the existential "SPHERE of consciousness". Monarchy represents a closer approach of a male and female ruling TWOgether but, to date, still has elements of Patriarchal qualities due to the harmonic imbalances in the 'GLOBAL consciousness'.

WE have tried, in OUR evolution, to find the perfect balance of power in various FORMS of governance. Both communism and democracy, fundaMENTALly, have the common element of what is best for the 'whole nation' Throughout OUR collective history, varieties of these, such as Marxism and Fascism, get re-branded and re-surface in various guises. The 3 aspects of the Greco-Roman 'Republic' consist of a legislative/law-making body, a executive body to carry out the laws of the land, and a judicial body to evaluate the laws and their efficacy. It's a great idea. But, when the 'currency'/transmission of energies is manipulated by any, injustice is the outcome. The same has happened before. The representative/Parliamentary body becomes nothing more than a 'sounding-board' for the elites to gain knowledge of what they can and can't get away with. Greed allows for hearts and minds to be bought and sold to the highest bidders, and judicial practices become slanted towards those with the most 'economic' power.

I propose/purpose a new paradigm: As equality and voting rights for women are progressing on a global scale, why not have the women vote for a candidate to represent their 'point-of-view' and the men vote for a man to represent their 'point-of-view' since EACH has a essential quality inherent from creation that is particular to themselves. In these times, it may be necessary to have TWO each. A heterosexual and homosexusl. (In link. Lewis' Narnian Chronicles, there were FOUR; Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy at Cair Paravel. Cair = 'fortified town'. Paravel = para -para: "word-forming element of Latin origin meaning "defense, protection against; that which protects from," from Italian para, imperative of parare "to ward off" and vel = abbreviation of Latin vel similia "or the like, or similar ones." Then, the FOUR, representing the chambers of the HEART, elected would make decisions as ONE, bringing each side of the tables concerns and sorting out a more balanced solution that meets the problems of the day. This is the model of a family that works. The qualifier would be that each candidate would have to demonstrate a true understanding of the principles that are found in all of the traditions around the globe that brings about the balance of the TWO aspects of the individual in each of their own lives and exemplified by 'raising', out of MATTER, balanced children. Evidence would be things like being able to manage their own households well and have children that reflect said understanding. They wouldn't be out for their own gains, but instead, would be exemplary of 'compassion' and 'service' instead of dispassionate, self-serving divisiveness...a true 'balance of power' which would be good for ALL people, creatures, and life forms on the planet. The slavery principle has to be done away with! Look at where racism has brought US to and there can be no more argument. This would take US to becoming a TRUE HUMANITY, a TRUE REFLECTION of the 'image once broken' as WE sort out the past and move into the future instead of in circles. Just a thought...ALL IS MIND and thoughts become reality. Share this vision with ALL that I AM.

CURRENCY: The breakdown of GLOBAL 'currents' in the body are the result of constrictions within the nervous system caused by blockages of 'the energies' carried on the 'waters' due to improper diet. ARTIFICIAL or IMPROPER content. As raw meat goes through the digestive tract slower than fresh fruit, so does the electrical currents move slower as brain synapsis is curtailed by improper chemistry on the CELLular level. In economics, this would be equivalent to comparing a FREE currency that cannot be manipulated versus a 'fiat' currency controlled by a few.

OF MARTYRS: "Truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." Execute - 'to carry into effect'. The execution of (God's) WILL is when the accumulated memory/karma of ONE's (thought) actions from the life cycle of that ONE goes back into the 'sphere of understanding'. It then can yield its crop into the next 'generations'. As ONE finishes their life cycle and return to the dust, the accumulated memory of the thoughts and actions (Karma) are absorbed into the ONE consciousness held in MIND and MATTER to be manifested in different 'forms' of thought and actions in future manifestations of the ONE MIND. Cyclical. The beginning and ending of physical are only 'turning' points on the surface of the SPHERE. The second physical death is not to be feared for this reason. "Their blood cries out from the earth." "And the sea will give up her dead." "The last enemy to BE vanquished is DEATH." or the 'ILLUSION' OF DEATH. The 'fear of death' will make your existence in this life cycle a true living hell.

OF THE TRANSMUTATION OF LEAD TO GOLD: Much has been written and abused by those who have ingested mercury in trying to get the 'philosophers stone'. The 'global' currents of the human body are carried by the 'nervous' system. Dis-EASE occurs when there is a constriction due to physical imbalance thus causing some parts of the body to be 'starved' from lack of FLOW. When left of right dominate, there is imbalance in the body. The global economic CURRENCY is the same. Removal of systems of constriction (fiat) is the only WAY of a healthy 'body of humanity'. Planetary imbalance is the next higher 'sphere' of existence. Then cosmic. Observe nature in your own body and the planet your body is constructed from and then you will need no 'teacher'. The manual is YOU!

In Z. Sitchen's works, he posed the possibility that the Anunnaki came here from their home SHPERE to mine gold as, due to volcanic (?) activity and nuclear war, destruction of the atmosphere occurred, and they were using gold in fine form to replenish it. Interestingly, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was due to nuclear destruction with weapons that were brought here from the old times that WERE NOT to be used. But, as disagreements among these 'god' of old happened, they were used. There is a lament recorded that describes the 'deadly wind that' that left death of every living thing in the area as the cloud blew on the breeze across that area. The land there is still dead! One of them hid in the Great Pyramid and was sealed in during the conflict. They dug him out. This would explain the supposed 'grave-robbers' tunnel dug from below into the shaft. Only with a precises knowledge of the blueprints could this be done in such an exacting fashion. They launched rockets to the moon as a way station which has a lower gravity for larger payloads to then, move product to Mars where it would await proper planetary alignment to bring it into closer orbital positioning for final trip home. The face on Mars, Sitchen believed, was the grave of one of them who, after conflict on Earth, was exiled to Mars where he died before being returned home as he was of the royal family. In 'The Code' by Carl Munck the mathematician, he shows that there is a matrix that connects ALL of the megaliths on planet Earth and the face on Mars. Each one carries the formula for various equations including a better way the Pi. There's the evidence that WE are not alone.

A while back, I observed the magnetosphere of the sun and the earth in real-time as CERN fired up. It was amazing how the interactions were tandem! This can cause direct 'interference' patterns on celestial DIMENSION just as EMF affects the human body. 'CELL'ular technology as well as power transmission lines, above and underground) have been shown to be harmful. Whales were beaching themselves when military underground antennas were being used to communicate with submarines using LFO's. Can this be done in resonance WITH the planet/Schumann frequency safely? Can baud rates and frequency cycles of transmissions be adjusted in real-time using technology to safely regulate their use? Doing unto OTHER, even on planetary level, IS ACTUALLY doing to ONE SELF! Or do WE already have this built-in to OUR bodies by nature? True wireless communication!!!

Lead is not a good conductor of electrical current. It is toxic to the body if ingested through the lungs, mouth, skin or as a bullet! Gold is a fine conductor as used in the semi-conductor industry. It does no good locked up in vaults as when 'seen' from an inverted view of materialism. Could it be that the high valuation of precious metals goes back to OUR forebears? Perhaps, after WE repeat the same mistake, WE may have to do the same. "The gold and silver belong to the LORD". I have personally witnessed the effect of monatomic gold and colloidal silver in the restoration of my nervous system and thinking processes. Aluminum has a toxic effect on the nervous system. It's been used for weather modification along with other lesser metals. The effects on the planet and those living on it are being seen. If it has good effect on the individual, what will it do for the planetary sphere? When true currency of life is not based on a 'pretty rock', WE will be moving in the right direction.

Those who live in ignorance (ignoring) of their own responsibilities and blame others for their woes can only expect someone else to do it for them. They won't be happy with the outcome. If people won't even take charge of the s**t they put in their mouths and what comes out of their mouths (words), then they can only whine about 'the world' situations they find themselves in. Time to grow up, children. Deal with you and let others do the same. This goes for 'oppressor' as well as 'oppressed'. Poor diet = poor body and brain health and an inability to think (and 'see') clearly. Get this correct and watch what happens in your life.

In the Hindu system of understanding, there are said to be 72,000 nadis or nerve channels that can be opened to form the perfectly balanced SHPERE of ONE human body. This implies that every 'single' cell in the body would have direct connection to the brain in a balanced state of BEing forming the 'egg'/elipsoid or perfect SPHERE of energy in and around the body. If TWO people/SHPERES in that state were to reproduce, the result would be a THIRD perfect SHPERE, an OTHER genetically perfect human. The TREE of LIFE replicating. The closest WE get to this now without practice is at birth. 'You must BEcome as little children to 'inherit' the kingdom of GOD'.

As humans, WE STAND as the 'pinnacle' of creation of MIND on this Earth. For US to govern the 'temple' correctly, it is imperative to maintain this 'structure' for OUR SELF. Too much pride is emphasized on the ability to 'speak' the WORD. It is common to call animals dumb and 'believe' (an adopted concept without proof) that the animal kingdom is 'stupid'. Dumb means inability to 'talk'. Animals communicate with each OTHER just fine. The plants and trees communicate through a fine network of fungi for self-preservation. The trouble I 'perceive' in the human world is that the individual 'cells' are not able to communicate clearly due to energetic resistance. Pain is a natural response, that when not modified by numbing agents, signals to the brain that something is wrong and the health of the individual, and therefore, the entire body, is threatened. WE may or not be familiar with traditions that speak of the 'waters of LIFE', the 'breath of LIFE', the 'fruit of the TREE of life'. These are not allegorical. They are plain language that imbalanced brain 'alchemy' distorts. The electrical/fire in the 'heart' is communicated by the nervous system, the blood, and the endocrine system. Google and 'image'/symbol of the endocrine system and 'see' that it lines up with those 'chakras' spoken of in tradition. When the 'rivers' of LIFE are polluted, the 'breath'/spirit/air of LIFE, and the 'food offered in the temple' is corrupted, blockages/dams occur, and communication is lost. This occurs as the TWO hemispheres/heavens of the brain can no longer function in harmony. The 'wedding feast of the LAM'/lowest, reproductive chakra only happens when, from bottom to top, the 'system' of the body is brought into balance culminating at the head. RESPONSE in electrical systems is either 'conducive'/conductive or restrictive/resistance. Snakes are strict carnivores. They eat live flesh. 'The life is in the blood'. This was forbidden because of bacteria (ARCHONS -ancient builder race that life came from) will infest the body and ruin the balance. There is a BIG layer of soil on this SPHERE called 'earth'. It took a long time of cycles/circles/revolutions to form from simple single-celled 'entities' that divide (demon means 'divider') by 'fission'. That is a reproduction of 'identical' forms. WE are the highest because WE have a NEO/new 'cortex' lower/previous on the evolutionary 'scale' don't have. To be good 'govern'ers of the body, it is imperative that the brain functions well. If inner coms are down, how can any ONE expect to 'join' thoughts/vibrate in resonant harmony with an OTHER/cell in the 'body'? As highest primate 'form', we come from herbivores. The digestive system is much different and not compatible with meat. Raw meat takes almost 3 days, cooked takes less, cooked veggies take over a day, raw veggies take about a half day, fruit is the shortest. To have food 3 days old causes 'inertia' and inflammation of tissues in body and BRAIN, clogs arteries/blood FLOW, and when all that happens, the nervous system dies. The lines are down!

Here's a joke for ya: A guy saw an ad in the paper for a 'talking dog'. He just had to check it out, so he went to inquire. He pulled up and say a man in the yard and asked about this dog. The man said 'yeah, he's in the house'. He went in and found the dog sitting in a recliner reading the paper. The dog asked, 'what can I do for you?' The man was dumbfounded! 'I can't believe you talk!' The dog told him that, as far as he was aware, there weren't any OTHERs like him. He told him that he'd done a lot of work for governments like finding bodies at the 9/11 site and sniffing out bombs.
The man went out and said to the owner 'I can't believe you want to sell your talking dog!' The owner replied, 'Yeah, he can talk, but he's such a liar.'

Clean out the body so the brain can function properly. Get outside and breath clean air, drink clean water and eat good organic food. If you don't have access to a good water source, get together with friends and buy an inexpensive still. Grow a garden in your backyard with heirloom seeds instead of GMO. Nature has taken billions of years to bring us up in harmony with ALL other species on the planet. This includes the foods that grow from the same earth OUR bodies come from. Cut back on eating animals that are 'unclean', that is, predators or scavengers. They infect the body and brain. If the TWO aspects in YOU are imbalanced, your contribution to the 'body of mankind' will be less than optimal. Clarity of MIND is essential for 'construct'ive reasoning just as a strong body gets the things that are desired accomplished.

YOU 'pay' the Piper to play. If you learn to 'call the tune' wisely, the song will be 'harmonious'. If not, DISCHORD will continue. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT. ALL IS MIND. There is no 'time'. Time does not exist. Only the ever-flowing PRESENT MOMENT (motion) of thought exists. Learn to 'live in the PRESENCE of the Lord/complete SPHERE OF AGELESS THOUGHT. NOW is 'Time' to get it right! It's Time to WAKE up. A wake is what follows a 'wave'. A sign/sine-wave of thought/vibration in the MIND. 'Align' with the crest of the wave or be crushed under it. Each ONE of US is a cell in the CURRENT body manifesting from thought. A house/structure/BODY OF THOUHGT divided cannot stand. Today, look at what you 'pay' for. If it's not conducive to your life, change can only be made by YOU!

So much talking and so little understanding (standing under the authority of...). If you don't 'understand' these written 'words' (sounds that are only symbols of MENTAL concepts), how can you expect to 'understand' what true governMENT/governing of the mind looks like? Fighting within = fighting without. Take 'time' NOW and look up the etymology of the symbols/words not understood. CLARITY of MIND is essential to grasp and apply these truths and incredible things will happen in YOUR world! I AM here to tell YOU.


ONE "I" cannot BE. "1" alone cannot EXIST in FORM. To make 'HIS'story takes TWO. Her story is just as important. 'Two gathered creates the THIRD. The SON of GOD. TRINITY - THREE 4-chambered hearts and FIVE senses.333, 444, 555. 3 pineals closed is 666; DEATH. 3 pineals open is = 777 'A'/1 + 'L'/12 + 'L'/12 = 1+1+2+1+2 = 7 with 'the unseen' 8th chakra to make ONE person; an OCTAVE. The first and eighth ELEMENTS are H & O; an OCTAVE. The eighth letter - 'H' (hydrogen) and twentieth - 'O' (oxygen ELEMENT #8) H20 "888" H x 2 = 16 O = 20 16 + 20 = 36 3 + 6 = 9 TESLA! 3, 6, 9 Do 'ya see ME NOW in the 'pools of deception'? The eyes/ "I"'s? (ninth letter - "I" or Roman numeral 1)
With 3 pineals open - 999 YAHTZEE!!! (game played with 5 dice (to cut into cubes) :-)


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