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About Marty Dunayer / Musecat

I am a compos​er/pro​ducer/​keyboa​rdist living and working in NYC. I have composed music for TV, film and multimedia including background music for such daytime dramas on ABC and CBS. I also have scored 5 feature length films and several documentaries and feature videos. In 1990, I was commissioned by the United Nations Environmental Programme to score a 15 minute documentary of video and photos taken from space and supplied by NASA and GLASKOSMOS, it was shown in the General Assembly at the United Nations to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. It was an honor to have been asked to do it. It led me to do "Let It Be Earth Day Every Day" in 1992, an environmental fund raiser featuring 100 celebrity kids.

I have a personal studio where I do my work and produce up and coming
singer​/songw​riters. Previously, I had been an in-house producer at Power Station Studios in NYC and owned by Tony Bongiovi, a good friend and mentor. Power Station was sold in 1996 and became Avatar Studio where I still do some projects. I have recently been recruited by The Bearded Brothers Band to play keyboards on their recordings and cowrite some songs with them. They are a great Southern Rock band from Tampa, Fl. My best friend Steve Boyer is producing them and I will post some songs when they are released. This is a great band and I was honored to be invited to join them.

I have now downloaded the entirety of my solo album "Songs of the Muses". I wrote and arranged everything and played keys. It was recorded at Power Station NYC by Steve Boyer (Eric Clapton "Unplugged"), orchestrated and conducted by Thom Gambino who also played soprano sax and flute. 2 of my oldest friends lent their talent to these tracks, Jeff Ganz on basses, and George Naha on guitars. Jack Bashkow played woodwinds and double reeds, Shlomo Deshett and Joe Passaro played percussion and Suzi Tyrell played solo violin. There was a live string and horn section rounding out the ensemble. This album was a true labor of Love and I am so grateful to all my talented friends who made it so special. I must also thank Tony Bongiovi a true friend and mentor without whose support and belief in me this would not have been possible.

I have created a second folder of songs that I have writted or cowritten. Let It Be Earth Day Everyday was an environmental fund raiser I produced in 1992 featuring 100 young celebrity performers. There is a version with the kids singing and a second version with my old friend George Young from the SNL band, who blew the most beautiful solo over the whole song. It was special to be there at Power Station that night.

Face the Night, I wrote with my dear friend Terry Brock and his producer Mike Slamer. Terry is one of the best singers I know and a joy to work with. His resume is Long!

I also have had to pleasure to produce 2 CD's for SARA MARE who has a page here on N1M. I hope you will check out her page, she is a very talented singer/songwriter and I was fortunate enough to get to cowrite a couple of her songs as well as playing keys on the recordings with an amazing band of A list session players including David Sanborn, Richie Cannata (Billy Joel), Rob Paparozzi (The Blues Brothers) and Kenny Rampton (Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra). My Buddy Steve Boyer (Eric Clapton "Unplugged" did all the mixes. Please check out her N1M page at SARA MARE.

I have a studio where I produce other artists. If you need keyboards on your project, or need a song mixed, or need arrangements or specific solo instruments recorded for your song, please get in touch with me to discuss your project.

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