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Intrikate Wurk

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First off the beat is fire I wish my producer was on this level. I actually would like to be a feature on this , real and from the heart. I envisioned everything you said and saw myself in it . Keep grinding homie

United Kingdom, London

it's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA

it's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA here from South Africa and I would like to say your music is magical keep up the good work never give up I also love the recording part as well your quality is on point

South Africa, Middleburg


Definitely on my way to New York soon.need to prolly link get our features up.this joint rocking with it.who do your production?I gotta long list of producers that got that heat.we can definitely make some shit on the calab side..

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Heat, clean beat.

Beat is tight and you go hard, you need to work on your chorus. You have spit and rhyme and lyrics. You rock that mic and bringing it though... Keep up the great work and the message, is about some real life shhhhhs. You trying to tell people make $$$ but theirs a lot of haters out there. "I am distant to greatness, I told him, Nothing is Basic." Fuck em niggas, they broke... Clean for sure... I am ready to colab, if you are?

United States, California, Fresno

Dimez Deezy Review

i like how you matched the production perfectly. the delivery is good need more practice no shade though. everything sounds good lyrics are on point. but the chorus or hook aspect isn't catchy or have any kind attachment. you can rap for sure. work on them hooks homie. keep pushing.

United States, Texas, San Antonio

Love your music

I just love your music. I.had a chance to listen to it really moved me from the start you are very talented. I would love to work with you eventually , I live in Dallas Texas and I'm starting to blow up as we speak.

United States, Texas, Dallas

Intrikate wurk

That build up to the beat already was hard as hell... it really let me know off rip you wasnt bout to play no games for real... especially when you speak on the frauds, who wanna bring a nigga down, and how a nigga like you can make change... thats some shit I can fuck wit... keep doin yo thing my nigga, the real will prosper...on gang

South Africa, Cape Town


Nice song but you might want to practice your vocals a little better. You have to pace your cadence better. You have to say it like u want your audience to believe it man. Cuz if they can't feel you they ain't hearing you.

United States, Louisiana, Baton Rouge


Straight up the track is ill af..... it set the tone for the song..... the flow on the track goes right with it.... I like hook.... you should layer the hook some more to make the sound bigger..... the main track could use an admin here and there.... I fucks with this.... dope...

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


good luck bro ke3ep doing to stuff and go to the top, its not hard at all just keep writing and believe in yourself and you will make it one of thee5 days I see the potential, all us rappers have to keep pushign5

United States, California, South Central Los Angeles(WATTS)

Get money

Keep up work as long as your busy things happen. I'm at work over here too kinfolk. Good sounds I see where you are going with the flow. Fire a blunt hit da studio and flood the street with that heat

United States, Texas, Dallas

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South Africa, Eshowe


I really like this. I'm deadass vibin. You got good flow, delivery, lyrical content is great. Overrall great track! I would've gave more stars but I feel the volume of the track is low. Probably needs 2 more decibles or more to really bump without having to turn the volume up. I'd actually like to collab?

United States, Illinois, Rockford

Your music

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United States, Texas, Houston

You got my vote homie

Wow I like this everythings on point. Yo you got 5 stars from me.. now you need the right promotion. Go make a video n put it all platforms you can. N I promise you your next in line. I can see this song making you. So go ahead... what you wait in for

United Kingdom, Birmingham

intrikate Wurk

This track is nice. Nice intro and outro. Nice smooth hard hip hop background beat. Vocals, lyrics and transitions were on point. Vocals and lyrics remained in sync and on tempo with the beat throughout the track. Nothing negative to add. Good work!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

I like

It’s truth an it’s no denying it I say it all the time it’s cold in the street gotta watch your gotta watch your family everybody just after what they can get out you this is a crazy crazy world we live in everybody trying to make it trying to live they best life but some don’t know loyalty some just live for the moment when a moment is just a moment we gotta stay woke an keep the truth on the beat

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


Yoooooo that's what's up I definitely like this one right here fasho nice best all around nice flow indeed and the concept is amazing keep grinding and making some good music nice song

United States, Michigan, Detroit


Chill and smooth DELIVERY.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

United States, California, San Bernardino

real shit

Creative vibe on this lyrical slapper! Nice instrumentation that sound like a combination of live instruments and programmed beats with live guitar. I like the "stripped down" vibe of the beat and the melodic guitar riffs adds to the emotion of the song. Always gotta give those haters and lessons on counting out a true emcee who is about his craft, his paper and being taken seriously about his art. I can dig it...

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