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Sweet Guitar intro...

It caught my ears and I kept listening... enjoyed the sincerity.... other than guitar getting over powering on my computer. when the strumming got more was an easy listen .....thank you for sharing your talent....

Canada, British Columbia, Trail

Fade sway

Wow 5 STAR ON THIS SONG AMAZING this reminds me the music is fantastic .....the sound is amazing I truly love the melody line it has a beautiful reminds me more of the nineties songs but with a little more groove.......... The vocal sounds are really good and uptofate...... I would definitely recommend this this song and shar it with my friends on my Twitter and facebook account.....I want to thank this artist for letting me review his song I really appreciated......this is steve from voodood dancer thank you again..........great vocals and harmonie..

United States, New York, Middle village

Awesome work

Well, you impress from the very beginning with the skillful and tasteful guitar playing. Pleasant voice, well controlled and with good dynamics range. Talking of which, one of the most interesting songs I've heard lately. I mean that it keeps the attention of the listener and has all the important elements of a good work of art. Contrasts, dynamics, rhythm, melody, lyrics, telling a story, creating an emotion. Applause!

Spain, Madrid

Fade Away

Larry Rodgers has a nice song here sung from the heart and played very nicely. I like the melody and the lyrics they combine really well to tell the story with a nice resolve. Song writing is about the journey that a song takes you on as you ride the ups and downs, the soft and the loud, the heavy and the light. This is a lovely song and if I had to pick anything out is that the production is a little high in the treble which comes from live recordings, record this again with some softer EQ tones and some compression and you have a great ballad.

Australia, South Murwillumbah


Cant wait to hear more!! Wishing all the best and hoping success and your muse take you far. Rock on!! ♥️????✌️???????? Play to the audience in your heart. Your greatest fan is the passion to remain creative. ! Goo lock!

United States, California, El Dorado Hills

Fade Away

Classic coffee house music but not really to my liking. Seems like artist is trying to emulate John Lennon, unsuccessfully. The heavy hitting part . Don't fit the song. Maybe in a more subtle fashion it would work. Good song that could stand a rewrite with a collaboration. That being said music is subjective and my opinion is just that, my opinion not fact.


Absolutely remarkable. Loved the smooth transitions between chords, the walk ups and downs were very precise and beautiful. Your voice blends very well with the piece. Could feel the emotion in your voice. Very calming, similar to an Aaron Lewis or Chris Cornell style. Overall, totally loved this song! Gonna try to tab this out just to be able to play a beautiful piece! Keep up the amazing work!

United States, Tennessee, Knoxville

voce giovanile

voce giovanile e passione per la musica questo e' un bel mix che fa star bene chi canta e compone musica ma la voce oltre che giovanile e' anche bella con solo le chitarre e' più' difficile ma l'importante e' esserci

Italy, dalmine bg

Speaking of Larry

Larry’s vocal style is a cross between John Mellencamp and Kenny Loggins...raspy at times and soft lending dynamics to a bright and deliberate arrangement between guitar and vocal tone.

United States, New Jersey, Pompton Lakes

Excellent all around song

Lots of good things to say about this one. First impression is that this is the kind of music that the world has lost and desperately needs to find again. It's raw and conveys a great message through a genuine self-expression. Love the guitar work. Excellent dynamics throughout the song. Chorus is appropriately punchy, and the rasp in your voice there is perfect. Seriously good melodies throughout. Easily one of my favorite songs on this site. I'll be checking out more from you!

United States, Mississippi, Jackson

Review of fade away

A lively little tune with a good steady beat and instruments do a good job of blending with the vocals! You may have intended for the guitar to drift away like the song says fade away but, you had me going back to listen a couple of extra times to try and see if that’s what you were trying to do with the music ! Over all nice tune vocals could have been mixed to stand out a little more , I have a little trouble hearing all the words a few times because the guitar drowned your voice out! Like most of my tunes a few more instruments might give tune a little more body, but heck it’s a nice sound and if people play and share and enjoy that’s ok! Best to you Larry and thanks for asking for a review! Keep them coming! Keep on sharing your efforts with us!

United States, Texas, Cushing

Rocking Music

good morning thank you for allowing me to listen to your song every Buick I love the intro I love the track is very clear very creative well put together. I listen to all types of music was his gospel Rock praise and worship Jazz just the name of a few I love music. Keep on with the world and never be afraid to go to the next level don't be afraid to take chances never stay inside of a box especially during the time that we live in keep on riding Green music and being created. Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far enjoy your upcoming week keep me informed keep me posted thank you again for the music we do have a wonderful day may God bless you always go to doing create

United States, California, Every Where

Larry's not fading away...

So, Larry channeling his inner Jim Croce, perhaps? A little Blue Rodeo infuence to fill out the mix? Nice guitar accompaniment, good melody & vocals. I could see this one growing on its public with very little persuasion. Nicely done.

Canada, Ontario, Oshawa


Belíssima composição, o contraste do início suave a voz rasgando no refrão fazem a dinâmica perfeita da composição. É muito difícil deixar tudo bem completo somente com voz e violão, mas Larry consegue fazer isso com perfeição. Parabéns!



Very good song good clarity melody and words the production is excellent too, it is rare these days to hear good folk music structure harmony and tone work well in this composition, well done

United Kingdom, Aberdeen


Nice strong vocal lead, I like the production sound and mix of strings and I can feel the heart in this showing you've put in some dedicated work on your art. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

Fade Away : Review by Request. (Dara Quinlan)

Larry has requested that I review his song "Fade Away " am listening via phone speaker and it is sounding pretty clear and intimate an acoustic guitar ballad nice uncluttered arrangement with slapping guitar alternating with picking a melodious voice with heartfelt lyrics and ample hold and restraint employed throughout all in all a very beautiful song . No pretention here a classic song and performance with touches of melancholy. This song would be good live as it stands on its own no need for effects great delivery by Larry Rogers who knows his craft . A pleasant change listening to a stripped back vocals and guitar . Dq

Australia, Sydney

Great Song

I really enjoy this song, there is a lot of truth in it and I can tell it came from the heart. "Fade Away" sounds professionally recorded. If you had an album I would buy this record. Great sound !!

Canada, Ontario, London

Classic singer-songwriter tune, words a little bit obscured

I always enjoy listening to Larry Rogers. He is a talented guitarist and vocalist, and has something to say. His recordings are spare and simple, which is fine, especially during this time when the coronavirus has shuttered so many studios. "Fade Away" is just guitar, voice, and a little percussion. This format puts a premium on the performance of each element. This is a solid and enjoyable tune. I have a couple of problems with it. The guitar work could be a little cleaner in the intro, and throughout much of the song, the guitar drowns out the vocal. A solo singer-songwriter needs to have every word clearly understandable. From what I can understand, this is a song of encouragement in the face of adversity and struggle, using the sun as the symbol of everything positive, and it works fine, but doesn't really reach me at the heart level. Looking forward to hearing more from this interesting artist.

United States, Texas, Manchaca

Well done

Hello my brother.. I have listened to your song and I find your work very excellent. I like the way your time goes it's very professional keep up the heat job you are doing. I will continue to support your music. You are also a great example to us who are learning music to imitate from your talent. I'm also into music and I fine that I can learn something from your project (song). Your voice fits perfect. Thank you

South Africa, Giyani

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