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Genuine and touching

Larry Rogers' recording of "Precious" is a genuine and touching tribute to his daughter, a convincing expression of a father's love, going all the way back to earliest infancy. I can't say enough about the guitar work on this piece. It is spotless and beautifully intoned all the way through, starting with the intro, right down to the last note. There is a second guitar part dubbed in, and maybe a hint of mandolin sprinkled in spots, all of it very nice. Larry is a talented tenor with taste in his stylings. Even sounds like one of the Beatles at times. My only criticism of this lovely song is that Larry tries to do a little too much vocally at times. The song seems to be keyed to the tip-top end of his vocal range, with the result that his voice sounds a little tired and straining, on the many high notes, and occasionally just a tad off-pitch. My two cents worth of free advice would be to key it down a step. Even a half step would help. Currently, it sounds like he is playing in the key of D, with the capo on the second fret, putting the vocal in E. I would at least try it in Eb (capo on 1 instead of 2), or take the capo off entirely, and sing it in D. Then the little up-flip he does on the phrases "too many timse" and "in my heart" wouldn't force you into his falsetto range. He could stay in his legitimate voice. I only say this as a suggested refinement to what is already a very fine song.

United States, Texas, Manchaca

Precious Review

The opening guitar chords and notes fit extremely well. Vocals are strong and the lyrics are very complete and tell a great personal story. Very nice work here and I would be interested to hear more material.

United States, Michigan, Detroit


Great and beautifully played acoustic six stringed guitar so very folkie. Gentle and extremely sympathetically lead electric guitar introduced, I assumed that both guitars are being played by the same guitar player, otherwise in my all time experience the electric player is always expecting far more stages presence and spotlights. Maybe the vocal could have been slightly better assisted with some reverb and or backing / harmonies vocals. Typically folk and thoroughly enjoyable listening too this meandering daydreaming singer songwriter musing about someone that he had once loved, nothing new tyre then. Nice job and sound engineering hope you do really well with it. Artey

United Kingdom, Bridport

Nice song

I like the song as a producer during your chorus the accompanying Guitar I think would open it up if strummed down the scale giving it more warmth and resonate other than that it’s a nice song.

United States, California, San Diego


Ooh what a voice ich kann nur sagen das mich Dein Guitarrenspiel begeistert und die Stimme mir Gänsehaut bereitet.Ein wundervoller Song in seiner Einfachheit nur Guitarre und Vocals hervorragend aufgenommen einfach toll.Danke fürs zuhören.

Germany, Petershagen


When I first started listening to this song I knew I was gonna like it. Thu man can sing and play the acoustic guitar like a prince! Whomever he wrote this song is about, his child maybe? Means much to him.

United States, Tennessee, Lebanon


Hello this is Chazo from from South Africa.. I really love your music. I like your guitar mostly... You have got that touch I the guitar and I'm a biggest fan of guitar music ... I also want to congratulate you on the vocal part. Your voice is nice and fluent. Keep up the good work we will always support your music .. we will also take notes on your work so we can also perfect ours... We learn from other legends

South Africa, Giyani


thank you for letting me read to review your music thank you for sharing your gifts with me please keep me posted on any new music that you may have. Never stop going to the next level never be afraid to to take a chance in your gift continue to share your music with the world he needs to be hard. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and going to the New year blessed and creative I never before. Thank you again for sharing have a wonderful day enjoy your holiday season and may God continue to bless you and I'll let you go to do peace.

United States, California, Every Where


Hey man. That song was deep. It makes me think of songs I write for my girls. Not because of the sound but the lyrical content. It's a real tear jerker. There's a lot of times I've had to deploy and I'm gone for 7 months or 10 months and I couldn't be with them. I didn't realize the moments I took for granted until they were gone and I had time to reflect. I really liked your guitar work, Hammer ons, and the solo were outstanding. Thank you for another good tune. You're a great song writer, keep it up.

United States, California, Beaumont

Well written

Beautiful song, reminds me of the time when my daughter was little. I lived and breathed for her. Great flow and melody. I’m coming up on five years since her passing and this song took me back to my best time with her. I guess timing is everything..

United States, New York, Buffalo

Big D Relief

Sincere song and nicely accompanied. For the subject matter, is sounded a little bright, even harsh at times to my ear. I think you take after singers that are used to having to cut through bar room conversations and other distractions to make yourself heard? Probably just my own preferences coming in here and not any criticism of your song, but would love to hear a softer, more intimate setting for it, and maybe hear your own voice sounding a little more vulnerable. It's not easy to do, because we are all so defensive about letting out something precious to the world. We tend to bash it out almost in an act of defiance, but in doing so, lose something of the potential of the song, I think. 'So Precious and So Small' is a nice lyric, but so difficult actually to sing as you feel it in front of an audience. Takes a lot to do that. Bring out what's small and precious, and risk misunderstanding or derision. Your presentation does not take that risk, to my ear. All the great singers sound vulnerable. All the guarded voices sound the same. I think it is probably just me, but I'd love to hear what your voice could really sound like. God Bless. Marc

United Kingdom, Warminster

Sounds Good

I like your song. the harmony inspires tranquility. the lyrics are very well interpreted. You feel every note you emit. If you make a good video can have a lot of impact, especially in these times where the world eats itself. It is a song that inspires reflection. really very successful in your project. You have the magic to create beauty. blessings brother.

Venezuela, Caracas


J'adore la guitare acoustique l'accompagnement et la mélodie qui est très belle. Chanson mélodieuse et facile a retenir. Je l'a réécoute sans cesse. Bravo l'artiste pour cette chanson belle et magnifique ????????

France, Pau

Beautiful Song

You have such a great voice and this is such an amazing song, NEVER give up. I am also a song writer and singer and I have never done this but I am without any collaborating artist or musicians and you're music awesome I must ask if you could listen to my song Your Day and please let me know if you would possibly like to collaborate in the future. Many blessing to you and yours :) Your lyrics are so pure and touching as a writer I am deeply moved and happy to hear such good music.

United States, California, San Fransisco


Great song! It's a pleasure to ldiscover some songs like this one! I like the the guitar game, lovely articulated. The sound is good, really clear. I have nothing to say about what you could change. It's just the simplicity by the class! I will listen your other songs.

France, Rennes

Heart Felt

Nice ballad, easy clean guitar and heartwarming lyrics. Seems to be about a child he is leaving due to a breakup and you can feel the emotion, pain and love in the melody and lyrics. I really liked it and and the simple guitar opening was perfect for this type of ballad. Nice job!

United States, New York, Buffalo

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