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the lyrics are good and the beat is hot. the real life story in the making lets people know how you feel about the struggle. This is hot tho and delivery is on point. metaphors towards the end are good.


I'm feeling your style you definately have content to your music your actually saying something definately a stand up track let's start that movement type music I see you put deep thought into the track stay grinding young bruh do your thang


Hey what's good bro, I'm luvin the lyrics on some real talk en awareness. Like, I'm the same tip but the only thing I have anything to say about is your sound on this song. Thoze Lyrics deserve better vibrations, wih this song Yu gotta capture the ppl vibes with the beat, they not on what we on so even myself when I'm spitting Tru shit en enlightenment I give it to them on beats I Kno they Gon roc to

Nice 1 brother

Good wordings and choices ins and out of the beat is sick. Best out there most ain't real dude so we exposing em. The light will soon be back to take us all from this misserable earth as mentioned in the book of life. Just gotta continue doing good and steer your folks in the right directions and only attempt to change what you can. Great music track I don't just like it I love it! Sharing the love brother is what we meant to do but it's too late in the world now only a few understands. Peace!


Everything is gonna be aight, Never take the vaccine ???? never Take the Mark of the Beast, Watch your surroundings and keep yo mouth closed Welcome to the New World Order The Russians are coming


Nice sound..hzfhhchxhxhdchdhyfycycvyfhrgg dc y. xxxyhevrvdgcycyycehrhrhycy cd ug3gyd6fyevrg3dyd yt? 4 c.f. uytycycyycyytyg4gghyyzggdyfgvtvtvtvthryftdrh4g4yy4ud7c6g6666


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real

King ????

This track is the best keep it up this shows talent I salute bro I hope to hear more from you show your talent to people u can do more I believe in you Boi all u have to do is to make your fans happy nothing more


Nice,flows original styles,beat is awesome and clarity is good..metaphors nice..very good song. Engineering is good is a hit..being an music executive.I give you 3 & a half mics...drop it shoot a video with a good concept..

Classic beat

The quality is good. The beginning too a little too long to develop. The story is tightly knit but could use a hook or two in between to make it a tough ass song. Its still tough in its freestyle format


I'm digging" the style. I'm feeling the passion you put in this song. That's always a good thing to hear in artist. Keep up the good work bruh. you have something here. I can see you making major moves .

Aeromos Reviews vol.1 King Romance Deep Thoughts

Deep thoughts, to put it bluntly, isn't deep if we're being honest it's retreading of the footnotes of the come up EVERY RAPPER HAS apparently. That being said, that's the worst element. The best element is its sincerity. King Romance has a grasp on a rather intangible ability of delivery that pushes this string of general statements to a territory that convinces the listener of the idea this is what been on his mind recently and it weighs on his psyche. However, this doesn't excuse the fact that most statements that don't involve him are very general and DEMAND explanation (ex. Don't need advice from a reverend your brain goes truly far.) and do have solid cases for being legitimate points. Ultimately sixty percent of this song raises the point that an honest stable living is a reliable way to get to your desired destination as long as you put in the work. Add a competent hard-hitting flow along with everything I've mentioned before I rate this a solid 3.2/5. While a little cliche and the messages are mixed as well as a general lack of Quotables it holds a genuinely talented rapper back from being nothing more than average. That being said I'd love to hear more from him and see how he progresses.

Deep Thoughts

Dope dope dope beat its on point..loving how the snare is offering a true rap flow and I love the raw emotions displayed by the lyrics..not 2 much fiction it brings you back to reality in a dope style...* Great song..


Sounding very good continue to do good music because at the end only music shall live always remember that the singers and players of instrumental the most high says my springs are in thee
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