Worthy To Be Praised

Thank You Jesus

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Totally awesome!!!

This song is a winner! It has such great music and brings joy into the heart. You surely have a gift that God has given you through your songs. All I can say is Wow! My favorite song of yours so far! Your voice is strong and clear; your female background singer is very good, and the instruments are really kicking! Great job! Don’t change anything! Thank you for sharing such an upbeat joyful song!

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

Worthy To Be Praised

I would love to have this song played at my wedding reception. This song is so beautifully anointed and the music makes it possible for all who worship to join in the dance before His Throne. I love the Calypso sound of this instrumental and the Saxaphone piece s very anointed and adds a really soulful heart to it. Amazing lyrics mentioning all His Atributes and Character traits that we love to ascribe to Our Lord. I especially love the melody, it is like a Psalmist's Song of Ascents. Worthy of Regard in His Kingdom!


As usually another great song from my, brother Kenny. What a cool sound and the words are great worship to the king of kings. Great harmony and back ground track. Good stuff all around. Keep up the great work of exalting Jesus. I pray you are richly blessed for your contribution to the kingdom of God. I am privileged to hear this great sound and to consider you a friend. Double awesome and five stars.

United States, Montana, Missoula

Great song!

I love your music! This song reminds me of Jimmy Buffet. The lyrics are simple but get the point across. Your voice is very soothing and calms me. You did an amazing job on this song and the others I've listened to on your page. I hope God blesses you dearly and others who hear your music. All glory be to God!

United States, Texas, Alvin

My thoughts on "Worthy To Be Praised"...

This song starts with a beautiful intro, that reminds one of being down by the border or possibly Mexico... very inviting. The acoustic lead licks escort the listener into the opening lyrics and is just right. The lead vocals are warm and easy to follow. There is no doubt that this is a simple song of praise and adoration... The music swings back and forth, and the harmony on the chorus adds a nice emphasis and is delightful to the ears. The chorus leads into a short saxophone solo which is perfect for this song - it adds another dimension to this song and makes the journey from beginning to the end a soulful experience. Great touch. This song is pure fun from beginning to end and the kind of song that makes one want to hum along with, or start singing to. Simple - yet very uplifting and entertaining. I don't hear any real weak spots, other than a little country piano, or electric piano would have been another flavor to add to this song's mix. That being said, I enjoyed this song and think it's "ear candy"; especially if you're a believer and love to praise God. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful song with everyone! In Jesus Name Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

Worthy to be praised

Gotta be honest when I saw the TITLE I am like this is such a tough write....How do I know? Tried writing with the same TITLE years ago and since the TITLE is so generic this is very, very, very difficult. Such is the realm of Worship music. You want something Universal & Singable so the cliches do flow. My thoughts....Nothing earth shattering here lyrically (not your fault, you want something singable for a congregation so such is the life we chose....What I sould suggest is since you have the Calypso sound is that you go for the children with this. Natural fit all day long. Just my 2cents....

United States, California, Los Angeles

Tropical Praise

I like the feel of this song, the sax solo through the song is great. The young lady doing the harmonies with you throughout adds to the phrases too. Praise the Lord brother beautiful song!

United States, Mississippi, Jackson


I like this one a lot, nice flow and easy to pick up. The tune itself easy to learn, nice incidental instruments but for me the sax dates it a bit. If it were me would have maybe used mandolin or country guitar as the solo instruments as they are timeless. Otherwise well balanced and worth sharing

United Kingdom, Washington

Kenny cable 'Worthy To Be Praised

I love the lyrics of this song, 'Worthy To Be Praised' because of the simplicity and Truth of the message conveyed as well as the style which America loves , we call it country rock...keep on writing great songs Kenny

United States, Florida, Tarpon Springs

Worthy to be Praise

You got right to the point with your lyrics! It's what we all need to do in our lives! The music flows with the lyrics. The horns give that extra punch to the song. Since I been in the music business for 40 years and a Christian since the age of 19. You have great praise song! Great job!

United States, Florida, Palm Bay


Worthy To Be Praised review. this song is a strictly Country Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Country Rock style as I said everything recalls the Country Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Country Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy


Upon hearing this piece, I was immediately moved in my spirit and I felt the love of the savior in your delivery. My professional opinion about what I have taken into my spirit, is upon first connecting with the sound of the music, there was most definitely a positive impact that was made and with every segment of the song I was drawn into the songs atmosphere more and more. I can honestly say, that there was at no point in the song where I wanted to turn it off. The tone of the vocalist was rich and pleasing to the ear. The lyrical content was meaningful. The execution of the melodies were nice to listen to and the music complimented the lyrics and melodies, which made for a pleasant listening experience over all. My feeling about this artist is truly a five star appreciation, for taking the time to craft such a work that allows the listener to share in that moment where the hearts message connects with the passion to create and produced a heart song that us music lovers can cherish and share with other.

United States, California, POMONA

REVIEW SONG Worthy To Be Praised

lovely music lovely lyrics lovely singing a amazing song everything about it is fantastic well done i normally review Christian song I find every one of these songs fantastic I think because GOD is with what we Christians do this song stands a high chance to reach number one there are a lot of Christian songs and artist like yourself I think who can do that I think you should promote this song big time it stands a big chance to reach number one in the charts but like if it does or not matters not but what does is to do GODS WILL to reach out to people everywhere is what it is all about that GOD may touch there life I truly loved this song to the highest amount so I gave it a top 5 star rating well done GOD BLESS YOU your family friends and all likewise MAY GOD be with you all

Australia, Warragul 3820


This song gives great inspiration to the heart! Lovely memories, and with great harmony. Everyone should hear this song to bring so much joy to there hearts and their families. Keep listening to amazing song and share the joy with many others, it's totally worth the love.

United Kingdom, London

Because He is worthy!

I enjoyed this on many levels. The vocals were well done, although some vowel matching between lead and harmony would be helpful. At first I thought it may be "pitchy" but I think vowel shaping will help. I love the instrumentals, nice saxophone work throughout. This has a bit of an "island" groove to it at times which I found refreshing. There was even a little country steel guitar thrown in...not sure it was needed, but it was there. Overall well done!

United States, Texas, Brownwood


Are You sure this is a Country Song.. I feel like I'm somewhere in Jamaica in 60's..any haw..make a Duet a Soprano and Tenor Sax in instrumental part it will help the song..and use Real Instruments..I like the melody but You have to take it to next level..as it is I do not think Radio Stations and Music Publishers will "jump" on it...They are looking for an Fantasicic Songs in Radio Ready Quality Recording and be good if The Singer hit ALL THE NOTES ..some are off the Tune..something tells me that You are a Lyricyst and use a "demo making services"...I like The Melody.. so work on The song make it better... Good Luck..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Worthy To Be Praised

I think I may have already reviewed this one so I am not sure why it would appear again, but as everyone I have reviewed by you Kenny, it sound awesome and the mix is spot on...I love the sax touch, slide and keys as well as awesome vocals and harmonies. He is worthy to be praised, yes, yes, yes, In His Holy Name!!!!Great Job and just keep the great music praising our Lord as you are pointing right to Him in your music my brother! Amen and have a Blessed Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

United States, North Carolina, Stanfield

Joyful praise anthem with Spanish flair and 50's flavor delivered flawlessly

This is another highly skilled performance by Kenny and his sensational band. From the slick Spanish-style guitar intro to the saxophone fill at the end, the band's performance is flawless, backing Kenny's heartfelt and joyful words of praise for the Alpha and Omega, Who is worthy indeed. The castanet-and-conga flavored percussion throughout the song and the strong drumming give it even more of a Spanish flavor, while the chord progression is reminiscent of joyful and innocent 1950's rock and roll. The bass line is sophisticated and carried off masterfully. The Floyd Cramer-like touches on the piano, and the brilliant saxophone work that is never in the way only add to the listening pleasure. The producer is excellent, judging from the performances of the band members and the perfect balance of the mix. I would love to worship in a church that uses this tune for congregational singing!

United States, Texas, Kyle

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