Love Is All I Need

Thank You Jesus

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Love to Praise

This is a perfect combination of an encouraging track and lyrics. The instrumental with that sax will pick you up no matter what you are going through and the words couldn't be better. I think overall i love the bridge the most especially with the percussion changing up like you did. Keep making great music Kenny this one's a hit.

United States, Mississippi, Jackson

Love Is All I Need

Every time I listen to a Kenny Cable song, I know exactly what I'm in for and predictability can be positive as it is with this track. He is obviously a pro, writes well and has good solid production values. He crafts the song with verses, choruses and a bridge that works and is pleasant to listen to, right in the heart of the genre he has chosen to work in. Now if your listening to find something new in music, it's not here musically but let me give you a reason to listen carefully to this track. Kenny's title could give the impression that it's one of those wishy-washy tracks filled with generalities but it is refreshingly not at all. This is honest, worshipful, God-honoring, praise. Instead of the focus being about "me", it actually turns your attention to attributes of God. This is a rarity in modern music and well worth a listen and a playlist add. He'd get 5 stars if he'd surprised me with the music.

Canada, Ontario, Windsor

Consistent heartfelt praise and worship

Kenny Cable consistently delivers heartfelt, well-written, theologically sound, well-performed and well-produced songs of praise and worship. This one is no exception. The saxophone sets the tone from the outset. The groove has a hint of 50's in the rhythm and bass line. The backing vocals are skillful and well-employed -- not too little, not too much. The band is tight and the production and mix are professional quality. The result is a joyful and smooth song that could easily be used in worship. This one doesn't blow me away like some of his others I have heard, but it's solid.

United States, Texas, Kyle

Your Love

Hi Kenny, I love the sound, especially with the saxophone and slide guitar, the mix quality is right on and the vocals mix sounds great. When the song first started I couldn't help but think it had a flavor of Springsteens "E Street Band" with a catchy melody. The vibes also and rhodes also gave it that flavor but turning it around for the Lord just makes it happen for me.

United States, North Carolina, Stanfield

Grooving melody in this track!

I’m not an expert in all things to do with religion but I do feel that this song is well structured. The saxophone as the lead/solo instrument was a refreshing change and the calypso style drums had the song grooving along. If love is all you need then you’re on a winner!

Australia, Banora Point


An awesome song and title I love the lyrics and God is love and He loves us God is so amazing I grew up listening to all types of music and Gospel is my favorite I can glorify His holy name thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and be others never stop by praising God in your music I like the back ground music and the message in this song is clear which is love we live in times many hearts is lacking love thanks again and ???? may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Beautiful song!

Very nice song! It really ministered to me. I think the music sounds great and your vocals were very strong. I also like the female background singer. She added a lot to your song. I especially like the words of your song because it speaks volumes about the Love of God to His children. Thank you so much for singing about the love of our Lord Jesus. What a price He paid for us! Keep on keeping on with your singing ministry. It brought much joy to my heart, and it is a great, upbeat positive song about His Love. It was awesome!!!

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

Good vibes

Great song i love the voice and vocals keep doing what you do you will be right we're you wanted to be..Great song i love the voice and vocals keep doing what you do you will be right we're you wanted to be..

United States, Florida, Orlando

Love is All I Need - Review

This song is nicely put together. Just the melody alone made me feel like I was walking barefooted with a friend along the beach kicking up the water at each other. The instruments, the mixing, the recording levels, the song layout, and the vocals are all good in this song. Very nicely done. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review.

United States, Indiana, Sellersburg

Easy Listening

Very nicely produced song. The music style and the melody doesn't sound so fresh anymore, but I like this style. The saxophone is very well played and fits perfectly, the whole arrangement is very well done. Also the voice sounds very pleasant and is well intoned. The lyrics also go very well with the music. A song of praise for love that really makes you feel good and you can hear it on many occasions. Very good work!

American Samoa, Fghjkk

Love the Sax!

I enjoyed the opening with saxophone! The melody is catchy and upbeat. The lyrics are along the lines of a round in a worship setting. Your voice is very listenable and pleasant. Keep singing and writing and praising!

United States, California, HEMET

Not sure I'd call this "Country Rock"

As a Christian it's difficult to be critical of anyone's efforts when they are writing for/about the Savior and/or salvation. As an objective reviewer, who just wants you to have the best song possible, I would say to try to tighten your lyrics some. "Look into your eyes" doesn't ring true to me, as we don't literally look into the eyes of Jesus, at least not yet. And it sounds like something you'd say more in a secular love song about your lover. Your recording sounds very good, and your vocals and instrumentation are very good. Maybe a bit too much sax, but I guess it's a sax-based tune. Maybe try some more keys? Good luck, and God bless you!

United States, Georgia, Grovetown

His Love is ALL I need

I love the concept of the text here - "Your love, Your love, is ALL I need." Much truth here. I enjoyed the introduction - it caught my attention and made me want to listen to more. There is some very fine saxophone work throughout the piece - not overdone, just enough improv to add a nice contrast to the melody. My only concern - and this is just a personal thing for me - is that the chorus is somewhat repetitive, I think there could be more text to drive the message home. Overall a great song! Thanks!

United States, Texas, Brownwood


I love, Love Is All I Need. You have a great voice and the harmony is off the wall, good. I also love the sax. Keep up the good work and continue glorifying the savior. When you get a chance check out of few of my songs, I'll will recommend this song to all my friends. DE

United States, Montana, Missoula


This is a nice song.. brings back 60"s ..Something tell me this is not Life saxophone play ( i hope is just my spikers ).. any haw.. if You use a a mix Alto and Soprano Sax it will help the song.. and if You make a little better Vocal You will have a great ( oldies) song is a great idea to work is now it will be Great to play life concerts but I got the feeling that is a little "short" for that.. same goes with Music Publishers.. I wish You good Luck.. and now I will listen more of Your Songs.. Good Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Very professional.

Great instrumental and vocal backings. Very professional performance all round, your diction is excellent. Well written lyrics and a catchy melody which I know is going to stick in my head. Of a much higher standard than many of the Christian genre songs I have heard on this site and I wish you all the best.

Australia, Bungendore

Very good!!

Hi Kenny, my first response is that your song quality is a cut above most everything I have heard on this website. It is well written, sung, recorded and mixed. I absolutely love Texas, when I was traveling in the music business Texas was my favorite place to play. People are much more responsive as an audience and just so friendly. I spent a lot of time in the area where Willie Nelson's golf course is. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you in your ministry my brother.

United States, Louisiana, New Iberia

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