Jesus Died

Hold On To God

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Anything of god is going to be beautiful. Your music was very refreshing. I believe this is an inspiring song. I enjoyed your piece. You are talented and continue to write beautiful music for the lord

United States, Illinois, Chicago



Australia, Warragul 3820

Hello from Jerzy...

Right from the beginning it Catch My Heart... You did a GREAT Job... I picture in My Head The Crucifixion...Vocal is PERFECT.. just for some reason is in My head some Mr. Jimmy Guitar Work... PLEASE try to add something like that.. and some Hard Cords on the Piano in low key... GREAT Job... Jerzy...

United States, California, Los Angeles

Jesus Died

Supernatural, Ethereal Rock Worship! I love the heavy handed percussion that brings the whole being into a place of heartfelt worship. A song about how Jesus rocked All of Creation when He died on the cross to save all who would believe He did it for that purpose and that He truly is the Living Son of God who came in the flesh to die and to live again. Enlivening Worship!

United Kingdom


This song has a bleak sound that befits one of the bleakest days in human history, the day Jesus died. So it is authentic and congruent. I found the guitar to be stepping on the vocal at the beginning, and the vocals, although sung with conviction and passion, were hard to understand throughout most of the recording.

United States, Texas, Kyle

Response to request for review

I had trouble understanding the lyrics so I would suggest getting the vocal more upfront in the song. A song normally has verses and a chorus and I dont hear that format but maybe that isnt the writers vision on this particular song. I believe the song has potential , what I like to do is listen to other songs and be honest in comparison to the quality , performance, and mix of the song compared to those on the radio.

United States, Louisiana, New Iberia

Difficult to hear

The first thing I'd like to see is the first few seconds of this clip removed. I almost hit stop before the song started because I thought there was nothing there. Even if you can't afford to go to the studio, you can find free software online that will allow you to clip songs. I think you might have a pretty decent voice, but it's buried in the instruments and the effects. Try recording without so much effects and get it out of the instruments. I couldn't hear the words well enough to tell if I really like the song itself.

United States, Ohio, Steubenville

And rose again

Unfortunately the recording and mix is so bad and hard to hear that it is to difficult to give this song a real proper review. I hope this is some kind of uploading error because previous pieces I've heard by this artist were great

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Needs more attention

It was kind of difficult to understand your lyrics because of the saturation of reverb on your vocals. There were areas where the vocals volume would raise and lower, that would probably require a retake unless you have a skilled engineer to go over this track and mix again. It's hard to give a review because it seems the song is still being worked on. The overall volume was low. From what I gathered it seemed more like an extended intermission due to the random runs. I think the song just need more attention.

United States, Florida, Miami


I like this song my favorite music is Christian music I listen to it all the time I gave my life over to the Lord in 1994 my advice to you the bring the vocals up more and the music I hope this helps you have a blessed day and a safe weekend.

United States, California, Every Where

Shy whit a great voice hide


Hello, for first you got a great voice, you don't need reverb or echo or whatever you putt on the voice. A litle more soul, it looks that you are afraid of expanding your voice, expand it cause it's a great voice, the drums are not good, sorry but there is nothing in the right place. Sing with more conviction, you wouldn't fail. That's my honest opinion.

Portugal, Lisboa

Poor Quality

I am so very sorry but I could not get the sound right on your performance. not sure why but I was unable to hear it, very distorted. I am not sure if you were aware that the music is not playing properly

United States, Georgia, Conyers

Nice Voice

The Lyric content and your voice are very good. I am going to be honest though about the recording Please do not get mad at me for it. The drums need more to them, the backing guitar licks get in the way of your voice and take away from the song. Re re record it with far less effects on everything. I think it is a good song just needs to be produced better and just let you carry the song with more of your voice. Sorry just telling the things I am hearing. Not that I can do any better just saying as a listener. god Bless.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

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