Hold On To God

Hold On To God

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Different in an interesting way.


Joyce Sirois' heart for God is undeniable, and she has her own sound, which is an acquired taste. She is not afraid to keep it real and face the darkness, and this is expressed in her raw and powerful vocals. This tune uses a creative interplay between a haunting male baritone voice and Joyce's own expressive alto. The mood and sound of the song is dark, and like life, it keeps coming at you. Most of the chord structure is just two chords being repeated, lending to the feeling of struggle over a long period of time, like a marathon. This just underscores the song's message of toughness and tenacity in the face of the odds, made possible by holding onto God's unchanging hand. I only wish I could understand the lyrics better. They seem to blend into the band at times and eclipse each other at others. But overall, I like it. This music is different and creative and the sound is congruent with the message being conveyed.

United States, Texas, Kyle


This song draws me in, very emotional. The instrumental and backing vocals are awesome but your voice almost becomes part of the backing at times especially in the first minute or so. To me your beautiful voice should be strong and clear. A mixing problem? To accompany a church service the length is fine but commercially to me is far too long. Radio stations etc are not interested in anything over 4.00 and I think you could easily make that cut. Sincerely Lola

Australia, Bungendore

Concept is great

I listened carefully to your song and the beginning the vocalist seemed to be off key but recovered. I would suggest rerecording the first 30secs of singing to be on the safe side. The guy that backs the female vocals sound hollow, can't make out what he's saying. The mix is pretty good other than those things. The song was sung with compassion and I really believe that you poured your heart into this song. I would really hate for a trivial thing like the minor issues with this song to ruin a chance to be enjoyed by others. You have a great voice and the song is a good composition. Continue to improve it and move forward with your project and my you have great success with it. God Bless

United States, Florida, Miami

I like this!!

First anything about god is awesome. I love the music. I was drawn right in. I love the lyrics. I was moved by the beat. Your voice is nice. I enjoyed your creativity. Continue to praise the lord cause we all know hes awesome

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Hello from Jerzy

I was expecting something better....this time You missed ...Vocal is ok... but the whole production is not...do You use a computer generated music in the background...any haw... I will not put Your song in Pop Category.. more like Jazz...any haw... keep going and remember that not all songs are Great....Jerzy..

United States, California, Los Angeles

production ... drums to loud. back ground singers to much. it would be much pleasant to hear more of just your voice in verses. a little to much reverb on total production. however great tune. keep on keepen on

keep singing from your heart . no one can express it like you your self. never give up on your dreams . always trust in the lord . just remember its always on his timing . thank you for this tune.

United States, Texas, Beaumont

Great recording

Awesome sound and great lyrics.Keep it up. You have a great voice. May god bless you in all you do and bless your music so it reaches more and more people in this world. Amen and peace be with you.

United States, Tennessee, Maryville

my thoughts

starts out with a folksy/ 50's feel to it. Personally I think you should of raised it up a half step/ full step. You seemed to have a little trouble staying on key without the push from your diaphragm. The band it seemed once they got going was OK. For e personally, this song does not work. Vocals are hard to hear/ understand. Keep working

United States, Texas, Ft Worth

Hold on to God ...

Percusssion keeps this piece going forward, however, the female vocal is eclipsed by the background vocal a bit. It is hard to focus on both and the messages are both important to hear. However, I do love the message and the style of this piece. It is a pioneer piece in Christian Pop. I found it encouraging and uplifting. Keep going on....holding on to Jesus, He is singing through you.

United Kingdom



United States, Georgia, ATLANTA

Too Busy!!!

As i sit and listen to this song, one it is to busy there is so much going on in the song that i can't hear the real message. when you sing to people they want to hear what you have to tell them about God. it is nice but to busy.!

United States, Georgia, Columbus

A Little Different Sounding

I don't think I have ever heard a song like this before. I don't really know if I actually like the background singers because it is an overload of too many different sounds. I felt like the song would have been better if you were standing out more and you got rid of at least some of the background singing. Because your voice is strong and does not need all of that extra background noise. You could maybe let them song on occasion. You are a very good singer. Keep on praising God and giving your testimony through your songs. Thanks for sharing your musical fittings with all of us!

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

Hold on to God

I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep in touch have a great weekend and God bless you.

United States, California, Every Where


Nice!!! Very good your job! God bless you always!!! I will wαlk by fαith, trust Him you'll see, He's got αll the power you need!! I wish every blessing and may the Lord continue to use them! Always worship!

Brazil, Vinhedo


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas

Don't know...

So the first thing I see is the song is 8 minutes...this song better be great or you sort of lost me there. The opening of the song is a bit long but not terrible...still waiting for some vocals...then the humming starts and I'm ready to turn off the song cause it sounds out of tune. The main vocals get a little better as the song proceeds but the background vocals are very monotone which isn't grabbing my fancy. The music isn't bad but the song could use a little tweaking.

United States, Pennsylvania, Pottstown

about song hold on to GOD

HEARING now music sounds awesome lyrics sound tops voice sounds perfect it is a excellent song listening to it now i think it has the means to make it to the top with promotions i do not see why people would not like this i think they would GOD be with you hope you get to where you are dreaming to be and remember to follow the dream wherever the LORD might lead it walk with the LORD always love the way JESUS CHRIST 1st loved us even from the very beginning of time and GOD be with you i pray I ENJOYED THIS SONG so i gave it top rating OK

Australia, Warragul 3820

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