Secret Closet

Hold On To God

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I am determined to get a Record Contract, signed, sealed and ready for delivering - Action! I can see that you are well equipped and capable to help me in that regard... The offer to you is Joyce's music. If you will be willing to take HER up and help HER obtain a reasonable Record Contract, in the Industry, with Companies like Arista, Warner Brothers, Universal or similar Record labels? Here are Songs she wrote and I'm hoping that you will like them! Frank

Canada, Ontario, LONDON

Tight and danceable with a good message

Wasn't long before my body was moving to this beat! The band is tight, and the song's message about the power of prayer and the goodness of God is strong. The lead vocal is sung with conviction, but a little pitchy, especially at the beginning. Backing vocals and lead vocal spend a lot of time occupying the same space and stepping on each other, making it difficult to understand the lead singer in spots, and obscuring the message. Backing vocals are not up to the same high quality of performance as the instrumentalists. Song goes on about a minute too long, for my taste. But it will work for dancing, and it will work for worship, and that's high praise.

United States, Texas, Kyle

Hello from Jerzy...

The beginning was FANTASTIC...later on all come down a little this is why I gave You 4.5...just a little more work and You will have a GREAT song...I like The Guitar...He is playing His 'Heart Out"...I just picture myself playing Piano or French Horn .. Good Job... I wish You luck to found a Publisher for it... Jerzy..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Sua voz é bonita e marcante

Muito bom o solo de guitarra, tem uma pegada bem gospel americano, mas achei a introdução longa. Sua voz, é marcante, muito bonita e os backings vocals também são muito bons. Vocês estão de parabéns!

Brazil, Niterói - Rio de Janeiro

kind of funky

The vocals are nice and the guitar tones on the solos are very well done and the bass is kicking nicely the back up vocals add a lot to the song has a good hook keep up the good work take care.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

Secret Closet

A great Rock instrumental with a bit of Sister Sledge sound for perfect effect of the Gospel flavor of music. Excellent raising the roof beat on the percussion that gets people on their feet to sing God's praises! Excellent work on this song with a lot of well thought progressions into the lyrics. Excellent vocals by the lead vocalist Joyce Sirois and her choir of Holy Ghost Filled Singers! Filled Up in this Song of Worship! Sock it to ya! Ha le lu YAH!

United Kingdom

Get Down and Pray

Hey Joyce! thanks for asking me to review the song. Here's my thoughts: - shorten the intro just by a couple seconds. I've found that people want to get into the vocal pretty quick - love the title "Secret Closet", i would try to get the phrase "Secret Closet" more prominent in the lyrics. The line "Get down and pray tends to dominant much of song." It's a great message, and it makes me feel like the song should be called "Get down and pray." -Vocals were on pitch, great job

United States, Arizona, Phoenix


Ok the quoting of scripture is a good Idea when mixed with the right music. You have a strong and powerful voice. At times it overpowered the music. The music is to simple for your voice. It should enhance your voice. The two of you should compliment each other. You and your music that is. Countinue on.

United States, Indiana, Indianaoplis


Hey Joyce, first off, you do have a nice voice. The song to me has a seventie's vibe to it. Maybe a little Sly & the Family. Love the bass pop that you have goin on. The guitar to me needs work. To me, it just doesn't fit the song. Especially the intro.The back ground vocals fit right in to the vibe of the whole seventies thing that is going on. The drums didnt stand out to me, which means they could probably be pulled up some in the mix. Thanks

United States, Texas, Ft Worth


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Joyce Sirois & Eternal Life Wants You to Find Your Secret Closet

This Christian rock song, gives the simple message to, "Get down and pray." It's the most basic of messages to both Christians and people looking for Christ to enter into their lives. Prayer often comes out of distress or seeking, but it should come always, especially in the times of rejoicing and thanks. Good music, great lead guitar work, with vocals that call you to find your own prayer (secret) closet, will inspire you to find your prayer time with the Name above all Names. Check this out; you'll be moved to find your secret closet!

United States, Louisiana, Baton Rouge

Great Praise Song!

Now this song has rhythm and is very upbeat and soulful. This is by far, my favorite song that I have heard from you! God is good! And this is a very joyful Praise Song! It kind of makes me want to get up and do some dancing for the Lord. The music is good and your voice is very strong, Well Done! Keep making music like this, and I will surely keep listening and I will definitely recommend this song for others to hear! Keep up the good work, sister! I give you 5 stars!!!!!!

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

Thoughts on Secret Closet...

This song grabs you from the jump! A nice intro, and very strong out of the gate... I like the guitar and drums, they have a lively/bouncy feel - fun to listen to. The soulful vocals are strong and gutsy - they remind the listener that prayer is warfare and not for wimps!! The music fits the context - war is intense like the music of this song. Your words/melody and rhythm all work together well... I was pleasantly surprised to see you rock this song, instead of going with a soft ballad - a nice surprise indeed. The guitar solo is smoking - and really takes the song into the deep... the "get down and pray' echoing over and over is sooo nice to the ears. This song must make the demons tremble! The only thing I would add in the thick is - putting Jesus name in that refrain. Get down and pray in "Jesus name"... this song is fun to listen to, and the musicianship is excellent. Overall, I have to say this song rocks from top to bottom, and the mix is great! Not much to tweak or improve on, other than perhaps a more dynamic ending with some abrupt stops, with the band doing some tight breaks, and the drums and voice bring it back in to the end. A couple of breaks in this song is about the only thing I would add. Thanks for sharing such an intense and well crafted song. You inspired me, and took me up towards our Father in heaven. In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

Big Rock Intro

The song caught me off guard when I first played it. I did not expect it to start off with such a BIG punch. The song has a good message and musically cuts through. I think I would have gone a different direction with the production but it still was a good song.

Canada, British Columbia, Vernon

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