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About Jiska Hachmer

You can enroll to my singing course here:
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YouTube - sunflowerbynight
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About Jiska Hachmer

You can enroll to my singing course here:
You can do the same course on skillshare!

Radio: link
Twitter: Twitter
YouTube - sunflowerbynight
My spreakers i have two spreakers...


My soundcloud link

I was two times #9 of all female singers, and finalist in both seasons 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 of IWBF - I Wanna Be Famous (now IWBF is biggest talent) thats an online contest.

These next songs, see the youtube link, I made in that time, I sang songs for IWBF, and learned to write better songs at Berklee online through coursera.

I wrote my first songs when I was 14/15 and won another contest with tone of my first songs: move your feet... I used that song for Berklee and made a new song of it... He said he loves me - YouTube
After redoing my one demo move your feet into He said he loves me, the song I had made when I was 15 I made these next songs/ demo's in 2014:

YouTube - North and South

YouTube - Wise Men

YouTube - Urban tunnel

YouTube - Bounce

YouTube - Badim Boo

YouTube - Mary Blue ( to my castle)

YouTube - Ten thousand songs

YouTube - Things ( soon you'll feel good again)

YouTube - It's just what you got (it's love)

Thank you so much for listening!

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Jiska Hachmer
6 months ago

Dear subscribers,
Thank you so much for subscribing to my N1M email list, to receive my emails!

I still have a situation missing my kids, although what the locals criminally did will not affect us in the long run, it only showed how they themselves lack so much good parenting, good connections, and happiness in their lives, and apparently live so bad, they even abuse other kids and families and created human trafficking as income, combined with abuses their jobs and the people to get their crimes done, in politics and to get personal benefits out of it. All things, I despite, and cannot work with, as I do have ethics, science, and human rights duties, especially in my job, creating the ombudscycles and OWO divisions, ombudscycles divisions, and all other functions I have.

They were aware of that, and the way criminals typically come to the surface to show themselves when they are triggered by your work, these came up. So, the job on its own already attracts criminals to show themselves. It also happened when I started my psychology studies, the moment I started people changed. Some want to use me, to diagnose others with fake diseases, just for their own benefits, and some even with pressure, or else, they take my kids and pretend I am a bad psychologist, etc. I have seen a lot of criminals, responding to all I do. I studied a lot, so I saw a lot.

While I am a singer at the same time, too. So, I already knew the people that can become very ill when I get "fame", but being born the way I am, with a brother with a radio in our home, since I was 3, and became big in his work at all big media, and radios, I always live with being known, besides that also for my own things. I was not unsuccessful. I think a lot of people experience such life these days, a lot of people are known, for their work.

So that people respond to me, and to what I do, I never had in any other way, only more often people love what I do, and are extremely sweet to me and my kids, and also as a parent telling me how well I do that.

So, the few criminals normally wouldn't be that way too, as they see all the fame and know all those people too that know me. These locals are the most isolated I ever saw, and the most criminal, attacking people for their work, and being known, and for good parenting. It is the most extreme situation I ever saw.

Normal people wouldn't steal someone's kids. So, I work very hard on that, and on saving all kids from happening the same to them. It violates human rights, it is not the best environment for kids, nor letting them truly be their best selves, from their own homes, where life is so much better for them. And especially my kids got already so far in life, with earning very young EQF 5 diplomas, so they actually study on EQF 6 which is the BSc level, but the locals, refuse to do the law, and what other attendance officers told them to do, thus the EQF 6 further study on the right level. The locals abused their power, from jobs not allowed to interfere, just to prevent this success.

We had simply a political preference of the locals, they wanted to put on us, through their work, refusing to do the real laws, and routes the Dutch government told them to do, they just refuse, but on top took my kids, to impress me and to simply be criminals, earning on this, it is human trafficking, plus discriminations in education. Refusing to do true routes and laws, and denying our freedom and true rights.

They also already knew what I work on, since I worked on them a few years, to get the crimes out of their jobs.

At medium, you can see a bit of my work. link
I started in my studies as a therapist, elementary teacher, psychologist, manager solving crimes at work, and to create more sophisticated workplaces, also to find an essence we all need in life, in our personal life, with our kids, an essence for development, at work and in our studies.
I used all my studies, and kept studying on this science, of what all people need.

All need human rights, as that is a duty already, same as ethics, but there is more we can do to create the most sophisticated environment, and I study what the core essence is, we all actually need.

Important too, to know, to understand this first part of the email. (And the reason why I moved to this town, and why I never expected these problems. I expected the old problems to go away, as a new region would be more sophisticated, or with not the same situation. We would just move, and we followed all advice, and the best people in the professions, so we knew we needed just a bit of rest, and then all would solve fastly. A secret address would solve a lot already and would create a new start, and a moment of peace to resee all the people, and place all the people we want back into our lives, and to go see the new friends my kids made, also internationally. They wanted to go on exchange programs and continue studying. They even had their own business plans too.)

I had in my previous town another problem, abuses in the schools of the kids by teachers and other workers, and a problem with criminals in the local Dutch insurance, UWV. Both are normally not that criminal in other regions, well, not in my birth region Leerdam. The Friesians UWV denied the law and the plans made by my birth region, which is the only lawful plan that is not allowed to be changed, but they frauded and even physically abused me and stopped my income, after years of them criminally trying to change the plan illegally.
So I had to start my business early, as I was because of this stop of my true income and my right, forced into welfare for business owners, as that was the original plan after getting my degrees. I named that business Essence, as I was already studied on that topic, and became an environmental psychologist consultant.

I learned the entire northeast (Friesian, that side of the north and the east Netherlands) region of our country has issues with the true law, and understanding and abuses, which in my birth region were never an issue, people are very sophisticated there.

I had to move to protect me from the Friesian criminals, and live on a secret address, as it was a lot more in the end than just the years of strive for my rights with the insurance, and the Dutch government telling me to replace my kids constantly to other schools, as every school had abusers.

The new town had bigger crimes, we found out, and in social work, and simply are formed by criminal parties using their local jobs to get their political preferences and personal profits... But also fascism... So, we had all sorted out the way my kids had to continue studying, officially by law, and the locals do nothing with the correct routes and are criminals in all their jobs, thus we got into this hell of crimes around us, and then even the stealing my kids. A laundry it even is, as criminal illegal things are made sound legal by the use of a judge that is not even allowed to do such cases. All are twisted, and my kids live a horrible life now.

So, they took the kids of someone like me, that made it all different, known to be a good mother, I am not even impressed by criminals, as it doesn't mean anything to me, as all they lie are lies, and simply crimes. And their local crimes are now recorded, that is all they achieve, that the true work they refuse, all of us, the other people of the Netherlands, now thus do our work against them. To stop these crimes.

Thus we end up with work to do, and to save all the kids in this region, as it was already my profession in many ways, and thus duty.

Of course, I despise them, but at the same time, I realize how all these parents live like this for many years.

Also, how my father as a military cop, (when I was born, and in my childhood) was sacrificed to be on a veteran mission in my birth town, (and that was the only reason why I was born there), as he had to work there, to free that town from hijackers and extreme crimes.

So, he got sacrificed as all on missions like that go through extreme stress, and nothing is normal in those circumstances, but he freed the town and because of that we kids had the best 20 years of our lives, like little kids. Also, my kids had a good time when we lived there, still.

For some reason, I had to move away from my birth town, when the kids were still little and we lived so well in my birth region we never expected how the region up north on that side of the Netherlands would be with kids, nowadays.

So, I am very aware I had a bit of huge luck, that my birth region was freed from such criminal situations (although it also had some points about the dutch government that was not so good, it was still a situation freeing the town from hijackers, and crimes, and extreme situations, which has a lot to say about that, as it did have a lot of sides to the story, but in the end, we lived free from crimes, as a child). So, I am aware it needs a good person, a good example, good jobs, done correctly to change such criminal regions.

I cannot live as if I wasn't raised to be also in a veteran state of mind. I believe we all must live by human rights, and ethically, free, so even if you do not have a veteran mindset that is perfectly fine, as a psychologist we have to be authoritative and accepting all types of social behaviors, from totally alone, to extremely social, with some people even without a personal ID experience, which some people have that live in groups. All are counted as normal behavior, and duty to see it that way. We must respect people's preferences.

But the veteran mindset, although I live a varied way of being social, with a lot of people I know, doesn't leave my mind.
I lived as a child with and without a dad, and learned, in the end, your job and what you do for people, can affect your children more. Although being a home mom would be fine too, in any way my kids always experienced it that way, as I was always there, but at the same time, I did so much work, online, and a lot of it when they sleep, so they even never truly understood my work.
The singing I do, they understand the most, I think. Which I can do more and more, the more we solve things, locally, and in this country.

I have to study a lot and start my business. I have to get my degrees, from that original UWV plan, which is restored, as the new region did set that straight, as I was told I was correct.
I did find it hard to see, all the regions do something wrong in the North-East Netherlands, sometimes it is the UWV the criminals choose, sometimes their local gov, sometimes the social work, sometimes the schools, and a lot of them end up being criminal in all the jobs. This time all went wrong, but the UWV, we just needed it all to be perfect. So, I work a lot to get all done correctly and to get the criminals out of the country.

I also, still study to get my MD/psychology degree, first, I must get my Bsc Health Science degree, then my MD degree, to be MD/psychologist.

See a bit of my work here, on medium.

This is the original work, Essence, which grew a lot already into also my academic field Big Humanity, where we find the scientific laws and translate them to daily life. And my OWO divisions and the ombudscycles. Also, my project kids are competent. And a lot more, also on covid19, research and data science. Where I also review for APA.

A new upload. On Jango, radio Jango, I got a lot of pop score this month, I found in my radio airplay account that is attached to radio Jango. And I found one song I did not upload yet, to N1M. It's just what you got (It's love). I made that song during IWBF, I Wanna Be Famous, now Biggest Talent, a contest from Las Vegas, for the world, where we had battles with our videos, it is like a got talent show, but then online, for the world, where we showed our videos, and those were in the competition. I was two times 9th of all females. And both years finalist, my kids were finalists too, the second year I joined, they joined too and they were in the kids IWBF. One of them won in December 2014, of all kids. Moving to Vegas seemed logical since then, as we were so happy with IWBF, and the winners perform in Vegas, one year if I have the time again, I might win it. ;)

I did have bronchitis back then, but still got the new songs recorded then, despite it all.

At the same time IWBF in that last season I joined, I did Berklee lessons, and for my songwriting, I wrote some demos, North and South was my first, I wrote it in 5 minutes, and this one was one of the last, of that session.

It never had pop score the past years on Jango, but this year it does and a few months now. So, a lot of people listen to it, now. Thank you so much for that! It is the reason I now found out I had not uploaded it here, so I will now too. Hope you like it as much as the Jango radio listeners.

Thank you so much! Your love and support mean so much to me and my kids! Soon, without these locals, we all will see you and a lot!

We all have Covid19 anyway now, so traveling is a bit of a problem, also to tour. But soon, all will change, and we are then free of this all and having fun and love with all of you! We will be telling you personally how much you all mean to us! You were always there for us, despite the hells locals could make! Thank you! L;ove!

Music : Bensound, Happiness. CC-By licensed
Always prayed ya would be near
'cause I knew ya would care
All though I had no idea what you would wear
I just prayed it would be your heart
and I see you do my love

Even I can find true love
It's not hard to recognize

It's just what you've got
It's love
I know now
It's just what you've got
It's love
I found

It's just love that finds through all things in life
my other part of my heart
my heart complete
All at once
'cause you are near
near my own two feet

you've found me too (instead of I know now)

It's our love, wonderfull love
Through all that will come
I'll have you now
To do all we dreamt off
All sweet things are true now
'cause I met you

Repeat all

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Jiska Hachmer
11 months ago

I reached 2000 subscribers. I have to be a diamond member from now on to have enough place for everyone. ;) I love that, though! Can't wait to have 12.000 subscribers, which is the max n1m allows. If I get more subscribers, what should I do? Get another account? Jiska Hachmer 2 on n1m? I can't wait! That would be a nice problem. ;) I would love such a problem. I had such a problem on my Facebook since n1m. I have always the max amount of friends since I have so many listeners here, and because of that I have a fan page as well, I love that too. So, when that happens here, there will be a fun solution.

I remember the first year on n1m, I was asked back, I did not know very well I had uploaded 3 cover songs here. I did that right after IWBF, I wanna be Famous, I kept looking around for new contests online, and new places to upload my music. (IWBF was a las vegas international contest, I was two times 9th of all females, and Finalist, my kids were finalist too, they joined the last year I joined IWBF. IWBF is not the biggest talent, and still the same online contest, contestants send in video's and those video's battle. The winners go to las vegas and get management in las vegas.)
I am so happy I was asked to come back on. So, I did. And uploaded some more, and all got to where I am now. Almost 5 million plays.

I had days and months with 20.000 plays per day, the year after I got back, and the moment I had uploaded a lot more songs.

So, I think this can happen again, the moment my new songs are done, I can't wait!
Can't wait to have it done, cant wait to upload, can't wait for another busy time, with thousands of plays!

I also, can't wait till my kids are back. I still go through extreme human trafficking. Can't wait till our president is gone, and we get a new one, fixing it all. We have been through so much, especially all kids in the Netherlands.

And, I keep working on that too. Can't wait till my ombudscycle divisions are working well, I am still building up the school for the ombudscycle and my classes and the divisions. So, there will be better times, lots of people working on Human Rights, and actually that will also mean, so we all can sing.

People have seen a lot more people in trouble because of bad governments and abuses, which are always not allowed according the human rights, but that also means people can not be who they really are, and their songs can not be made, nor published as easy, because they are busy fighting for their rights.

I have learned a lot from this. And will help a lot more with the human rights, so everyone can be free, the way we must be anyway, free, that is the law already, but we need to keep working on it, to free everyone, and that will also help us to have peace and time for music.

So, I cant wait for the future. The best anyway I can do is work hard on this, and get my kids free, and help all other people getting their human rights, and help create freedom, so we all can listen to music.

Since I was young this has been an issue, suddenly since I was about 20, I got "a lover boy" according to the people later on that saved me and the kids, from my ex, and his family, which turned out to be criminals, we were saved from this in the previous region. I never knew back then, loverboys are not only after teens, but there is also type 1, going after teens, and type 2 going after twenty-year-olds, i had that last. Made me pregnant, and made me a sort of a prisoner in my own life, with brainwashes. I got fine out of this and thus had the kids, all alone, well we lived in a region full of family, cousins, and friends. So, we had a good time, besides the bad schools my kids had to go too. That was already shocking bad enough. I was working on that, a lot, when we lived there.

These locals where we live now, are so bad at human rights, they are extremely criminal, and I think, we found the most criminal people of this country in this region, using their jobs for crimes. It is a big crime scene. I never saw such before.
I had a good childhood in my birth region, with the people there, so, we all never expected another part of this country this bad. Besides the entire country went down, since this president. The entire country is having lots more crime than ever before, it is total chaos, and lots of crimes people have to go through on daily basis, but this region is the worst.

As I child I always volunteered for amnesty, and was a part of the local gov, with some kids, and went to a UN school, so we were used to that all kids get their rights. Now, my kids don't, and I have been through all this, I will work on this even more. Besides my singing, and that will help us all, to be able to sing more, and to help others to sing more. And I do all this besides my studies, I also, want to be an MD/psychologist. I am now an environmental psychologist consultant and student BSc. Health Sciences. So, I design environments and study and sing.

I love you all for subscribing, and for following me through this. You mean so much to me! And to my kids! Can't wait to finally have my songs done, and tour! I really look forward to that!

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Dear subscribers. My song North and South has a very good review I love to share with you.
What do you think? Agree with the review?
What is your favorite song of mine?

I keep working on my new songs. Hope to show you soon some more.
For now one tune already...
link This will be for Carousel. Which will be the name of the Album. I do not know if it will the biggest song, like North and South. But I like Carousel. Shadows the movie I am making, will have songs of Carousel too in it.

The lyrics will be somewhat like:
It's a piece, you and me, you watching over me.

vs1. Dripping, the rain falling
inside of me
You're every part of my wall, and
you bent it all
for me
Iron melts

vs2. We're growing
like a carousel
drippin' inside on my heartbeat

your heart outside
a second heart beating as mine
living, alive
riding my life

a carousel that never parts
driving inside
it's a ride
propelling, my life

my beautiful carousel
every piece of my heart
in our carousel
like the rain falling
every drop into
a piece of our carousel
every drop changing
into a piece of our carousel, carousel, carousel

my every dream of you
my every dream
my every dream of you

dripping inside on my heartbeat
I knew I had a heart outside
a second heart that beat like mine
living a life

and around again...

God made a piece
for your carousel
going around, to be homebound
every morning, dawn,
you know you found
the missing piece of your carousel,
and when you're down
you can wound up
your carousel

I will go round in between all the pieces
in your carousel
smiling, loving, you, and your sound,
on your heartbeat
every part of our carousel

our carousels seemly
together beating
finding the same speed, and
like the rain failing
inside of us
our every part of, our walls
into one
carousel, carousel

my desire, your desire in one carousel

So, for now, my review of North and South.... you can read below...

L;ove you all! Love you so much! Thank you for reading my email.

Song: North and south

Overall Impression: Jiska Hachmer has a sweet natural voice, accompanied by light instrumentals, North and South is a delightful song. The lyrics are clever, and delivered in a manner that shows off Jiska's vocal range and virtuosic talents; she has a command of her voice that demonstrates that she can sing with power, and also so vulnerably that it is almost fragile, but never breaks, and everywhere in between. The form of the song is very nice as well, with a clear musical and character development, and opening and closing with similar words, but a new meaning.

Strongest Point(s): The songwriting skills exhibited by both Josh Woodward and Jiska Hachmer are individually splendid, but together result in a terrific collaboration. The instrumentals fit the tone of the song magnificently, and support the melody with tasteful harmony. The vocals are masterful, and offer a wide range of skill; in tone, tune, articulation, and dynamics. Lyrically, the song paints a vivid image of character development, and are reinforced by matched energy and feel in the song. As I said earlier, the form of the song terrific; it is clear and well thought out, reinforcing not only the words in the title, but their changing meaning (as I perceived).

Area(s) of Improvement: The recording quality in the vocal mic isn't the greatest, but I feel with a higher quality mic you'll have more of an opportunity to clearly exhibit your voice.

Target Audience Appeal: Fans of soft rock, folk, acoustic rock, pop, pop rock, today's hits will enjoy this song. This has a wide array of potential on screen (in film, indie films, tv, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, and ads) along with mainstream radio. This song has the potential to make big waves, the more exposure you give it, the more likely it is it and you as an artist are to be picked up.

Artist target suggestions: Your voice is unique and I believe have an excellent future with your music. Although influences are important, your voice is the most important in shaping your future. Jiska Hachmer, Jewel, Ariana Grande, Celso Pina, Christina Aguilera, Compay Segundo, Dua Lipa, Duncan Dhu, Ed Sheeran, Grupo Canaveral, James Arthur, John Mayer, José Feliciano, Justin Bieber, Kevin Gates, Little Mix, Los Acosta, Los Mirlos, Los Ángeles Azules, Lukas Graham, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Paula Abdul, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Virus (Latin), Zara Larsson

About the Reviewer:
Rob Lawson is a Master’s Music Performance major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a percussionist, composer, conductor, and recording artist. He has performed with the Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Horn Choir, Pit Orchestra, and Keystone Winds. He has composed, arranged, and premiered works for Percussion Ensemble, Pep Band, and Brass Quintet at IUP, and conducted the Pep Band, Symphony Band, Percussion Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, and Chamber Ensembles, along with various recitals. Rob graduated from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Music in Performance, was the Principal Percussionist and Timpanist of the Wind Ensemble, Percussionist and Drummer with the Beatles Band, and conducted the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, New Music Orchestra, and various Chamber Ensembles. Rob also has experience with the recording process, both in front and behind the mic, from solo pieces to rock bands to full orchestral ensembles. He also teaches private lessons in percussion, conducting, music theory, and has taught high school marching percussion.

Vocals: Strength
Lyrics: Strength
Instrumental Performance/Execution: Strength
Melody/Rhythm: Strength
Arrangement/Flow: Strength
Recording Quality/Overall Mix: Needs Improvement

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I love you all! Almost 2000 subscribers that is a lot of people that will read this email.
And it means a lot to me. I never forget the day I was in my old home, in the middle of a change with a new homeowner, after 7 calm good years in that home, a new person took over that home and started to exploit me and my kids, so we moved. And the kids already had it very tough with abusive teachers in the schools, so they had transferred some times already. Also, one teacher and her husband were murdered. The region was not that calm sweet region like 7 years before. All had changed. One person asked me to come back at n1m.
I am so grateful for her to have asked me back. So, I uploaded 3 songs, instead of one. If I remember well I had one uploaded, she asked me back online on n1m and I uploaded 2 more songs.
That new year I had a few messages and listeners already.

Me in the middle of that bad story locally. Transferring in another bad local story in my new town, in the Netherlands. And my kids soon got trafficked, away from me, stolen from me by the locals. Because I had asked an adjustment, all lawful arranged by the right companies and local attendance officer from Amsterdam, that had told us what to do. And she arranged all because they have a website for anyone, and my local attendance officer did not respond. So, I kept telling the local one all these laws and things we had to do, the way the government told me and the other attendance officer, and they all said school law is finished for your kids, they have EQF 5 diploma's and must continue EQF 6 even, that's a BSc. They did online. As they recovered from trauma after abuse by the new homeowner in that town and those teachers that had abused. But the locals are very criminal and frauded. So, I tried to press charges at a police office. And there more fraud happened, as something was put in the dutch system about us, to stop us from pressing charges against these locals, but the gov companies had told us to that. So, they showed a network of people working against the law, and we accidentally fall victim of their crimes. This story only continued into more bad things, me missing my kids, and my kids miss me.
And all this success on n1m. Thank you so much! Because that helps us through a lot!

Also, I continue my studies. That's another story the locals did wrong in the previous town for some years, but these locals did arrange that. That is now fine again, after a strive in the other region from 2012 - 2020.

So, I have been from lawsuit to lawsuit and abuse through abuse. And still, miss my kids.

Then in the middle of my BSc. health science studies, covid19 starts.
And I got an interview recently on my work since the outbreak on covid19. Also, new interviews can come up, because our school has media wanting to interview us, students.

See here what I do with my studies. I am a singer, and study, and have my company Essence.

Soon the interview is online, and then I can show you that interview too,and perhaps the other ones if those come.

Through all this, I keep working on a new CD, and my movie shadows. The music will be for that movie too. My followers grow again on youtube, so finally I will go to the studio this summer, i hope.

I am invited a few times now for youtube studio Paris. I might go there too soon, for meetings. But next summer I will be recording some new songs, I hope. Last summer was the plan, and I have traveled a lot, but youtube found too many inactive followers and deleted them, so I had not enough followers anymore to go to the studio. It was delayed by that.

I am more ready though now, so, I cant wait to go and see what that will be like.
I do want to tour too.

I might do APA things this year, or next year too. So, I do want to combine my USA visit for APA with a tour as well.

I just cant wait to see what you all think of this and would love to hear me sing on a tour. Please let me know.

I will sing some new songs, some from this list, and lots better than you hear here... As my equipment is not that good, at home.

And some covers I think, if you like.

I am working hard on the pressing charges and getting all help to get my kids back. I have had some ups and downs with the lawyers on this. But I had that also from 2012 -2020 with those other locals, not letting me to a plan the gov company that had created that said I had to follow,, they wanted to exploit as well and just put me in a job, despite my disability, pelvic disability and therefore I had a study plan, to get a new fitting job. They refused I strived years, and the old plan is now put back as the plan to follow, so I do that, I study again. To be an md/psychologist. And I know how the last good lawyer took me years to get him. My good rent lawyer was also a very good one, was also one I had to look for, for a while.
So, I think it is the same with this case with my kids, I know I followed the laws, and the locals refused and are thus criminals, but the gov had said me what to do, I had followed that, and they also work on getting these locals, but it just takes a while to find the right lawyer. To, get that done right, same as the other very long case, of years and years, and then no one able to solve, until this last one. And he worked 2 years on it as well.

So, touring would make me happy. And I know soon, my kids are older than 16 and 18 and, one day, they get their own lives back. And that's very soon, they are 13 and 15. I just can only keep working on that, and get them back one day. It is what they want, and the children's law demands to listen to their will and help them achieve that. So, the moment the good lawyer comes, they are back, as the law actually demands all that. And they continue their BSc. then, which is only 9 months left, its a top-up. They are almost done. And degreed they will continue their master and link. next 4 years after that. So, the moment they are home, they study and they want to travel and have their Instagram and social media and their friends online, and their them in real life traveling to them. So, a very good life is gonna come in some years.

It would be only good for them if that's soon. So, they can have the better life instead of this horrible life with these locals, that denied their rights and abuse them. Good, I am studied well on those topics, so they will recover and will be fine over time.

We will move away from the Netherlands in any way, as this is a horrific country. But all the days after will be good days. Them then grown, and finally doing all their rights. They are lucky to have already done lots of studies and are good at studying, so theyĺl be fine in any way, with good jobs. And I am always their home where they can study and grow, we never fight. So, we have it easy together, honestly, I think that is what the locals ticked of, as they are criminal, abusive and want all people to be abusive. They believe in being mean to kids and abuse them constantly. They knew my work is catching those types of criminals, I worked since 2013 on this. They were coming from a group of abusers, abusing their work and power and trafficked my kids. That made it easier to recognize what types of crimes this is they do, all dutch gov companies themselves warned me to for their crimes and fraud and to press charges etc.

So, I cant wait to see what the future brings. Now I keep studying and working and create more music and cant wait for this next summer, and to finally show you some work.

lots of love from me L;ove!

Thank you very very very much for all your love and support.

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Almost 1700 Subscribers.
I love you all! Thank you for subscribing.
20 songs of mine are now played 100.000 times.
Thank you so much!
5.2 million profile views, and 4.2 million plays in about a year, actually.
I never expected this, so, that makes me happy!
I can' t wait for the next things I make to be finished and published.

On twitter, I have now 500.000 views per month, as well. So, I think next year will be a good year.
Able to finally go to the youtube studio's, and publishing new songs, and with better quality, and to publish an album with all my own songs. And one with some covers. And one with my new songs.

I also hope my kids are home soon, and that we have changed the faults in this government.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas. (I almost wrote on my sons gf's Christmas present that I will send her, marry Christmas, well his name is not that, so I had to change it.. ;) )
But I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas, and even a better year!

I think you should think of all the changes you want to make and make some small changes already, to do the big changes next year. You have some time now, just some days for the New Year...
You'll be on time. Just try some of these changes you wish already, and you will see, things will go easier next year. All you then have to do is doing it and keep doing it.


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