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JAHDAI AKA Jehovah Leads or JL: Bio

Dr. Daniel Duroseau aka Jehovah Leads gives all honor and glory to God for having had a successful dental practice in Southern California (Ontario). He was working in Missouri helping the underserved population in a federally qualified health clinic. He has the wonderful blessing of waking up to go do what he loves doing each day! He is happily married to his beautiful wife and soulmate Maria, for 16 years and 84 years to go (I promised her a minimum of 100 years). He has a 8 year old son Daniel Elijah Choolwe Duroseau and a 5 year old daughter Isabel Michaela chipego Duroseau who brings joy and inspiration to his life everyday. He is a native of the little island Haiti, devastated by a recent earthquake in January of 2010. Like many urban youth growing up in New York, He found himself intrigued by the music, movement, and lifestyle of Hip-Hop (now in the 21st century has become the center of religious controversy and much debate). As the eighth sibling of nine children, you could always find little Daniel staying up late nights taping WBLS and Hot 97 in Far Rockaway Queens (NY) and listening to the founding fathers of the movement of “Hip-Hop.” The way the words were used and how the rhythm accentuated the lyrics were captivating. From there, he started listening and repeating lyrics from some of his favorite artists at the time, but was later encouraged by the Holy Spirit to start a new movement called, “GodCore Music”.

Initially he attempted to join a group called “Empty Set” but as he began rehearsing for the first recording session, his mother informed him that she did not think it was a good idea. The following Sabbath, one of his favorite emcees named Abdiel told him that he was going to start a Christian rap group and asked him to be a part of it. They were called link., which was an acronym for ‘Jesus Everyday, Most High, Adoni and Intercessory Prayer.” Daniel’s stage name was Kenaniah, which means “God has planted.” Much love to the original crew (Abdiel, Shalatiel, Amariah, Samerial, Temai, Jolena, Jada Soriah, Rachel, Johnathan, and Wayne), who will forever hold a special place in his heart. As a result of his time in link., he has become a well-versed emcee, producer and writer.

With time comes change and new transitions. One significant change was his name from “Kenaniah” to “Jehovah Leads.”

The second change was a new journey lead directly by God. It was during this time that God allowed Jehovah Leads to meet APX. He used to be APX's hype man and was inspired by his lyrical style and how he performed on the mike. They started a group called JAHDO, which was an acronym for Jehovah Alloted His Divine Ordinace however they never released a project. GOD eventually connected Jehovah Leads to the Antahlyzah at an open mike event and they formed the group called, “Forensic Abolitionist.” The concept of their music ministry was to operate as forensics and gather evidence from the scriptures and life to help people free their minds from the mental, physical and spiritual slavery. They recorded and released an album entitled "What Happened to the Kulture."

Afterwards, God lead him in a different direction as an emcee and focus his personal ministry on the promotion of truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ to through “GodCore Music” to the Hip-Hop culture. Jehovah Leads joined a team of emcees (JustWord, link. and Vincent) called the “League of Bereans.”

With the help of JustWord, Jehovah Leads released his first solo project called, “God Breathed.” link has released several projects Perfection and link. And a collaboration effort entitled WORD born.

Jehovah Leads gives all praises and honor to God for what God has taken him from, through and for what he is now doing in his present life.

Mission Statement: To fulfill my God given role by responding to the prophets, accepting the Messiah and evangelizing the world through my God given gifts.
Meaning of my name: The name Jehovah Leads comes from the Hebrew word “Jahdai” which means, “Jehovah directs.” Since I found myself in many different groups and people having their own agendas, I desired a new name which reflected Gods agenda, leading and direction. As 2 Corinthians 5:17 states, I am a new creature with a new name “Jehovah Leads.”
Favorite Books of the Bible: Genesis, Ephesians, James and Daniel,
Favorite Bible Verse: John 1:1
Other Scriptures: Matthew 6:33; Psalms 46 and Psalms119.

Blessed and Highly Favored!!!!

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