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I think you found your way... Great Job!!!

What a smooth and warm composition. The music was well mixed with a good selection of background chord choices. And the beat moved the song along at a nice tempo. The lead vocals were spot on for pitch and clarity. The vocalist uses the proper blend of air and tone to give the lyrics the support needed to push the message. The song progression is simple but powerfully repetitive which is advantageous as it gives the background vocals the ability to promote the songs title, Gotta Find My Way. The song was great the way it is. The following is not meant as direction or even suggestion, only consideration. The introduction could have started with a short music only beginning which adds brief anticipation, as well as, lays a foundation on which to build. Jackie Marie, you did a great job... Keep up the good work. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.

Mellow Groove

I love the title of the song as well as the chorus with the groovy flow. The smooth vocal tones are intoxicating and it makes it easy to listen to as well as move to the beat. This song is by far one of the top best I have heart on this site. Thanks for sharing your music with the world.


Nice I think this song is really nice. The whole song is well put together. The audio and production quality sounds awesome. You really did your thing on this track. I can definitely see your career going very far if you can continue to make this type of music. I love the fact that you show passion in your song and that speaks in volumes to the listeners. Keep up the hard work! You definitely have what it takes to go to the top. Good luck.

Always in the right spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghost Harmony and pure soul is all i can say your delivery is the most attractive attribute to your total package how sweet and original is your gifted melodies, the sound of that angelic motherly comforting but stern voice with demanding power and outstanding clarity. I am such a fan of the hits that you are cooking up in the lab we definitely need to hook up and work on something nice you know i have you just the right song ........................DAWAN

My review

I love your voice and your look...BOTH very sexual and sensual. I could see me making slow passionate love to this on a late Friday evening ALLLLL the way up to Sunday nite..Aooooooutttttt Plus you have a very beautiful smile too..lol....Niiiiiice

I Hear You

I really like the feel and lyrics. The business can be hurtful and people take advantage when you are young. I have been lucky with my re-launch having support of my musical family and especially my mentor who has educated me in how to protect and own my music. Best wishes for the future Jackie

Smoke's ear

I had no problem staying with this song. Jackie has a very enticing voice and way of delivering her message in music. I think it is somewhere between jazz and soft R&B. I also like the cover picture which is very becoming and with a taste of class. Jackie has a smile that suggest she really enjoys what she doing which tells me that she may be great to go see in a real live concert. I would love to know who are your favorite artists and who you pattern your style off of? Thank you for your release and please continue to supply to the world with much needed good music that not only sounds good but that also contains a message. I don't usually take the time to write long reviews but I think this time was worth it. Please stay true to the arts.

Review of Gotta Find My Way

Stay Blessed Productions reviews “Gotta Find My Way” by “Jackie Marie” This artist from Nottingham, United Kingdom is a soulful r&b and pop artist. Was an easy listening track that I didn’t mind. It was very smooth and graceful. Want to say Good luck to this artist in her future endeavours

Never Too Late

Never Too Late is the latest single from UK Soul R&B and Pop artist Jackie Marie The sweet gentle vibe of this song is quite mesmerising, without taking away from its important and timely message. In the era of instant gratification, the message of perseverance has never been more relevant in life, love, in everything. Jackie is a passionate supporter and promoter of independent music from around the world. Presenting on Midas Touch Radio representing the UK and the United States. Please feel free to send Jackie your best tracks to and she will play them for you.

Nice one

Loving the lyrics, amazing voice wow. Is a great privilege to listen to ur song. I keep playing it as long as I could. I really wanna play more of ur song, is really so amazing and lovely to go with. Keep it up.

Very nice!

Thank you for your beautiful soul, R&B, pop music. The number sounds very good. Please go on like this. I like it. This performance was much great to listen to and I appreciate it very much! Thank you for sharing your music.

Good work

I like it your vocals are on poin this it true Rnb blues and the beat is on point hoping on working with you soon enough maybe we'd make hits that will make the world go crazy just my thoughts

Nice Voice

As I was listening to this track it brought back that old school feel, that Debra Cox, Stephanie Mills style groove. I like the music track as well, and it also had a nice story line. I think you have a very nice voice but its sad that you loose a lot of it in the reverb that is being use throughout the track. I think you should break up the real reverb and your natural vocals and let your true voice shine through. Other than that its a very nice song and I wish you the very best luck!!! -Chandler-

Its nice

Hi Jackie. It's a nice melody. It brings to mind a little local jazz club. I can see myself just getting off water a long day. Sitting in a little jazz bar sipping on some Hennessy. I like it. Keep up the good work.

You know i DIG it :-)

You know i DIG it :-) Nicely done... Chord structures are simple but get the point across... some redundancy, but , I like simple sometimes.(Would love to have heard the lead vocals a bit more upfront...) Well done Thx for sharing !!!
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