Michael Paul & Itopia the Band
United States, Alabama, Lilburn
Michael Paul & Itopia the Band
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Michael Paul & Itopia the Band

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About Michael Paul & Itopia the Band

link. "Talk to Me Lyric Video"link

"Put It Out There" The Golden Rule Remix"

Itopia is a rotating group of 12 eclectic musicians. Itopia was born out of the necessity to continue the process of using music as a healing medium to bring things together so the light of love can shine upon all things in the state of perfection and oneness. Michael Paul, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Keyboard player. A serious artist operating at a high energy level, Michael Paul is a well-seasoned artist and International performer. As a songwriter he is among the greats supplying songs for Whitney Houston and William DeVaughn to name a few. As a performer and artist he has a rich arsenal of musical influences ranging from Sam Cooke to Stevie Wonder. With the use of American and European pop sounds against a backdrop of Caribbean tinged music, Michael Paul flavors his unique musical stew with African and Brazilian rhythms. His performance always leaves audiences hungry for more. Mr. Paul's last original chart buster, which was written and performed by Michael Paul was titled "Reggae Music". His magnetic musical energy is something to experience.

Talent in Motion Magazine Vol. IX Article writes: Michael Paul: Music Meant for Healing, by Isaac Fergusson. " When you turn on the news, all you hear is war rumors of war, death and mass destruction," says Michael Paul, his eyes wide with palpable consternation. " The world is going through a period of severe dysfunction; we urgently need to use music as a tool for healing and as a voice for peace and reconciliation"

In the post-Marley era where conscious music is receving short shrift, the ultra violence of gangsta hip-hop and the vulgarity of reggae dance hall has seized the momentum, the top of the charts and the big money compensation. Paul, a serious musician who has dedicated his life to creating spiritually uplifting music, has been at it long enough to be described as a true exponent of the music of mental emancipation, and to be deserving of praise for his efforts.

A holistic vegetarian who neither smokes or drinks alcohol, Paul can be described as the antithesis of the modern artist who largely embraces the images of the drugged out player, womanizer and the fortune chaser. Rather, Paul's clean living, like his conscious music, strives to exemplify both excellence and purity at a time when such values seems more like handicaps amid the false glamour and hyped up sexuality of today's entertainment world. It is therefore with great respect that one listens to his music, and to his words, "Bringing people together and bringing things to light so that people might realize that we're all one people, that is the ultimate goal of my music and my performances."

The conversation swings to Paul's latest release, a single that he wrote and produced entitled "Put It Out There," that is available for download from link, iTunes and CD Baby to name a few. The record addresses the need for one to be aware of the karma that one is putting out, seeing that there are serious consequences to one's personal behavior, to every action there is a concise and balanced reaction, if you put it out there, it will come back to you," he says.

Paul has penned songs for pop superstar Whitney Houston and William DeVaughn; he consistently shows the industry his ability to resonate a known feeling or expression among the multitudes. Paul's hit song "Reggae Music" takes you to a higher appreciation and journey into the hypnotic rhythm of true reggae music.

Paul laments the changes which has brought popular music to it current degenerated state. "I really think that too much of today's music is low end and dark," he says. "It's so much about bragging, vulgarity and coarseness, the lowest denominatiors of human existence. It was so different in the 70's during the golden era of rock music and during the 80's of classic reggae, Marley and the Wailers. We really need to bring the music back to a higher place on the spiritual level because music was meant for healing and for the edification of the spirit, to make love rise higher."

For more information on Michael Paul, contact him at Itopiatheband@link

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