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Too Much

So, to tell you the truth, this track has way too much going on at the same exact time. The listener has NO way to enjoy the totality of this song. Also, there is no rhyme or reason to the structure of the song, almost as if it was just layered, and not structured. Building a song with multi-instruments is wonderful, it satisfies the senses on multiple levels, but throwing them all together at the same time is a little much. Introduce us to each instrument on it's own in varied ways, not all at the same time. Pace yourself.


This is powerful stuff, bombastic guitars weaving around each other with top-of-the-neck licks, lots of overdrive and reverb, along with pounding drums and drving bass, all of which keep us guessing and wondering if the volume will drop and a vocalist is going to sing a gentle melody....but that doesn't happen! In the end, I am left feeling like this piece of music would work well as the score for the last scene of a prison escape music, where the two villains ride off into the sunset, having had their cars waxed by the devil!

Road to nowhere

For some reason this had a fresh feel to it but it was little more than just an instrumental track of guitar & piano or keyboards so not sure what the purpose of it was and it went nowhere. Perhaps as background music in a film but thats about all it could be used for.

Interesting instrumental

This starts out with a really good intro and the drums come in with nicely backing up the multiple guitars. Unfortunately the drums quickly get lost in the wall of sound created by the various guitar tracks. Honestly I like the the track I just think the guitars could come down in the mix a bit. It might help structure the song a bit too.

Great sounds space rock instrumental

Love the spaced out sounds but it could use some arranginging and vocals. Not lyrics neccessarily but harmonies at least. This would be great for a film soundtrack. Also i'd love to hear an introduction to the song. maybe more intensity at the end.

d3mons wax cars

Your mus8$ic is primal sexy and raw infuenced by isaaz hayes bachrach and geman composer agnet,much passsion love and hate but it needs lyrics and a warmth masculine or scratchy female. Vox give me more dude get tho$e lyrics dude, love spencer-guuyus-crosse

Terrifying name but nice

Of course the title took me here. You never know what you’re going to get on this website haha. I’m enjoying the sounds I’m hearing and it actually does fit the title. Visually striking imagery is always a fun thing to play with when it comes to writing lyrics or coming up with song titles. Scratcy type guitar riffs but all the while holding to and sticking to the theme and rhythm.

Great for fun afternoons

A jazzy ensemble, like a great rock and pop record combined. Fantastic for late nights and boring afternoons, a song like no other really perfect for a female vocalist and a pop producer. This is great for new years or summer parties and a fantastic addition to any playlist. Very nice song. Can't wait to hear more from the artists very nice alternative guitar playing with drums.

chcinematic & chilling!! its absolute perfection to my ears!!

iAndroid - Demons Waxing Cars is an alternative rock instrumental that has a cinematic atmosphere to it. I can see this in a very dramatic section to a movie. There is nothing that I don't like about this song. It knows what it is. it flows well. its intriguing and it keeps hooked from the start till finish. I give this track a 5 out of five for its absolute perfection to my ears

To many guitars

I'm walking on a long street while on the air is playing a strong song, a bit strange is that music of that song I'm listening so many guitars and so many riffs played In the air and all is riht i liked that is all' rikgt

Light overloaded instrumental tunes

Electronical based music a little cluttered tunes but with great melodic textures accompained by guitar straight concentrated on the beat. The imaginative transitions of the distorted e-guitar sounding lively and creative. The groovy sound brings more interest into the music. The keys make the track more various. Overall creative arrangement lightly chaotic mixed but overall properly recorded. Nevertheless, I´m sure you will also enjoy what you hear and maybe add. Let others know your recommendation.
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