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Chill Night Air
And Mortal Souls
All Lined Up In A Row
Finally Reach The Entrance
A Not So Friendly Clown
Insults From A Way
Amazing Dark And Reaching Trees
Confused Along The Way
A Path Barely Seen
The Undead Rise
A Dead End
With Only One Way To Push Through
And Chased Out
By A Madman With A Chain Saw
Visited The Forest Of Doom
Ghost Stories
Changing From
Place To Place
How Then Done Before?
Some Message, Loss…
With These Things
More Bizarre
Reach Forgot
Check Reveal
Back To Earth
What It Means
To You?
Within If Because
Lost Where,
And Forgotten
Glass Casket
Red Velvet
An Un-Aging Rose
Seems To Hold Vigil
Light In The Belfry
Time stood still in the thorny garden until the wind stirred black petals.
The scent of night blooming flowers reaching for the moon,
Teased curious nostrils as the sound of the wolves howls neared.
The spade broke into the earth at a steady rate,
Creating a horrible rhythm that did nothing to change the fact,
That there were angry clouds now covering the moon.
Instead of it's cold steady light, now the thick darkness,
Was shattered by crackling lightning. After the flash,
Blindness bounced into the eyes before vision could be regained.
A pause to look around...There was nothing, this was the perfect night
For the chore that had to be done. Pick up the pace
Digging again...Digging the hole. Thorns cut into knuckles,
The rain began. A warm rain, Though the wind was chill.
Shivers ran up the spine. Water dripped from brow to eye.
Mingling with sweat. The horrible sound of the shovel squishing.
Squishing into the soil. The hole was slowly getting deeper.
Another blinding flash followed by a chest shuddering roil of thunder.
The hole was deep enough time to plant what will be sown..

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1 month ago

...If Then

Just Then
Insane Sight
Thought Rearranged
Mental Reach
Somewhat Shown
Leads To The Future
Back Around, And
Became Started
Far Along
Scene To Bizarre Scene
Invisible Library
Misses Step
As If Ever
Reaches Further
Forgotten Web
Answer Strange
Inter Mortis
Strange Dreams
Inter Mortis
The What Between
If Making Sense
Between Death
And Traveling

Inter Mortis
Strange Dreams
Inter Mortis
The What Between
Scene To Bizarre Scene
Invisible Library
Misses Step

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Book By The Cover

“A Ghost And A Porcelain Doll”
The aged scarecrow hung upon his cross as he had these lasting years, countless seasons. Those Aeons highlighted by the one night of the year that fairies majik brought celebration to the villages toys. Even to he, a lonely scarecrow upon a rickety cross. His cornfield on the edge of town bordered on the far side by a dead forest. Beetle kill had ravaged the trees now everything dark, brittle and scratchy. The village hadn’t organized cutting down the dead forest. So it stood a monument to death.
The fairies didn’t like coming through the dead forest. They lived far beyond. They did come on the only night they could cast the spell though. An Unspoken Promise. The scarecrow hung there perhaps the fifth hour of the night. Hard keeping track of time. He could sense the majik of the fairies just before the glow that surrounded the diminutive flying creatures. A bright glitter came before his sight while giggles found his sense of listening. He climbed down off his cross with unsteady movements.
“Thanks, Good to see you.” The scarecrow rasped. All but one of the fairies had gone into the village. She spoke in her little voice:
“We found a dead porcupine rolled up in there.” Motioning to the dead forest. “Rolled up in a ball, all quills, bones, and dried up skin clinging to the skeleton, oh yea and the teeth.”
“Yea, This is the best night of the year.” The scarecrow replied. The fairie burst into laughter and she spoke at the same time, almost interrupting herself.
“We found a portal! When all the toys get here we have to hurry, we have to get there before dawn. You’ll all live forever!” The scarecrow was amazed. Shocked.
“All the time?”
“All the time.” She smiled. “C’mon”
The two of them went to a grassy area bordered by the cornfield and the dead forest. All the toys were gathering there. Fairies flitted back and forth, flying about here and there. The fairie that had arrived with the scarecrow addressed the crowd of toys:
“We have news for you this year! Instead of half a night; We have found a portal you can pass through and be alive forever!” There was a great clamor. It was at this moment that the scarecrow noticed a new addition to the community of toys. A porcelain doll, and she was beautiful. What should he do? In that moment the thought was shattered and panic gripped his thoughts. The human church leader shouted as a crowd of torch bearing villagers approached:
“I knew it! It’s an abomination. Fairy magic, you will all be destroyed!”
The firelight coming from the torches of the villagers replaced the cool moonlight as the toys ran for the forest led by the fairies. The scarecrow ushered those around him to pass. Some fairies used majik to temporarily blind the closest pursuers helping to get the toys a head start.
More villagers rushed into the dead forest, torches held high. Instantly starting a blazing forest fire. Almost as if the very weather couldn’t have been asked not to, the wind began to howl spreading the fire violently. The toys ran as fast as they could. Panic! Still the promise of the fairies portal to life ultimate motivation. The scarecrow brought up the rear urging toys on and lifting several back to their feet.
“Get that one!” The scarecrow heard. He looked back and saw three villagers thrust torches at him as he burst into flame. In that moment his thought disappeared. In that split second before was a word ‘Forever’
It would seem that all the toys of the village had been destroyed or had disappeared. In some ways yes. All The toys that had escaped into the portal during the dead forest inferno existed there in the newly discovered plane in contact with the toys that became ghosts. The ghost of the scarecrow came to approach the porcelain doll, Fairie majik made a chance at forever.
A ghost and a porcelain doll.

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...And A Freestyle Write

Cobwebs and Dust
A bookshelf Sheathed
In a cobweb cloak
A layer of dust
A Mystery,
A record from Pagan Ti