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This song sounds amazing the vocals wow................ the guitars amazing the tone of the singers voice wow wow..... this song sounds to so good it's put together extremely well. Iove the melody and the chorus.... this song is far from boring I canister to this song over and over....I want to thank for letting me review your beautiful song just amsxing......I want to wish you the very best of luck with this song and your amazing arrangement and vocals all the best................. Steve from voodoo dancer just love it............................ .....

United States, New York, Middle village

Stranglehold Review

Grady Lark's tune, entitled STRANGLEHOLD, has some serious musicianship and songwriting skills. Not only that, Stranglehold has a cool arrangement. It reminds me of an R&Blues fusion. Nice instrument solos. The saxophone and guitar solos kicked some serious tail and Grady's vocal hit the mark. I strongly recommend Stranglehold and urge you to give a listen, maybe catch a live Blues show, even if you are not a Blues or R&B fan.

United States, Texas, Dallas

your song


Hello there Grady, thank you so much for sending me your song to review it, I like the song very much, very groovy and funky, very danceable tune, it made me move to the groove, very nice voice you have, the choirs are just fine, the sax solo, organ groovy lines and the guitar solo makes the song even much better, very well played and produced, I could listen to every detail inside the song too, keep that work up Grady, congratulations, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

Germany, Muenster

Grady Lark..... Stranglehold you caught me

Wow this is so real love it super voice and and well funky beat nice tight band love the cheeky Sax and bass line jazz blues guitar and a chirpy keyboard all fits so well credit due to the backing singer as well. a real band as every one has his place as the music becomes one. well i can only advise you to press play and prepare to be taken to a Wonderful place for the next four minutes. enjoyed this track best regard Stephen

United Kingdom, Gloucester

Grady Lark Review!


Hi Grady cool song my brother this has a nice groove to it and it is a fun song to listen to whoever is playing the guitar go ahead on with yo bad self I really like this song also it has a blues feel as a artist I do a little blues myself keep up the great work I hope to hear more of your songs take care you got my vote from James Milligan President/CEO New Experience Records/UMG

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Smooth, Funky and Pure Soulful Blues


I really love this track! The silky smooth vocals are packed full of emotion and the musical arrangement is pure blues. It has delicious instrumental parts and sassy female backing vocals in all the right places. This is a modern blues song with an old blues flavour. Overall it's a smooth, groovy, slightly funky and a really fun song. I really enjoyed listening thank you and well done!

Australia, Gold Coast




Coolest Blues Hit


Grady Lark is one of the most popular blues vocalists ever. His lyrics represents his musical culture and his iconic swagger still goes on. I tell you the truth: he's an wicked badass legend.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta



This one is funky & do I mean funky. The rythum section is tight & in the pocket, with a groove to dance to. Guitar solo is tasety & not overplayed. I really enjoyed the sax. It fit nicely to the tune moving around with ease & adding a much more spacious sound overall. Lyric & lead vocal were good. The female backing harmony in the chorus was well placed & added to the vibe. I liked this a lot. If you can't dance to this then you can't dance!

United States, Kentucky, Somerset

Got to love this song


WOW just listen to this, a masterclass. Soulful Funky Blues of the higher quality. I love this song, Stranglehold, it’s a fabulous and Mr Grady Lark has a Voice that Is easily recognisable. l definitely enjoyed this and will again and again and again.

United Kingdom, Carlisle

Back to the soul and funk


This singer has a sense of timing and knows how to bring back the swing of the old soul and funk with so much passion and style that you have to go with the rhythm. is between song and rhythm. Grady Lark is recommended for great music.

Netherlands, purmerend

Funky Blues

It's great to hear some good ol' funky blues coming from Blues Town Houston Texas! Grady Lark has a great rhythm section and his lead work is spot on! (I assume it's him). As soon as Covid restrictions are lifted, go see this guy!! Buy his CD!!

Stranglehold (by Grady Lark)


If you're into soul blues as I am, ya gonna be into this. Being a Hammond guy, I love the Hammond work on this. Guitar work and tone for days adds to a very Metersish feel/vibe. Really dig the vocals and horn work as well. Southern lyrical references call out to me, being raised on the MIssissippi River 'bout half way between Memphis and St Louis. The chord structure and groove are old school southern soul to my ear, and soul. This in short is the kind of project I'd love to be a part of. And the listening is pretty damn special as well. Looking forward to hearing more Grady Lark!

blues di classe

blues di classe con grandi musicisti e amanti del blues per non dire del cantante e corista improvvisazioni belle a tal punto che ogni musicista può' metterci il suo talento bravissimi tutti insieme

Italy, dalmine bg

Sit back & enjoy this.

Talk about smooth. This is a track that is filled with a professional sound & attitude that is missing in modern music. The production accents the masters at work on this venture. The vocals are in complete control & the players are laying down a serious grove that is masterfully accented buy a sweet guitar track that is full of master riffs and a sweet tone.. The sax is classic and offers a genuine sound that caps this classic sound. .Rolling bass fills the bottom end with a great soulful line and the drums are with out a doubt the heartbeat of the entire work Love this from beginning to end!

United States, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

cool tune

Really enjoyed your track Stranglehold. great to hear horn sections, keys and great vocals. Got a real funky sound and i love the guitar solo in the middle. keep rocking and keep it funky.

United Kingdom, bristol


I like the intro very nice. of course the sax is great. I like the story line and the and the guitar solo very sweet . The male and female vocal exchange is well done. The vocals sang together are very nice as well keep it up.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

the sound of a morning glory sound


reminds me of the days gone by. very talented. and grovy great charisma a perfect combination.the are the artist we strive to take notes from.,very remarkable sound.and it's my pleasure to review and share my experience.I stepped down from the band burning Sunday.were here on N1m and decide to .do my own music just my thought and, the world is in dire need of knowledge, of what's soon to take upon Jehovah everyone our creator.psalms 83;18 time is now.see the signs? dan 11 and 12 .last days prophesised.

United States, New Mexico, alburque



nice vibe on this one my friend... the instrumentalists... the vocals are right... who is the lady on here... id like to hear what she has as well. im a live band blues singing vibe keeper who love the essence of real music.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Grady Got Grit!


...IF "Stranglehold" is any indication. Mix and timing right on! Vocals a victory, too. (both lead and back-up.) Since I am a sucker for sax, any day, it was an easy sell! Keep on Rockin! Peace Gina C. Simon SSsongs

United States, Purvis

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