Liking it

Very good song, ended up listening to it a few times. I particularly like the Jazz-ish sound of the guitar. Great band backup, good lyrics/vocals. Thanks for turning me on to it - Ya done good Gordon ... keep it up!

Excellent sonic quality - but the lyrics let it down

I liked the vibe of the song, and the vocalisation passage around three-quarters of the way through.The audio quality - just from a sound-enginering poit of view - is excallent. The singing is fine, as is the guitar-work, though I found the intro a little long. But I never really got attached to the lyrics. It seemed like they were driven more by the need to rhyme than by the author having somenthing specific to say or a mood he wanted to evoke. I do not have a clear image of how the person addressed in the song shatters "Like a glass puddle".

Great groove!

I really enjoyed this song! Those 7th chords always get me! Nice production on the whole mix! I’ll be listening to your others now, and sharing your work with other people here! All the best !


excellent song, well written. Advanced guitar playing. I really like the flow and feel. Strong vocals with intelligent vocabulary. . ,super cool chord selection and structure / tasty nice turnarounds, very classy and sophisticated. The drum mix is panned from the drummers stool.TOP NOTCH !!!

I'm loving this tune

Got an old school sound, reminders to me of Weller/Clapton stuff, a number of simple elements combined to make a tight and really catchy tune. Good voice, lyrics fit well. Like it. Well in mate ????

Erik Lyon review Glass Puddle

Well, I think you know this is a good song but I was sent a request to review it and so I shall! Yes, good song! Great instrumentation and a fun arrangement that keep you into the song. If I would say from my end what could possibly notch it up would be to add more backing vocals throughout the whole track. Main vocal is soft and sweet but at the end you get a little more animated with it. That part sounds really great. play around with what you did there. Other than that, I would say you should write 100 more! Props on the good jam! Cheers. Break a leg! Erik Lyon

Review of Gordon Thomson " Glass Puddles '

Nice production, Good lyrics Overall a great tune in my humble opinion! I would have liked to hear a couple harmonies, but that's just me. Mix was great as well! Send more of your stuff my way and I will listen to it all!

Excellent Laid back Goove

Nice Laid back tune,luv the guitar sound and great mixing of drums, bass, etc,great vocals ,nice change up on the chorus ,this would be an excellent tune to hear and see live ,grooving rocking song. Cheers

Thanks for good music.

The first impression was that I was listening to nostalgic music. This is my favorite melody. I'm very envious of being able to sing songs in English. I especially feel strongly that I am composing only instrumental music. I don't think she can convey it in Japanese lyrics. I think there are many drum fill-ins. I'm looking forward to the next work.
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