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thank you so much for sending me unique and different song well put together very Creator and I love the lyrics and the vocals and the music. Can I stay out in the world so they can see you continue to stand in line continued stay outside the box and that would be afraid to go to the next level. I hope you have a wonderful week as far as spider was going on and stop making great and you need to create a music cuz there is a fine day for you out there. Once again thank you for sharing your get some towels in the world have a wonderful day may God continue to bless you..

United States, California, Every Where

excellent !!


Hello ! First of all, thanks for putting the song to consider. It is a very special work, and it seems more like a song for a setting of a movie; The instrumentation is very good and the execution of each instrument is impeccable. The balance between the sounds and the mix is excellent and full of professionalism. I wait for more songs of this style, since they are infrequent and even more, of good manufacture. congratulations on a good job

Mexico, Chihuahua

Good music for good musicians


wow, firstly I thought: Wow - that kind of music here, but I like it. Even me studied classical music and I like that throwing of balls of that different instruments and the patterns of the piano and then the permanent Throws of violins, cello, contrabass, clarinet. It remembers me at the Weber clarinet quintet. You can also feel the etrasistole as it is named by Gianluca. Nice composition but never the less with a sudden end, I don't hope the death. I wish there were more music of this here. Go on!!

Germany, Berlin


Very nice composition - Music style is kind of special - sophisticate but popular - Song is rythmical and is very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with f very sophisticate well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be international radio hit - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...

Spain, Las Americas - Tenerifa

suspense and joy that takes you on a journey from start to finish


theatrical and cinema sounding with suspense and joy that takes you on a journey from start to finish. the production with the percussion parts could be better but is still delightful to listen to. I give this 4 out of 5

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

A delightful Exposition


Gianluca Barragato, takes you on a journey of classical and contemporary moods. The performance provokes the imagination creating images of your untold story tconsisting of drama and suspense. It contains a solo instrument and an orchestra. There are three movements (slow, fast, slow). The first movement has a double-exposition. The first is for the orchestra alone, followed by the soloist. The second, with the second subject group in the related key. Then comes the development and the recapitulation, for both the orchestra and the soloist. Towards the end, the orchestra pauses, and the soloist plays a short passage, which displays the brilliance of Gianluca Barragato. When the soloist finishes, the soloist ends with a trill. A unique piece greatly appreciated by creation artist.

United States, Texas, ROWLETT

Parabéns pelo Trabalho Gianluca. Gostei muito, ótimo!


Gosto muito do seu trabalho, estilo e execução instrumental. Sensacional, esplendido, fabuloso! Continue assim com essas ótimas composições e produções musicais! Grande abraço diretamente de Recife-Pernambuco-Brasil.

Brazil, Pernambuco / Recife


Molto, molto interessante. Polistrumentista, qualità compositive ed interpretative di qualità. Mi piace molto questo brano, la sua narrazione caotica, articolata su più voci, che progressivamente riposa, per un ultima esternazione. Mi ricorda molto la creatività di Bernstein.

Very cool


Enjoyed it. Great vibe. Also great music to read by .... Yesssssss. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaassssssssssssaa. Groove groove groove. Groove brothers and sisters. Yesssßsssss

United States, Charlotte

Jah Bless

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France, Paris


Oh! This is so different, i like it, it's intriguing. I also think it's left of centre. Unusual. Your song belongs in Movies, and inTheatres. I find this song more and more interesting as i continue to hear it, very good work, keep it up!

Australia, Melbourne

strings -N- strings-N-strings -N- strings-N-strings -N- strings

can you name all the instruments on this track? i heard(in order)piano/oboe/clarinet/drums/floor toms(not timpanies)/3pc vioiln/maybe a viola or 2/cello/piano/bass violin- thought out to the infinite im left wondering either how many composers there was, and/or how long this piece took to come to fruition! Do indeed like the arrangement tho-a bit self indulgent at times, but if you cant show off your players, why bother composing in the 1st place, yea?i definitely thought this was outof my wheelhouse so right off the bat im impressed entirely, i also like very much how short it is- getting in and out at a breakneck pace, almost as minis as the track itself...i definitely picture this song in some type of move soundtrack, as the known killer to the audience is making his/her hurried escape down the mountain or off the yacht before it blows, sinks, avalanches, caves in, etc. Makes me want to see the film! anyone?

United States, New York, Brooklyn



This is a Nice, Funny Tune...a Old Fashion Circus Music come to my head.. like "Dance of The Clowns"...I think You should make It monger at list 4 min..I do feel like You cut The End to fast..and I also think will be agood idea to make It a part of much bigger composition..try to send It to some Radio Stations I do think They will play It but I do not know haw Music Publishers will react.. Who know for what They are looking at this moment..I wish You a Good Luck with submissions,, GOOD Job.. I Like It a lot..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Tease me with desire!


In the first few seconds,Gershwin comes to mind, manic city streets full of traffic and hub-bub, then a flirting with Stefan Grappelli on violin playing a Tango in Madrid. A fanciful flight of clarinet leads to a wink to the French composers Berlioz and Bizet. The stage is full of fantasy and musical folly that ends all too suddenly and leaves the listener wanting to hear more. A definite tease.

United Kingdom, Bristol

Extrasistole Review

Thank for asking my to review your music. I love classical music. I think you ave a nice arrangement of instruments. It have a bit of a jazz feel to it with some nice counter melodies. Unless it was intentional and the only thing I would mention is that there doesn't seem to have any ambience or atmosphere or room effect making it sound a little dry. The instruments are panned or place well, but a nice room effect does add a little more color to the feel. I think it is a great moving music piece that has emphasis and character. Nice work. All the Best!

United States, Utah, Logan



It was a Great Pleasure to hear Your Composition.. It make me feel good .. kid of Fun Music.. I think You should make It a little Longer app 4 min..see You put me in the mood and it nice if You keep going a little longer.. this is a good music for a cartoons try to send It to some Film Studio who know what will happen.. is also good to play life..I'm sure many people will Love It.. so send It out toMusic Publishers and Radio Stations.. I wish You good luck.. Good Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles

European Flavor


If I could play clarinet like that I would never leave the house. I’m joking but this music raises the bar for creative musical art. How original can you get? You have a strange mind Gibar - Gianluca Barragato, and we love it. Extrasistole has its own style, with a European flavor. Puccini would be proud. If you would be so kind as to keep making music, I would be grateful.

United States, Washington, Lakebay

Atmosphere and pulse


Well done Gibar, I love the way you duel with music instruments and, during listening, I was imagining a film sequence. The groove is sensitive similar to a galloping horse into the prairie.

Italy, Milano



This is a nice Classical / Modern Instrumental Composition ..good to perform ad Life Concert..not sure about The Radio..Instrumental Music is very Hard to be Pitch to Them and also Music Publishers try to send to Then and let's see what They will say,,I like It but this is Not Important what I Like... You dida good job.... What They say make the I wish You good luck with submission..You did a good Job... and next Time make It a little longer below 4 min..

United States, California, Los Angeles

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