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Gary Gable
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Gary Gable

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About Gary Gable

Gary's music is very relaxing. And It touches the emotions.

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In 2018, Gary released his tenth album, "Soul Survivor, "​​​​​​ which is available for free streaming at Spotify and YouTube and can also be downloaded from Apple/ iTunes, Amazon and other popular music websites. ​​ Gary's 10 albums can be streamed for free from YouTube, iHeartRadio, Deezer and elsewhere on the web.

From link: Gary Gable was born Gary Grebelsky in Akron, Ohio in 1948. Carefully exploring any piano he was lucky enough to find as a pre-schooler, he started piano lessons with a keyboard made of paper, at the age of nine. Shy and quiet, Gary was tested and noted as a creatively and intellectually gifted child. He took classical piano lessons on and off for three years before quitting to “learn on his own and create his own music.” During his childhood, he stopped to explore the sound and feel of every piano he encountered, as each called out to him with its own music, depending on its tone and touch.
When he was twelve, his Dad bought him a tape recorder from a pawn shop and Gary began recording some of his music - when he wasn't fiddling with a hot soldiering iron trying to get the microphone connections right.

Gary graduated from Oberlin College in January, 1971, with a major in Communications for film production and a minor in Studio Art. While in college, he not only enjoyed every piano available in the practice rooms of the Oberlin Conservatory, but he worked as an assistant in a film mix house and recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio, experimenting with the original Moog synthesizer and sixteen-track recording.

As a student, he was also involved in several film projects including a feature film produced with assistance from the American Film Institute. For this film he rented a then-state-of-the-art editing machine from Norman Mailer in New York City and trucked it back to Ohio.

Although the picture did not succeed, thanks to contacts made while finding and renting the editing machine, Gary got his first post -college job in the 1970's in Manhattan as a film editor for Allen Funt. He was responsible for editing a Candid Camera ABC Movie of the Week, an ABC Wide World of Entertainment late night TV Special (a Candid Camera 25 year retrospective) and the pilot and first season of the New Candid Camera syndicated series. He left Candid Camera in 1974 to write and return to independent feature film work, but was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 1975. Receiving radiation treatments at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD in 1976, Gary was effectively cured and has been cancer-free since that time.
Regaining his health and seeking stability and security, Gary studied computers. Combining his media experience with computers and large networks, he was a pioneer in computer-based education and interactive simulations for corporate training, working for several years leading a consulting group at Control Data Corporation in New York and Minneapolis.
Subsequently, Gary worked for twelve years at Arthur Andersen, in its global CIO organization in Sarasota, Florida and Chicago, Illinois developing software, Information Technology and Knowledge Strategies for its world-wide professional organization. This work also involved process improvement and researching user needs for new software through visits to several countries in Europe and Asia. in 2000, the work resulted in his receiving a US Patent for internet community-based search and knowledge-sharing-related technology.

It was in this busy period in the 1990's, that Gary put together his digital, home music studio where he began writing and recording his currently released CD's. Subsequently, Gary worked as an executive in technology and transformation strategy for KPMG​ in Washington, DC and New York City. Gary is currently semi-retired and living in Las Vegas.

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