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Time and Time Again - Review

I love this track. It is mix between Prince and Cameo. Recording sounded a little muffled but lead vocal and harmonies were on point. Love the melody line and the message. Great hook. Will probably be singing it all day... time and time again.. great job..!!! Charmain.


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas

Funky Song Of Gratitude


From the downbeat this funky groove song kicks right into the feel good bed for the powerful lyrics Garry Moore puts forward. As in any Gospel song, the honest soul felt love and gratitude ring through even the loudest instruments. All the musicians are competent and it's a fun song. There is a solid retro approach to the production and one feels as though you are listening to a band jamming on the song instead of a produced record on the radio. But every production has it's place and this one can easily reach people to their souls and remind them of the love and tireless resource of God and His dependability.

United States, California, Studio City

What a GREAT jump up and dance song!


This is a GREAT praise song! I was clapping and felt the urge to get up and dance and jump around some! My grand daughter was just looking at me with big eyes like what is Gammy so excited about? I loved your song! The instruments and vocals were awesome and the rhythm was rockin! You keep up the good work making a joyful noise unto our God! Thank you for using your talent for the Lord! May God continue to anoint you and to give great songs to you!

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

A Groove that Makes You Move


This energetic tune lifts you up as Gary in his Ron Isley smooth sounding voice reminds us to remember "Time and Time Again" God keeps doing what He's promised us. A great way to start your day!!!

United States, Florida, Tampa

Very good upbeat song

I really enjoyed this selection. This song was very well put together and could be a great opening song for morning worship. Blessings to you and your future endeavors of making more great songs.

United States, Mississippi, Hattiesburg

Review of Time and Time Again

The Time and Time Again by Garry Moore has a good positive feel to it. The lyrics and vocals are nice. I do not like the repetitive bass and rhythm that is playing for the instrumental. I think this song would do much better with a little more love from a music producer. The instrumental is lacking in creativity and originality, but the lyrics and vocals help keep some interest for the listener. If anything, I would say that this song is very much a cookie cutter type song because it lacks character and spontaneity. However, I do believe that the artist has a great talent for music and can do very well if he matches up with the right partners.

United States, Florida, Haines City

I'm a bit confused

The hook is strong and plays well to the rest of the lyrics, but I'm confused. The production is so over the top that it's difficult to understand the lyrics. You have a great voice but you are hiding it behind the production. If God has your back, why are you hiding your best qualities. False humility is still false. You have been given a great talent and He expects you to use it for His glory. A similar problem with the back vocals. The harmonies sound tight but are lost in a sea of effects. The instrumental break might be more effective somewhere in the middle, ending with a repeat of the lyrical theme to reinforce it. Your melody is a bit repetitive. Try picking up some of the variations you are showing in the instrumental break at the end. The story line is a classic and worth repeating, but too much may cause it to loose impact. In God's grace-Dan Brown of Sage.

United States, California, Culver City

Time and Time again


you song is great , bro keep it up and keep working hard in the studio, make more great music, the next time you are in the studio work on the beat make sure that you rhythms support your vocals, your vocals should over shadow your rhythm more in your next project. But over all great music, please keep it up! -Gospel Storm Riders

United States, New Hampshire, Nashua

about time and time again


yes this is tops grate excellent music grate excellent lyrics and so as singing and performing i really like this so i gave it top score as i have said to many artist i always love christian artist and there songs to me i still can not decide which artist or and song i love most favored to me they are all tops so far in what i herd i do not see why your song can not reach number 1 i think it can IF I HAS NOT ALREADY I THINK IT CAN keep up the good work in the lord brother and follow your dream weaver the lord will take it take care and keep in touch. from THEMISTOKLIS

Australia, Warragul 3820

Time and Time Again


I love the music, lyrics, and beat. You give it an upbeat but positive message. The only criticism I would share is to bring your voice up more; can't hear you very well at times. Also, love the solo keyboard. Great job!

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis

He keep on making away for Me


Love it. Music is excellent!!! Praise God!!! If you are feeling down this song will surely bring you up. Vocals were great. Right on beat. Continue to Give God Praise!!!

United States, Louisiana, Baton Rouge

Time & Time Again


This is a great Christian Pop song, very catchy and love the groove. Great song to sing for when we need a Break Through, praising God in advance for all the miracles he works in the unseen ways we cannot fathom. God Bless you Gary & company. I am loving the richness of the lyrics and the layering of the back up singers and rich tones of their voices really adds to the depth of feeling in the worship & praise. The instrumental of key board midway is also very uplifting and gives one time to be lifted up in the Spirit of Worship. Awesome!

United Kingdom

What is it about,


I think the song is great and the vocals but the music over powers the vocals would like to hear the vocals more and cleaner. Otherwise it was good and had the right beat to it just would like to hear the vocalist more .

United States, Georgia, Chatsworth

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