Fred Rohan-Vargas
United States, New York, New York

About Fred Rohan-Vargas

Fred Rohan-Vargas (aka Federico) started his musical ambitions with a dance theatre company based on Staten Island. A New York City born native, Fred embraced the broad cultural composition of music his city offered. As the company’s artistic director, he wrote songs for many of its performances that were played in places such as Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Cami Hall. So intrigued with the melodic rhythms of percussions, Fred began to develop melodies over beats he created as well as the standard ones he enjoyed playing on congas. A son of Latin Caribbean parents, he brings to the table the diverse sounds of the islands. From the lilting sounds of calypso to the infectious tempos of salsa, Fred shares just one side of the many aspects of his music.

He’s an eclectic songwriter who is always in search of that unique sound that brings a whole new dimension for his listeners to hear. His lyrics are not only a reflection of his life but also his concerns beginning with the intimacy of love to the social awareness of people’s conditions and attitudes. Fred’s music embodies the heart and soul of human behavior.

In his song “Angles Missed,” he brings to light the issue of child molestation and the problems of pedophilia that all people should play a role to prevent. While on a different note, you’ll find the struggles and triumphs of a couple’s long committed relationship found in his ballad, “For All It’s Worth,” with descriptive lyrics that touches the meaning of true love.

Fred shows his ability in other genres by writing instrumental pieces for jazz, film and TV. A renaissance artist in the making, he has been noted by Billboard World Song Contest, John Lennon Songwriters Contest and Great American Song Contest. As a member of ASCAP, Fred is very much inspired and hopes his music reaches out globally.

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