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Music os is nice Good topic. Good rap voice. I feel your track. Maybe a grammy track. Sole with Christ. U will go to heavean. Beat is nice. Hook is alright. Im jus saying.. The lyrics is nice. Holy Gangster music.

United States, New York, New York




United States, California, San Bernardino

Dope joint


Wow, you are so nice with it trust me on that, this track is amazing with this cool flow of yours combined with your rhymes it's totally a bomb.I really love your choice of words on this one, and I also like your approach to it. You truly nice with it, your music is something worth listening to and it's concept is dope for real.Your music is great truly you are good lyricist ,just keep up good work and may the Guardian ship of the Creator be always present before for you✌

South Africa, Delmas



Like the concept of the track all day lyrics was cool to keep grinding and making good music all love from Detroit I gotta hear more of those nice tacks fasho I'll check out your page check mines out to..

United States, Michigan, Detroit



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United States, Nebraska, Omaha


Good music bro u give hits I could learn a thing or two from u But I really like ur music bra u are someone to look at for my success u know I really find your music good bro we can make acollaboration

South Africa, Harrismith

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