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This is sooo beautiful! You are a talented vocalist for sure, wow. I'm jealous! Your vibrato is wonderful when it comes out -- any chance you could add a little more of it to the sustained notes? In terms of the overall mix -- when you hit lower notes, you sort of get covered up by the instrumental backing. Mixing/mastering (like EQ tricks or volume normalization tricks) might be able to help with that.

United States, Wisconsin

Classical music


This song reminds me of the hard times that I have experienced in my life. And for that I give it five stars for a beautiful peace of work. Thank you so much for that. I love this kind of music. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

United States, Michigan, Battlecreek

What did I feel? What I heard?


Hi Eric, Because I do not have English language proficiency, I will focus on music. I want to begin by saying that it was a great pleasure to listen to his song and his beautiful voice, I perceived as a beautiful song in the tone of Bm Si minor with a change to the relative that soon returns to the dominant of the music returning to the initial motif in an ABA ' but what really matters is the strength of the melody and how it snatches the people who hear it, I speak for myself. Congratulations very successfully you have a great talent, marvel.

Brazil, Juazeiro



What i like about this song is its duration, you seem to say everything in the 2 mins, which makes me want to listen to it again. Loved the guitar and piano together and the way you sing is pitched at film and classical. I was wondering what a tenor and bass would sound like bouncing off each other because i can see this rich at the low end too. I like the range especially when you go up the high end, All in all very nice work.

United Kingdom, Southampton

Whispers in the night


Great composition arrangement and sound. Whispers in the night is well mixed and it is easy to understand the message. I recommend this artist to other listeners. Nice work Erik. Have a great season. John

United States, Illinois, Elgin

Symbiotic classical composition and songwriting


The song has impressed me deeply much, so that I like to write something about. A wonderfull ballad from E.P. Mortensen, who wrote the lyrics and plays obviously all instruments on this recording. A virtuos acoustic-guitar which is making the introducing beside the piano theme, brings additionally beauty into the music and is also an extra factor. Sounds really beautiful together and creates a great space in the backround. The vocalist has a unique dynamic voice and a brilliant vocal projection making this wonderful composition complete. The harmonic language unleashes feelings of someone who wanna touch the heart of his beloved. The romantic passion comes from the heart and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. Overall an unconventional compostion style which is influenced by classical music with patterns from Renaissance and Baroque. This very good arrangement let the music sounding professional and really creative. Listen to the song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

Nice track


A very nice acoustic-based track with a cosmopolitan feel. Erik-Peter has a unique voice with a nice vibrato. My only other comment is to correct the spelling of the track title, as I'm not sure what a "whipser" is.

Canada, Ontario, Lindsay

Beautiful Song


Wonderful melody playing in the background! Enchanting sound both lyrical and musical. Has a mystic feel like a nostalgic dream. Imagery instantly comes to the forefront of a night perhaps in Paris. Very creative and captivating!

United States, Ohio, Cleveland

what a lovely song


you have such a worm & deep voice, which goes so well with this lovely song! i hope you'll have more songs & i wish you a lot of success on your musical way. you deserve that! the piano is so great to hear in this song.

Israel, Jerusalem

Short and good !


I have never reviewed a 'classical music' tune, but I can have a go, especially because this track is easy to rate.. At first you think this is going to be an ambitious, lenghty tune, full of strings and percussion.. but finally you end upmewith a simple recording, a simple melody..a short timing.. and a good song ! I know plenty of artists who would have turned this into a hit single, magnificent and unique, but no, E.Peter remains modest, and let's thank him for that. But the song is so good that it still needs more arrangement. The whole thing sounds like a nice Andrew Lloyd Weber tune, and this is a compliment.Careful with the vocal, though, it can be improved I think. But within its field, it is a very tasty piece music. Well done.

France, Castres

nice song

Hey Erik-Peter. Nice song. I like the song because it's a subject that everybody knows, but nobody dares to talk about. You do. Music Always talks in a way of things, nobody dares to talk about... but everybody has experienced them somehow... Music is... mystification. You have a good voice and musically the recording is well done. Nice. But the composition of the song is a bit too much synthesized. If you could create a composition with some kind of break in it, a psychedelical one e.g., the song would have be more sophisticated and elaborate; thus, it would stick in people's head more easily. But hey. I like the issue you sing about. It's fascinating. Curious for more of your music, so, keep on writing songs ! I'll listen. and check out mine ( or even, post me a review...); N1M search: spiceypete Greetz. Love. Pieter B. from Ghent, Belgium

Belgium, Ghent

I like it , but ...

I find this music pretty, for me the melody inevitably lacks rebound. I think this song deserves the interpretation of a wider voice, your voice is beautiful but I think it does not match for this song, I imagine a wide and powerful voice either feminine or masculine but with an emotion on the surface ... Your work is very interesting. Bravo for that .In my case, I like it ....

France, Cannes

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