The Lone Wanderer


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Killer Riffs!!

Killer drum intro with seriously powerful Chord progression suggestive of early Evanescence. Vocals cut through with sharp tones and a level of angst and anger that makes for a really ripping piece. There is no doubt however that this is a guitar-heads gift as the axe really carries the piece. Solo at just past the half way point has that 80's big-hair sound... it is tight and fast; very well played. Despite a strangely repeated vocal sequence, this piece is a pretty smokin' one. Nice Job Dynamite Daniel.

United States, New York, Albany


hey on my recordings i double my vocals by cloneing the ttrack then lower the volume and push the clone track back by like a second i use sonar cakewalk for recoding i think this will make your vocals sound more like the ones on the radio love the song everyy ones taste is different id drop the beginning and ending life or i may be wrong whatever your saying in the front and end three times i think the song would sound better but im just one person thanks again for your messsage and likeing my song hope the best for ya maybe ill see you down the road when one of us or both of us are touring goodluck

United States, Tennessee, Franklin

The Lone wanderer

Hi Dynamite Daniel, Production : Mix is average, Vocals are too strong, snare's sound is empty. Music : Average, repetitive. Good technical solo. Structure : repetitive so boring. Vocal : False Overall : very average. Good luck

France, Loudeac

the lone wanderer


United States, Texas, Orange

The lone Wanderer

You name did it for me. Dynamite Daniel. I can dig it. Now as for the lone wanderer, I like the music and it sounds good, but the intro to the vocals with the hey, or hoy i'm not sure which one you are saying but that is in my opinion wack. Vocally In my opinion you should have someone else singing the vocals. The vocalist is not that good, but he works with a rock song I guess. The music though is bangin I like the music. Over all I think it's could be great but with the vocalist that's the weakest link. S. DoT {Stay Doin Ova Time}

United States, Nevada, LAS VEGAS

Review of The Lone Wanderer by Dynamite Daniel

an expressive rock song, nice beginning with rocking guitars, pretty good development of harmonies and melody within a fragment, an expressive screams in the beginning and the ending of the song, good rock interludes and solo of a e-guitars, to wish would be to fit entirely - on ALL the places within the song - into the melody with the texts and to vary the harmonies within the WHOLE song and its development as well as to vary the vocal interpretation from time to time.

Germany, Hannover


I like the music but I would suggest working on the lyrics. I hear so much more that can be done in the lyrics to bring this song to another level. If your not really a writter perhaps you can collablorate with someone who can help pull the lyrics together for you.

United States, Arizona, Gilbert

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