Stories Of Ruined Lives


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Dynamite Daniel shares a nice one...

Interesting instrumental breaks at the start of the song build tension and interest. Vocals are sharp and decisive: articulation is solid and on pitch though perhaps a bit limited in range especially at the high end. Guitar work is sound and fairly consistent, and percussion is straight forward. The song would benefit from some more low end as in a more dominant bass element. In the end this is a high-energy piece reminiscent of some of the grunge or thrash of the early 90's. A fun and engaging effort with a harsh and interesting groove.

United States, New York, Albany


Keep on doing your music, one day you will hit it big, step up each on tel you get the big one. Tommy CCT

United States, Texas, SPRING

Hard to listen to.

At no way am I trying to discredited you, but the track is hard to listen to from the start. In the beginning the levels of the guitar are high where it creates distortion. Then more unbalanced levels with the vocals take away from what you are trying to say. The subject is not very well captured by a combination of both because it is hard to hear...not easy on the ears. Get your levels correct and good luck.

United States, New York, Queens

your message isnt clear

because it was destroyed by the instruments... its not on time, very poor guitar playing... practice more and more polish it up before you put it in the air

Review by niven

The overall concept of the song is great but the mix is rough and unbalanced, needs work.

United Kingdom, Dudley

left on the outside

liked the tune, but the vocals need a lot of work and the mix needs work too.

United States, New Jersey

Review by Mic G

The quality isnt that good but I wont bash you. You rocking on da lead but get it done more professionally. I cant tell what you talking bout on the lyrics either. Ummm I change my mind, maybe you should try this again. It gets worse the more I listen.

United States, North Carolina, Greensboro


.5 for message!!!

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Review of "Stories Of Ruined Lives" by WC


United States, Hawaii


I think that if you want a review you need to be able to put something thats relatively worthy on. Sorry but your recording is something that you cant look past. Vocals are not really up to par to be taken seriously and the guitar is very boring and monotonous as crazy

Needs work

Recording sounds very home made. Work on performances. Mixing levels are off. There is a song in there but the recording and performance makes it hard to distinguish.

United States, California, Los Osos

Horrible sound

Bad mix totally. too much guitar, not enough drums and bass. Like someone rolled the bass off the parametric eq. Vocal lines are horrible so you can evaluate the vocal story. Should not have uploaded this.

United States, New York, Uniondale

Stories Of Ruined Lives

Very nice tribute to a tragic occurrence. The dynamics are not up to the full potential of the group.Vocals lack resonance and presence.Vocal clarity is hard to discern,losing the impact of the dedication.The intro sounds as if the audio is being manually raised and lowered,as opposed to the guitar playing actually stopping and starting.the drum track is hard to discern clearly.Obviously very talented musicians.

United States, Florida, Sarasota

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