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This song starts with a nice hard hitting beat. the rhythmic bits emphasizing those in between beat accents was a nice touch. The piano was a really nice touch and I like the piano panned to the left, but thought it could go more stereo or middle head mix during the solo part. A good vocal effort. I would like to have heard some harmonies or backing vocals on the Chorus part to help lift it out of the rest of the song. Otherwise, it is well constructed and well performed. Just those little things I mentioned that help bring it all to a higher level. A good work though and well done.

United States, Missouri, Marthasville

Backing too loud


This is the making of a really nice country song but unfortunately the engineer has over recorded the music to the extent that the vocalist is totally overpowered. Such a pity because the singer is GOOD and deserves to be heard - the music is also good so with respect take the song back into a studio where the Engineer knows his business. Hope you can do this because the song and the singer have a lot of merit.

United Kingdom, EXETER

Dreaming Again

I can relate to which you are singing David, I believe God gives us the dreams to go out and honor him. For us to succeed and share those dreams with others in our everyday life, I am living the dream and my prayer is that it will honor him in everything that I say or do. This song has life situations it and reaches out to tell the listener they are all out there. It reminds me of Bob Dylan.

Dreams are forever...

David Wayne Moore brings us Another Dreamer. A lament in the form of a Lou Reed meets Billy Joel meets Bruce Hornsby style composition. From a listener's persepctive the song drags just a touch due to its tempo and laid back style and lack of a true solo section and no harmonies. From a producer's perspective it has a fairly large sound and really the only unnecessary component was the extended synth playing at the very end. I would have had that end in time with the rest of the instrumentation for this style of song.

United States, Texas, Houston

Good job!


Very nicely done. I didn't care for the beginning of the song. I would have preferred to get right into the 1st verse. Also the solo could be shared with other instruments. I would have liked an electric guitar, steel or fiddle taking turns and building emotion that could carry right through to the last verse and chorus to give a little more dynamics to the song. I really enjoyed the story!

United States, Alabama, Huntsville

Another Dreamer

Well the intro really gets you in the mood to compliment the title of the song. You have a great mix, it's clear, well played well sang. The lyrics in my opinion are good. Female backup singers would compliment the sound. Good Luck, Guy

Canada, Ontario, Deep River

Another Dreamer Review.

Hi David W.M., Thanks to submit your song at the review. 1 / Mix and Production : Intro, the guitar is a little too high. The mix is well balanced. Good recording. 2 / Music : Good arrangements, nice track. I like the drums. 3 / Vocals : Nice Stamp but for me I find the voice very tense. The end of sentences is stopped. More articulation will be better. There isn't enough some intonation on consonants. 4 / Overall : Nice track but it will be better on vocals. Good luck.

France, Loudeac

Potentially AWESOME Song!!

First, this song has a LOT of potential, Musically, it has all the charm of PIANO MAN by Billy Joel and is well crafted and well performed. It deals with a universal theme, namely our dreams and their realization. The first two verses each deal with an individual; one a woman and one, a man. Each deals with their dreams and the consequences of life in a different way. Each verse sets up the chorus beautifully. That chorus is masterful. It beautifully points out that we're all dreamers andall have hopes of a better life. The 3rd verse reinforces the idea of us all having dreams and how important those dreams are. The bridge is a problem. It starts with the perfect setup: "We can't always have, the things we wanted, But that don't mean we shouldn't try" Then, imho, the next couplet contradicts the theme of the whole song by saying: "It can be the dream that bleeds us dry" It's not the dream, but never realizing the dream, losing sight of the dream, settling for LESS than the dream, 'that bleeds us dry' ~LarninCurve

United States, Virginia, Roanoke

Great song

Im loving this song. I too am a dreamer. this song is a laid back song i can vibe to. keep it up.

United States, North Carolina, winston-salem

another Dreamer


Thanks for the opportunity to review your song presentation. As a whole I liked the song and the idea behind it. The lyrics are good and make the point of the song. The vocals are well crafted and delivered. All in all it has a lot of potential. If I were producing this track there are a few things I might try, however. First I think I would drop the intro the way it is presented. While it is creative it doesn't seem fit the rest of the song. Initially I was wondering if There was a miscue at the start. Next the music track is good but a little too hard hitting. The track starts full tilt and ends up that way. I would experiment with some softer sound for some of the verses and deliver the hard hitting part for the chorus. Finally, to me the music bridge is a little too long. I think about half would keep the song continuity at a better flow. Thanks again for the opportunity to review your work. It is a good piece that to me just needs some arrangement and production tweaks. Regards Paul Springfield

Turkey, Texas, Allen

Another Dreamer

I enjoyed the introduction it has a softness to it that I haven't heard in a while. The title is perfect. The body of the song moves like a dream would and the vocals add to the feeling. I would like to hear more David. Thank you for posting.

United States, Texas, Brownfield

Another Dreamer


This song is very inspiring and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of an old CCR song at the beginning, I think you did a good job and hope you keep writing. This song tells a nice story of how many people view their lives so I believe it will do really well. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Peace and Love Mariah

United States, Arkansas, Salem

Great Feel

I really like the feeling of your song! Way to go! It has all the right curves. Add some harmony, and your on your way. I think you'll capture different audiences with this style.

United States, Florida, Hudson

Another Dreamer

Really good story and I liked the instrumentation. The vocals sounded good too. This is a well written folksy sounding song with great potential. Not a chart buster but really nice all around song.

United States, Texas, Waco



United States, North Carolina, RAEFORD

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