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Great Song


How good it is to hear a real Country sound to a modern song ... voice is strong and the melody is deep and sincere. This artist deserves a ''label'' interest. Good luck David Wayne Moore - kind regards Johnny Ramone.

United Kingdom, EXETER

Your Sound...

David, my first start in my professional career was in country music. I love the stories that are involved in country music. I really like this song because it reminds me a little of John Lennon but also in order to really make this song speak even more, I would add some more doborough (I think that is how it is spelled) and being that I am a Hammond Girl, I would bring that organ up some more on the bridge/musical solo...This song is well-written and I think you are telling some good stuff in your music...God bless you on your efforts completely....Kim T....

United States, Alabama, Huntsville


This song that you sent me for review in my opinion was one of the best that i've heard on this website so far. A lot of people send me music and not to bash them or anything but it's kinda terrible. This is different. I like the concept first of all. It reminds me of how I tried to be "A Good Man" to my girl at one point but then I said screw it lol but no seriously man the song was amazing and i'd recommend it to anyone because honestly I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for your art. Have a wonderful night

United States, Georgia, Roswell


This tune reminded me a lot of Clint Black's "Better Man". "Well, I'm leaving here, a better man, knowing you this way." However, with that said, I am not stating it is a copy of the song. I often hear tunes and the familiarity of style draws me to them. David's desire to rise above it all and remain a "Good Man" is a gallant attempt of the songs hero. The instruments, especially the steel, are southern symphonies.

United States, Texas, Fort Worth

Wonderful guitars

This song goes into my heart. The guitar playing is full of feeling - so I love it very much. Stereo-panning is excellent and the emotional vocals are full of my taste. Mix-mastering is also super. Sounds glassclear. Sorry for my English ... I come from Germany.

Germany, Duisburg

A Good Man


Great message man The band is awesome I really like the lyrics Steel guitar player is very talented. Your vocal has heart and is believable. Guitars really fit nicely in the mix. Bass & Drums are spot on. I don't know if you ever heard of Rich Mullins He was a Christian singer songwriter that you remind me of. Your timbre and strong vocal brought him to mind. Production is clean and radio ready Love the drums. As a guitar player I really like when a drummer can play well with others in the sandbox so to say. Great tune ☆☆☆☆☆ ~Ã₩Ź~

United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

A Good Man... a good song...


David Wayne Moore brings you "A Good Man" which is asong filled with the intentions of a good heart. The production of the song, its recording, mixing are fairly well done. I feel the vocal seems a bit compressed and buried in the mix. I can hear it well, but I don't get the impression that the lead singer is standing in front of the band as it were when I close my eyes and listen and try to visualize the band performing the song. That's always been a target of mine personally when recording and mixing a song. All of the instruments are in perfect balance and separation. But the vocal seems to be obscured sonically speaking. All in all it's a good effort but I think the mastering effort could be revisited to make the vocals "pop" just a little bit more in the mix.

United States, Texas, Houston

Review of David Wayne Moore

Voice: Strong & Clear & Country strong Lyrics: Really Good. Instruments: Good drums, Good guitar pick Summary of song: Would do good for radio and would like to hear more from David Wayne Moore Well done!

United States, Tennessee, Clarksville TN

Review of A Good Man

Nice intro.... drums are a powerful support. The vocals get a bit lost among the other instruments in the mix, though I like the voice. It sounds like tracks are competing instead of flowing. The message in the lyrics for me were just ok. Enjoy. Peace.

United States, Connecticut, East Hartford

A Good Man


This is a song that makes me think someone is assessing their life and has some regrets but wants to be thought of kindly even they are not sure they will be. It's an interesting concept for a song but it is difficult to keep lyrics musically flowing and make the portrayal of what you are trying to convey. One example would be this line. " There’ve been times when I walked with another" . I might have said it this way. There was times when I walked with another. Its a slight thing but it's easier to sing and comes across more melodically. There are other lines that could be smoothed out in the lyrics in my view to make it flow from the mouth with a smooth delivery. Now for the song as a whole. As stated I like the idea. The melody is good but not as distinct as it could be. It could use a little more work on both the melody and lyrics to get it to the commercial level but all in all it is good as presented. The arrangement is a little heavy with the guitar riffs and sometimes too close to the melody line rather than contrasting it. Sometime less is better. The rest of the arrangement fits well. The vocal would come across better in my opinion if the mix was toned down some to allow the vocal be the lead sound. The percussion is good and fits the mood of the song well. I think this is a very good first run but If I am going to be honest there is some more work to be done. Possibly it was just a matter of writing a song and wanting to get it demoed right away. I have been there many times. If you like this piece then take some time to make it better because I think there are some things that can enhance it a lot. Good job and I hope to hear a resubmission someday.

Turkey, Texas, Allen

A Good Man

this song had my attention by the second note of the intro. Throughout the song their is a mix of vocals and music that is easy to listen to. Vocals are easily heard and understood. The high tone of the lead guitar with the lower tones of the drums and rhythm guitar with Vocal tone in the middle keep this song moving. A Good Man, A Good Song.

United States, Texas, Brownfield

Good work

First off .Like to say Hello to my southern neighbour and brother. Sounds like your heart is really in it .very little to say that you won't like. Might tweak vol up on vocals in next mix. might have to buy the guitar player a beer to get it done though loll Happy thanks giving.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Good tune

David, enjoyed your tune "A Good Man". Sounds like real country......wishing you all the best with this. Keep up the good work. Hope you get the recognition you deserve for this awesome song. Good luck!

United States, Florida, Flagler Beach

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