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Unique Folky Goodness


This has a very folk type appeal. The singers voice works very well with this style. The verses are catchy and have that sort of traditional almost Irish folk feel to them, the music that was the predecesser of our appalachian music. The song has a nice blend of sounds to give the music a unique twist. Bring the banjo in almost halfway through was a nice touch and gave it a needed texture. The accordian sound weaved in and out works well also. The chorus is memorable and very good. "Now and forever we can never go home" was a good line. then bringing the banjo and accordian sounds in together was another unexpected build up. Very good work here. Well constructed, and well done. As a side note, I think your voice works really well with this style and was well delivered. Good job here!

United States, Missouri, Marthasville

A Cry for Centralia

Fine job David !. ....It reminds me a lot of Gordon Lightfoot and the maritime songs ! The banjo and squeezebox add a lot , and your voice has a nice quality

United States, Michigan, Copper Harbor

A Cry for centralia

Pretty nice tune. I listened three times. And I liked it. A good ballad like tune. I myself write a lot just like this great tune that you have written. Has a great rythrm easy relaxing and at the same time I could feel it. That's the key. To all great music. I found your request as I'm not sure about how it all exactly works on here yet. But I just wanted to let you know, I'm glad I stubbled across this. Well my friend you have a great night. Keep up the super super super great work and performing and singing. Have a super great blessed weekend.

United States, Arkansas, Batesville

Great song

I really liked this song and really enjoy listening to this song it reminds of a song a Good friend of mine use to sing he is no longer with us thank you for keeping true country God bless keep up the great work

United States, Arkansas, Paragould

centralia burns hot

I love all the different influences in this tune that are brought together to make 1 awesome song. Great hook, great story telling combined with strong musicianship bring this tune home with some excellent production work. Nice job keep sending out strong songs like this because the world needs great music!!!!

Canada, Ontario, london

Country with difference

This is a refreshingly new style which is reminiscent of country with a folky feel. Pleasantly listenable and certainly sets the feet a'tapping. I love the way the music brings in different sounds half way through - sounds like a banjo adding depth to the guitar and vocal. David Wayne Moore is to be congratulated with his clear vocals - strong and every word can be heard which is a rarity these days. Keep bringing out songs like this buddy - thanks for sharing your music. Regards, Johnny Ramone of Angel International Management (UK)

United Kingdom, EXETER

Review of this song

This song has great sound and great lyrics.Great instrument setup and performance. Love the voice of this artist. Good song for radio and would love to hear more songs and Hope other stations pick this up

United States, Tennessee, Clarksville TN

A Cry For Centralia

Great storyline, it has an essence of roots interlaced into the meat of the content.... I can feel the longing... If you love true country, you will love this tune. It warms my soul as it draws me in. Great tune!

Canada, Ontario, Sundridge

A Cry For Centralia

I like it. The Banjo and I believe Accordion give it a nice old time feel that I really enjoy. It's simple and catchy so it sticks in your head, totally marketable. The vocals have diversity, nice and soft in certain parts during the verse but was able to get a bit gravely for the build. On the down side, it's a generic story song that I've heard over and over again for this style of music, just the lyrics are different. All in all I really like it :) Thanks for putting it out there.

United States, California, Stockton

A cry so familiar...


David Wayne Moore brings us A Cry For Centralia... At first I didn't know what to expect but as the song played out I realized I was listening to a plight all too common and a rich blend of americana music to back it up... but I realized that since I was born and raised in upstate NY I actually know where Centralia is and I remember the history of this town... that makes this song a bit more heartfelt for me... In terms of a review for this song, this is a worthy piece to be sure... Song like this I listen to with the speakers and then listen again with headphones to hear the space and separation within the recording itself. The only critiques I have would be that of a producer and it mainly concerns the mixing of the tracks and the timing of different instruments coming in and out of the background. In terms of the sound I would have gone for or referenced from would be the classic Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I think as a producer I would have tried to bring out more of that characteristic in the mixing of this song.

United States, Texas, Houston

A Cry for Centralia

great song about a sad situation. I like the way that the song is kept on the lighter side. just listening brings a vision of someone sitting on a porch and singing to a bunch of memories and ghosts that he knows can't hear.

United States, Texas, Brownfield

David wayne moore


A cry for centralia this song reminds me of Kenny Rogers singing the gambler in the verses and the course reminds me of the balls Bruce Springsteen as lyrics go this would be his kind of song I thought it was a nice blend of both it came out a little different and had a good storyline with it as well I like the banjo included in with the song all in all not too bad and I wish you the best of luck chaser

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

David Wayne Moore

do like your style music. it very quant. great words. it true about our country uk what government doing to our own uk people in nhs, benfits etc. Your voice needs bit practice. well done.

United Kingdom, London

A Cry For Centralia

As a stand alone song I liked it very much. I can appreciate the artistry it took to compose and lay the tracks for this project. I am guessing it has special personal interest to the writer. If however, I am to be a reviewer of a composition that has commerical potential, I would have to say that this market may be very limited. Most probably to an audience within the region of the storyline. The musical composition and tracks were good and fit the song well. I especially liked the way the middle of the song began to build through percussion. The vocals were also good and gave a sincere performance to the lyric content. Did I like the song? Yes, but I would stop short of buying it because it doesn't have a wide audience commerical sound to me. Saying that I will give a favorable review and wish you the best if you decide to release it to the market. My hat is off to you for the artistry expended on the project.

Turkey, Texas, Allen

A Cry for Centralia

The quality of the song is great. You have a very unique voice and style that I really enjoyed. If you keep it up you will go somewhere and I want to know if you wrote the song cause if so bravo it was very heartfelt and a great story! I believe that if you keep shooting you'll land among the stars . So dont give up and I really hope to hear back from you! Peace and Love Mariah

United States, Arkansas, Salem

nice job

David. I like this. Very good sound and like a great country song, you're telling a story. And you tell it so well. A great vocal and pleasent to listen to. Loved the banjo. Overall....a great song and I hope it does very well for you.

Australia, Brisbane

A Cry For Centralia


David you've got a nice singing voice, nicely recorded, and sounds to me like it's radio ready. Good storyline, sounds like it is a true story. I think you have a winner here. Guy

Canada, Ontario, Deep River

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