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Hi everyone I go by the name of D-RANGE CLOVERLAND HITMAN I'm from the Southside of Houston TX and I'm from the neighborhood know as CLOVERLAND I'm born and rise on Botany there I took a lot of losses I'm talking about big losses love ones like Mother brother grandmother great grandmother children's mother No Father left me with two daughter's to raise on my own but we will talk about that some other time. Let's get to the music I love everything about music music played a big part in my family my mother was a female rapper my brother was a R&B singer and he did rap my cousin's sing and rap so music is there but the difference is my music is based on a true story i really live what i rap and sing about sometimes the pain i feel I let it out on paper i think I bring a diffident feel to the music I have many of style you will find out more just stay toon and thanks for the love and support in advance new music on the way.!!!!!

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