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Nice Groove

Nice groove right from the start. Your voice has a strange familiarity. I love the lyrics as well. Very catchy and found myself singing along very quickly. I could hear it on the radio. Nice production, high quality. Overall great song, well done! I listened right to the end and wanted to play it again and I can't say that for many songs I review. Great job!

Because You Do

This is a straight up pop hit. The lead vocalist is powerful and reminds me of Journey's legendary front man.The beats and sounds are contemporary and hold up to current pop trends.The lyrics are upbeat and romantic. There are harmony moments that are catchy but light. This song is engaging, the voice is emotive and its an all around catchy tune.One thing that deserves mentioning is the vibe of the track, it's a sunny day at the beach with a cold one holding your honey. Easy summer sound.

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale

Because You Do

You don't need a review on any of your stuff. All your songs are perfect. The mixes are excellent. Great playing and perfect balance. I would be quite happy to get the results you are getting on your songs. Keep up the great work. I am surprised that you are not signed to a major label.

United States, Maryland, Baltimore



United Kingdom, London

Good music

I have love what I heard is very much amazing I feel like listen to the song on and on to be honest you have done a great music and your voice texture worth it your composition are goods and also you're good

United States, New Jersey, Industrial Hilsdale

Feel Good Song

I like the energy of this song. The lyrics make me smile because they remind me ofhow I feel about my partner. Your voice gives me a similarity to Phil Collins. This song is one that puts me in a good mood and happy space as I listened to it. I hope to hear more music to come. Keep up the good work and the good vibes with your music. Any music that makes me think of my partner, the one I love, is good music to me.

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte


I like the originality of your work. Strong message and creativity is a big plus. Good production, I can hear some good vocals to this, good job on the final mix-down. I can tell you have your heart and soul into what you do. Keep on pushing and never give up or get distracted in pursuing the dream of making it. I like the instrumental blend of sounds with some vocals and the production on the track is good. Keep up the great work! Peace!!!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

Really good song

The primary objective of musical analysis is to understand, as completely as possible, why a work is made "as it is made". That is, what the composer thought to create it, what materials he used, what shape he gave them, or what stylistic and functional characteristics conditioned it. Musical analysis is the way to understand music in all its dimensions, and it is also the gateway to composition, since the only way to really learn to compose is to assimilate the techniques and motivations of those who have preceded us. your song is very good, my congratulations. Keep making good music. Greetings.

Peru, Lima

cool song

Really good composition. Its a Song with a deep message behind, that touches something by the listener. Keep on doing you' re Kind of music, expression you want to. I wish you really all the best for the new beginning year - 2022- Stay healthy and happy as well! Hope you'll get in a creative process to create more songs, music can heal and gives us hope all over the planet! That is what I think about it. Hope you'll understand the mean conetent ?! Greets, Judith M, Germany

Germany, Schwerin

Great Feeling!

This is something I would listen to while I am driving. It gives me a sense of traveling and the fresh air in my face. One of those wave your hand out the window in the breeze. A good to be alive feel. I also enjoy the classic sound. Reminds me of the 80's. Ahhh the 80's..

United States, New York, New York

Great song

This is a great song. It’s very different in so many ways I can’t describe. I want you to continue keeping up the good work and making good music for all of us. Your voice is on point and it matches the vocals and the instruments to the song. The background vocals are on point and they collaborate with your vocals. I will put this song on my playlist and play it each time I see it. Thank you so much for your good music.

United States, Georgia, Union City

Nice Tune-Reminded Me A Little Of Phil Collins

This is a professionally performed tune by SongMonsters. The synthesizer sounds and overall vibe brought me to a Phil Collins vibe. I'm still trying to put my finger on what popular tune that I have heard used a comparable introduction with a comparable synthesizer melody and sound. I was hearkened back to the eighties. Vocals are nicely done. Overall this is a fine performance, fine effort.

United States, Florida, Orlando


This is whats missing in the music industry today melodies and substance in lyrics! man i love yall sound like i said you guys remind me of Phil Collins on this one and wanted to be the first to say your group has been robbed by the business by them not recognizing the greatness in you guys sound! i have 20 years in business and i am in love with you guys sounds has a vintage 80's early 90's sound but new of course cuz no one makes music this great anymore!

United States, California

The Song Monsters Because You Do Review

this is the review for The Song Monsters song called Because You Do on a first note i thought i was going to be presented with a fast and hectic rock song or something similar due to the title of the band and the possibility of that then being confronted with a song called Because you do all seemed a bit miss leading as when i heard the submission a very mellow and sombre track seemingly seemed to have a mixed identity but pushing that aside the compilation of the track was musically interesting as it had a sweet mellow flow and showed that the track had been time spent so the finished mastering was clean and the vocals definitely sat perfectly with the music i personally however would look to giving the story of the vocals a little more essence and i also would look for those vocal enhanced spaces to show off a bit more of a lull in places the overall smooth finish did also leave me a little underwhelmed but yet in the same instance slightly dreamy so i think if more of an impression was to be applied to the factors involved rather than grabbing the collective from out of the air then capturing more audience should be no issue and as it stands at the minute its still a very listenable track so if you enjoy your music sweet and smooth then you will love this release very cool

United States, California, New York,Los Angeles,London,Florida,Miami

Nice Feel Good Song

This song has a country feel to it. I think that the song is well produced and that vocals are well arranged. I think that the lead singer gives the song exactly what it needs. I really like the sophistication of the background vocal arrangements. I think that harmonies are well placed and elevate the song nicely. I also think the the lead vocal needs to come up a bit in volume. It's a little too low in the track and the listener doesn't get the full effect of the vocalist's talent. Overall? Great job!

United States, New York, New York City

Wow that was a great song

The music had great sounds and tones that really grabbed my attention. Songwriting and vocals were on point and brought as much to the song as the music did. Very well made and I really did enjoy it a lot. Just wanted to give you a little feedback didn’t have anything negative to say about it at all. Thanks for your time

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home


Ciao sono Lorenzo Puma, ho ascoltato la tua musica bravo, musica buona e Ottimo suono anche la voce e ottima mi sono iscritto nella tua pagina se ti fa piacere puoi iscriverti anche nella mia pagina li troverai anche la mia musica, adesso vado ad ascoltare anche le altre tue canzoni perché sono curioso di sentire, questo sito e ottimo si può sentire tante canzoni e conoscere anche nuovi artisti, ciao

Italy, Torino

Hey! You Do!

Hi SongMonsters! Great song! Love the lyrics and uplifting feel! Feels like a Pop country song! Nice swing to it and great production! Very pro sounding! Nice vocals, well placed, back-up vocals are tight! Feels like I should be hearing this song on the radio!! Very radio friendly and so well done! The song sounds mastered and complete! This song would be great to pitch to a Nashville singer if you wanted to do so!! Anyways! Great job! And I wish you great success....for LOVE never ends....!!! :-) Rachel :-)

Canada, British Columbia, .


A nice intro that leads into a song that straddles many genres and would seemingly appeal to a lot of targeted audiences.It's very easy going easy knowing to grasp the overall sound and not too complex to understand. I like the singers vocals as it has a very appealing nature to it and like the direction he takes the song to .Because you do is a very easily flowing care free effort thats fun to listen to and easy to digest and recommend.well done

United States, Pennsylvania, Ellwood City

Landosous Reviews: SongMonsters

Sounds like a 80s vibe song from Phil Collins, nice and gentle voice. This song puts me in the modes of elevator music, riding in the wind on a trip to another state cruising. The beat is simple n coll brezzy

United States, Texas, Dallas

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