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Really nice, smooth song. Enjoyed

I really enjoyed this song. As an old Country music fan it hits home. The music is spot on, and your vocals are great. The arrangement of the music, and lyrics are perfect. Great song writing. I will be listening to more of your music.

United States, Missouri, Mora

Love it

Yeah this is just pure country. Great rhythm and love the lyrics. You have a great original sound to your voice so deep and velvety I bet you have girls swooning all over the place with this track well done

United Kingdom, Helston

Great Country

This reminds me of the great country sounds of George Jones. Really good storytelling with a classic country voice to boot. Dolylamby's Posse hit this one out of the park. I recommend sitting back and letting this song soak inside of you for the pure country joy of it.

United States, North Carolina, Statesville

Another Tear Jerker

Great traditional country sound and lyrics! Brings back memories of Red Sovien, Jerry Reed, George Jones, Alan Jackson and Johnny Russell. They all knew how to tell a story and so do you. Keep them coming as I enjoy listening.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Another Tearjerker

This song does'nt really need any review from me, as it speaks for itself! Great job on the song, The Vocals, all in all, a first class effort all round. Fantastic piece of work. I am only too obliged to have listened to the song and rate it very highly, skilled & Professional of the best kind. Burton Trent

New Zealand, Wellington Regional

Hi dolylamby

You have such an amazing good ole fashioned country voice. Your sounding great honey. Words are good too. You have talent. Like da song too. Great beat, sounding good. Turn up the volume . Luv ya music

United Kingdom, London

I guess I;m a sucker for the occasional spoken word song.

Well I was surprised that I kind of liked this. Sometimes it's just fun to listen to a song that sounds like it's a drinking buddy just telling you what he's going through right now. If I was a record company weasel I wouldn't pay any attention to this because it isn't flashy and the singer doesn't oversing or overtalk. That's where you kept my attention. I love old time country like george jones or merle haggard. Not whatever the crap is that is played on todays "country" radio. Not really what I would call a single but maybe a hidden gem on an album stuffed with other radio hits. Still better than most filler on an 80's Willie Nelson album.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver


I just listened to "Another Tearjerker" by Dolylamby's Posse. While covering well-trodden territory, I like how this song sounds. It has a traditional country theme and chord progression, but just when I thought it was here-we-go-again, it went into up-tempo mode. I can imagine people getting up on the floor at a club and doing the Texas 2-Step or even my patented 4-Step Twist to this one. I hope this Posse keeps up the good work!

United States, Georgia, Stone Mountain

Excellent voice!

An excellent lead voice here - with presence and precision. An excellent production as well. The instruments are doing what they should and sound as they should, and all this on a remarkably high level. If there is something to criticise here it could only be the song as such. Besides all perfection it really is very very conventional, in a way exchangeable, there is absolutely nothing new or exciting. But I guess that this is what your audience is exactly expecting from you, and so I don't wanna be misunderstood. This song is very well done, and I wish I could hear you live in a truck stop or so, singing and playing this song, and I bet that would be great.

Germany, Schweinfurt

Another Tear Jerker


Canada, Ontario, Oshawa FIND MY MUSIC TO BUY AT : sidsmusic

Love it

Love this! Gives the feeling of the 90's and takes me back! Especially love the music to this. But your voice fits this tremendously. Keep up the great work. I look forward to hearing more from you

United States, Georgia, Cedartown

bravissimi complimenti

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A Country Classic

A very good evening to you and thank you very much for the kind invite to review your latest track "ANOTHER TEARJERKER" which may i say that i found your song in my personal music opinion to be a true Country Classic with a great story line and very strong melody and good vocals which was produced and recorded to a very professional standard and is very radio friendly and would i feel attract a good deal of Radio airplay that would really enhance your download sales,i truly enjoyed your song.

United Kingdom, Belfast


Oh my word! I love ???? this song ???? ! I could definitely ???? listen too this over and over! What an awesome voice you ❤ have! Thank you for letting the world hear your songs,I absolutely ???? ❤ love it. Please don't stop sharing your awesome music with us. Not only is is a lovely listening song but also a good foot tapping dancing song. Definitely going to mark it as a favorite. Keep the songs coming Please. You have a truly authentic country voice. I love ???? it so much! Well done.

Good Music!

I like the originality of your work. Strong message and creativity is a big plus. Good production,i can hear some good vocals to this, good job on the final mix-down. I can tell you have your heart and soul into what you do. Keep on pushing and never give up or get distracted in pursuing the dream of making it. I like the instrumental blend of sounds with the vocals and the production on the track is good. Keep up the great work! Peace!!!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

cool song

Really good composition. Its a Song with a deep message behind, that touches something by the listener. Keep on doing you' re Kind of music, expression you want to. I wish you really all the best for the new beginning year - 2022- Stay healthy and happy as well! Hope you'll get in a creative process to create more songs, music can heal and gives us hope all over the planet! That is what I think about it. Hope you'll understand the mean conetent ?! Greets, Judith M, Germany

Germany, Schwerin

Had me dancing and entertained!

From the beginning to the end had me wanting to hear it again. The story is entertaining and flows well. I found my dancing feet from start to finish. Enjoyed the richness of the vocals. Country .

Canada, British Columbia, Clinton

Review for Dolylamby's Posse Song called Another Tear Jerker

yes indeed ausome Fits the genre and has an exciteing compilation great flow and rythem and the story is verry cool the overall mastering is great and also fits this type of production perfictly you could definitly hear yourself sitiing to this one with a nice cold one in your hand thinking about the one that got away it has a classic feel for this genre and sits verry comfortable with all aspects the artists confidence shines through and shows full luster with the conviction of the production and on a personnell note yep you just gotta love this one for a country song it does indeed hit the mark i have heard alot of country productions and there is alot that lies in the story and the feel to the music and this one just oozes fun fun fun and has that pureity to the art of this style im sure this one can hit the faviourets of many and that it gets blasted in many bars i do find it for dance reasons slightly on the quick step side so maybe a consideration there for the country dances to have a slightly easier to move to version but love it none the less all the qualities and this one could go round and round excerlant artist great production nice finish hits the mark so grab your head phones and turn up the sterio sourround grab a cold one and stick this on you'll love it even if you dont all ways do country its an all rounder

United States, New York, London,France,China,World

Great country music

Great introduction to the song. I was really impressed with the song writing and style. Very good and I’ll be looking at your other songs. I lost my dog when it started but as soon as it ended there that little shit is….

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Just great

Yeeehaaa, this song could be on the countrycharts even the #1 it´s so good production and great musicians, singer got voice better than most "big stars" and song itself is written with nice hooks and the structure is perfect and story is close to my heart, i have spent a lot of time in bars. There´s only one thing i wish........if only I had equally good musicians playing with me

Finland, Tuusula

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