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It has real strong raw edge and attitude. It is a bit loose in the mix though and could use some thighting up by trying to put everything in the same room to create a live feel. Try keeping the balance on the instruments focused around the drums bass and locals.

Japan, Sapporo-shi


Kick ass song, a kewl hook, great guitar work, the song works its way through many peaks & valleys, like how the vocals and guitar lick jell with a driving crunch axe may not be for the the faint of heart, but if you like it hard and kick ass this is for you

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Explore this jam!

The song sounds like alternative rock music mixed with metal and grunge. I really like the introducing with the riffs from the e-guitars, which are also playing the main role in this composition. After that, the singer beginns with his unique vocals but the whole composition is more various. Great solos accompanes the song, making the music rich and brings the listener on the next level. The rythm often changing in the bridges and the drummer is playing his parts very engaged and straight. These kick-stuff isn´t really easy and it sounds sometimes like a rehearsal, but the guys having really fun together. This extra factor brings increasing feeling into the song. This song consists of a virtuos cast of musicians, who understand what good music is about. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. The refrain makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. Its a story about problems with the beloved in the relationship. Overall a really impressive and professional composition and definitely very creative. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

Keep Up the Good Work

I really like it and it does sound in that era if i were you can you turn your voice up a tad other then that it totally has potential. Excellent you need to keep playing because its not bad at all i can see people jamming to it

United States, Missouri, Saint Louis missouri

A little chaotic

A little chaotic. The arrangement gets a little crazy with everything getting drowned out by the guitar. Then the mix looses control. There are actually good structured parts to the song that just get lost and burried by two guitars playing different songs followed by a drummer ready to do his own thing. I'm sure that over the last twenty years the guys have matured and would probably change how they did some of this stuff

United States, Illinois, Aurora

The Return of Black Rock

I was disappointed by more than a few Alternative artists that just happened to be Black when it came to the genre called "Alternative" because, with rare exception, these artists didn't really represent any alternative, save the fact that they happened to be Black artists trying to function in that milieu. When it comes to Alternative, we want an alternative. When it comes to Metal, we want metal not aluminum or copper. With the exception of a few "Black" alternative artists, what's been conspicuously is the fact that it's really pretty much the same as what we've been exposed to. There is really no "there, there". But if you really want an alternative to what's out there, you're really gonna wanna listen to Docmatrix. It's good shit, it's alternative as hell and it's (not the driving force) obviously by a Black group. The alternative in this case is that this is GREAT and challenging music and the fact that the music is (possibly) made by a Black dude doesn't really matter at all. This ain't Hootie and the Blow Fish. That's an alternative.

United States, California, Oakland

Bass-balanced and Smooth

I like how the bass is so prominent in this track. It makes for a polished, clean sound. Overall, a very well made track. I like the lyrics in this track, because they are simple but interesting. Has a cool vibe by referencing sci-fi. The guitar solos are good; too many bad guitar players on the radio nowadays. I think this track has a lot of great rock qualities and is well made. Good job!

United States, Texas, Austin


This is a jamming rocking song very unique and well put together the guitar sounds really good your voice is unique if you have any other music I like to hear hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and enjoy your weekend May God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Great tone


I have listened to this song three times to make sure I give it a proper review as the first time I heard it I wasn't that impressed. I do have to say though this little beauty grows on you, I am not sure if it is the lovely guitar tone or the way the the verses creep up on you and then blast into a catchy chorus. Nice song and I will keep a look at for these guys from Rochester, New York.

Sweden, Stockholm

very nice

I really like your sound. Others write it is not clean enough, but in my opinion exactly this makes it groovy. More dirt, this is rock'n'roll! Remain on your path! Technique is not everything. My girlfriend said your sound is awesome!!!

Switzerland, Zürich

review of 'Chart Six Moa'

an experimental crunch, grunge rockfest. Sounds very raw with a massive mix of ideas under a clear vocal track. A very 90's sound to the vocal, reminiscent of something like early Faith No more. The mix could do with some work, guitars too high, drums too low and muffled but the structure is interesting and the Neil Young style, chaotic guitar work is interesting. Very lo-fi and intended to be that way.

Italy, Calcinaia

Great song that takes you back

Chart Six Moa immediately put me back into the grunge/alt scene from my youth, and into the quality part of it. Interesting, grungy guitars, intense heartfelt vox and a raw production makes this a really nice tune! - K

Norway, Oslo

No demasiado interesante...

AUnque inicialmente el sonido, poderoso, me recordaba algo a King Crimson y si me recuerda a King CRimson indudablemente debia interesarme... poco a poco la cosa comenzo a dejar de inetresarme, especialmente al aparecer la voz, donde ya definitivamente , si habia algun enamoramiento, dejo de haberlo. El tema no es malo, pero me suena a mas de lo mismo, a inarmonia que quiere ser interesante, pero para mi gusto no acaba de ser una cancion ni un instrumental. Le veia mas potencial como instrumental, con algunas variantes, desarrollos... pero al convertirse en cancion cantada perdió cuerpo. Sin embargo tiene momentos, especialmente al final, con el punteo frenetico del final... Ahi volvi a engancharme al tema... justo cuando acabó... Definitivamente me hubiera enganchado mas de ser un mero intrumental, algo mas trabajado. Supongo que esto tiene su publico y sus fans, ellos lo disfrutaran sin duda mas que yo. Lastima!

Spain, Jerez De La Frontera (Andalucia)

My First Review of Chart Six Moa by DOCMATRIX

The song was pretty good, good vocals although the lyrics sometimes didn't make sense, great drum bass and guitar sound, but the solo seemed to drift out of key in the beginning sections. This fixed itself towards the end. Good job overall guys!

United States, California, Los Angeles

Chart Six Moa

Bravo les gars, gros son qui s’approche largement de Black Sabbat mais question mastering ça lais a désiré !!! En tout cas la texture est originale et avec un peu plus de travaille pouré sortir une très bonne chanson. Je reste un adepte des Black's que je vous conseille ardemment d'écouter, c'est très enrichissent :) Bonne continuation et bonne chance Bien amicalement amoitusol

Nothing Beats a Fast Guitar

Chris Impellitteri-like intro is awesome, there is some space before and after the first main vocals that could really showcase some extra instruments, or harmonies. For those of you who don’t know, Chris Impelliteri one of my most favorite guitarist, and voted fastest guitarist of all time in 2008 Guitarworld had similar standout vocals, but filled gaps around vocals with embellished guitars. It’s nice that around the center of this song, the piece picks up energy, and you can really feel the drive. Cool stylish vocals. Actual vocal talent abound in this piece as well!

United States, Washington, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, El Paso, Austin, Frankfurt, Hanua, Weisbaden, Seoul

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