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United States, California, Los Angeles

About D 'Messenger

D’ Messenger, Artist/Musician/Producer, out of Los Angeles, California
with a passion for Christ and a love for music. He has been blessed with
opportunities to work with some prominent individuals in the business and
have been humbly grateful for those opportunities, but has not forgotten
his purpose, which is serving God with the talents he has provided him,
by spreading God’s glory through ... read more

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D 'Messenger
1 month ago

Hope all is well? Thanks for subscribing, look for new material coming soon!
God bless...

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D 'Messenger
1 month ago

I hope that you are staying safe as we move through this pandemic journey. Life lately has been very challenging as love ones are being lost to Covid. I pray that everyone please get vaccinated and don't believe lies, but believe the science. I strongly believe that God gave us scientists and doctors to help us. Use the wisdom God gave us and believe that He will bring us through. Remember this is not God's doing, but the carelessness of man's doing. Much love to you and God bless!

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D 'Messenger
3 months ago

Hey, hope all is well and everyone is safe and healthy!
These are still trying times and we still have to do the right thing, if we want to get through this. God gave us wisdom and we can accomplish great things if we use it. No greater love than he, our almighty God!

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D 'Messenger
4 months ago

Hey everyone, hope all is well and somewhat back to normal? God is good!
Just released a new single No Greater Love, hope it's a blessing to you as it was for me. God bless and stay safe!

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D 'Messenger
5 months ago

Thank you again for your support and patience ...
As the pandemic put challenges before us all, it has been through God's grace we are still here. I know that some of us have lost love ones and have sadden your heart, even though we don't understand it, God is still in control.
Being alive today is my greatest gift and truly am thankful for there's NO GREATER LOVE, that is the name of my new single, look for it! God bless!

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