I Don't Wanna Know

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I Don’t Wanna Know

Hey Dave, Your song resonates with me. The lyrics are a true reflection of the state of the hearts of humanity’s experiences today so many listeners will relate to your words. It helps to hear these thoughts expressed to identify and let go of the pain past or present. This is a well thought and beautiful music composition. In keeping with the style of Leonard Cohen you express so well the thoughts that are rarely spoken.

United Kingdom, Wales, GB

your music is Great

i have been listen to your songs over and over and i am in love with the verse and the sound, i really can say its inspiring , it refresh my soul to listen to sounds likes yours, i have been trying to get to listen to more of your songs, i think we can work something together, you have a very wonderful ideas to be able to bring out interesting music, i really want to say thanks for been great with your word and work, you make life easier listening to sounds like this and thanks for been really good at what you do.

United States, Maryland, Bowie

I Don't Wanna Know review

I really like the sound of this song. You have a really clear sounding acoustic guitar opening up the song and is mixed nicely with the rest of the track. Very clean and well sung vocals only add to the feel of this one as well. Nice harmonies on the chorus sections. There isn't too much I can critique about this one since I enjoyed listening to it twice. Keep up the writing and recording. You're heading in the right direction.

United States, California, San Diego

bravissima complimenti

bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti bravissima complimenti

my thoughts

Hey man, thanks for sharing your music with us. I really like the intro; that acoustic is ringin loud and strong. Good song; working man lyrics for sure. As an artist, I would have demanded a better mix on my voice. Your voice is good; it needs a better mix. The background is good; it's always better when you can back yourself up. The music is tight, which is essential when recording. Good job .

United States, Texas, Ft Worth

canzone orecchiabile

canzone orecchiabile e voce giusta per il genere. gran bello l'inciso con voce che sale molto in alto e il cantante sa prendere bene le tonalita alte non so che questa e' una canzone conosciuta o no ma e' una gan bella canzone e l'arrangiamento e' ottimo comunque il cantante se la cava bene specialmente negli acuti dove dimostra diessere preparato grazie per la rewiew che mi hai chisto

Italy, dalmine bg

Nice and retro

Reminds me of my young years in the early 70s. Kincade, Lobo and all the other acoustic guitar players and pop song writers of that time. This song is flowing steadily from the start to the end, no unnecessary gimmicks or breaks are disturbing the flow. The instruments are well played. The mix has a bit too much of reverb, and the lead voice could be a bit further on top of the rest. But all in all a nice one.

Germany, Schweinfurt

I like it

It hits me more like a Badfinger tune than a Southern Rock tune. I really like Badfinger . They were helped out by George Harrison AND Paul McCartney who produced Day After Day and Come And Get it. Your choice of chord changes and vocals have their feel to them. If I presented this to my producer that’s the kind of treatment I would go for. Nice song. Well done as it is.

United States, New Jersey, Woodbridge

Singer songwriter reminiscent of "Drivin and Cryin"

Pretty decent flow of words and message that I can relate to. Maybe a bit of a downer message but I am sure some people can relate. A developed voice with a confidence behind it. The verses are stronger than the chorus in my opinion. Overall a solid effort! Nice work. Sincerely, Matt Hathaway

United States, California, Los Osos

I Don't Wanna Know

If this is a original I love it Great song really love this song great piece of art work delivered beautifully guitar sounds are amazing sing great backing vocals are great while I'm writing this and im listening to this a second time......I just love it,.......the lyrics are awesome tbe arraignment are awesome ......it's written and delivered beautifully ...the lead guitar sound as me myself a guitar player love tbe sound. I just started for the third time............love it love it love it ........tbe musicianship is great was played vreat ..................thank you for letting me review this song I truely love it......................

United States, New York, Middle village

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