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Yes we DO have T-Shirts to sell! PHATten out your wardrobe with our collectable vibe on the front! Choose size S-M-L-XL when ordering while supplies last!

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Hey all my PHATfunky peeps!

There's quite a bit going on here so far in 2021 but first I just want to take a second to say thanks to everybody who has been listening, sharing and adding our vibe to playlists everywhere!

So what's happening?

Right now there's three tracks on deck to be released over the next several months. Two are about ready to be sent to our mastering engineer, one is finishing up being mixed, then to be mastered as well.

Another announcement coming soon are some cool collaborations with some more prominent cats that lovers of our vibe will want to add to their playlists and personal collections. Make sure you are using the "Follow us" link to catch these releases - link

With all of our upcoming releases the plan is to lead off each with the radio - edit versions accompanied by the album version as an EP, all of this culminating in the release of the actual full length, full version album as a collection towards the latter part of the year. We plan to celebrate this with the release of our title track - Da Smoovness probably later this year!

How do you get in on all of this action? Definitely bBe sure to follow us on BandCamp to catch the releases with this link: link

Yes, we could really also use your help to build up our number of followers and to spread the word to others who would like our vibe!

We've got SWAG ! ! !
Yes! You can get the classic PHATfunk T Shirt as well as the new design for our upcoming album entitled Da Smoovness! Use this link to pick 'em up! link

Anyone out there miss seeing D-Funk performing live?
Catch the upcoming performance for the Delta Sigma Theta Gospel concert airing March 20th and 21st, 2021 at 6pm CST!
Go to: link to grab a virtual ticket and then catch the stream!


That's actually quite a bit going on!

Until next time!

Keep it funky! Make it PHAT!

Darrell "D-Funk" Looney
Da Phatfunk Clique

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Hey PHATFunksters!

Hugs and hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!

Thanks everyone for your support of our vibe and especially for our current single release "Honestly"! It's being spun on radio stations world wide! This track has been well received and is currently holding steady at #17 on the digital DJ pool Latin chart!

Here's the link for the official video in case you haven't seen it:

Be sure to stream and share it! You can also support our vibe by streaming us on Pandora, adding us to your Spotify playlists or even just saying the magic words: "Alexa, stream all songs by Da Phatfunk Clique!", then sit back and enjoy the vibe (this is assuming you have an Amazon Echo device or other Alexa powered gadget within earshot).

New music:
Just completed another funk/Jazz Violin track and sending it off to be mixed and mastered soon. Two other tracks are in the pipeline - another funk/jazz violin groove in collaboration with a notable musician to be named later, as well as a solid Roots Reggae track where I laid down some PHAT bass guitar and violin as well. Watch for these ! ! !

Thanks everyone for being YOU!

Keep it PHAT and make it funky always!

Da PHatfunk Clique

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Support for our new single "Honestly" has been amazing! Thanks so much everyone! Here is the official video! Please like and share! Enjoy!

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