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Definetley a diffrent feel to the music nice job all and all. Only thing i would say is work a little on the vocals. Maybe some different reverb and effects. Maybe a few adlibs in the coures to. Just think it could sound a little more ear catching just my 2 cents. All and all not bad like I said before keep doing your thing. Much love

United States, North Carolina, Goldsboro

This has good potential and a hooky chorus. Needs a little clean up in the instrumentation.


There's an lot going on in the beginning, then it becomes over layered with talk...But then the song starts! Yea. There's some real good vocal inflections going on. I love to hear the backing track cleaned up a lot, more distinct instrumentation. Good emotion in the lyrics. The Rain Rain Rain part is good and is a strong part of the song hook wise. Watch the vocal phrasing at time to make sure it's accurate. A little less wet in spots (heavy on effects). Enjoy!!

United States, California, Santa Barbara



Can say I like the track I support all artist I see tryna do they thang and i will stayed tuned for more like videos mixtapes and more so definently keep up the flow and if you have time check out the music I can say I like the track I support all artist I see tryna do they thang and i will stayed tuned for more like videos mixtapes and more so definently keep up the flow and if you have time check out the music

United States, Illinois, Chicago



It sounds good to me i like the flow and the beat and the rhyme ot all sounds good to me But make sure you check out my songs please But it all good to me make more and meep striving for success

United States, South Carolina, Edgefield an greenwood

Sound of raging calmness


What's up Cozmicsoulfire, I'm Sen. When I hear your song, "Rain, rain, rain pouring down on me", I get the feeling of a calmness with bits and pieces of explosive emotion..great work with doing it all yourself.. I'd only say, focus on the fine details in mixing the vocals with the want to make sure to keep the vocals "warm and full" without them being "hot" (too loud) that they overpower the instruments..track each track all the way out and you'll have a much richer sound. Just a couple of tips. Best of success to you.

United States, Alabama, Silent Hill

nice music


hello , just wanted to say that i like your song , its a very catchy song . The beat and lyrics go perfect , The rap in the bridge is ok.. only thing is i couldn't really understand the intro, keep making music.

United States, Maryland, Baltimore



Good job sounds really good keep up the great work I admire the music you make something new and sound is quite interesting so like I said before good job and keep up the great job. You can make it far.

United States, Massachusetts, Boston

Rain Review

Nice tracks, the more music you do you can become familiar with the structural point of writing sticking to subject or talking topics that may or may not be relevant can cause the listener to be a here and there listener. As long as you can captivate the listeners interest you can become a even bigger influence to the audience being that Now you have the skill to achieve attention. #letswork Also when you take them out check out my new single on the spot literally on my page rock with me

United States, Michigan, Lansing

I like it


Lucky for you I listen to all genres of music. What I like most about this song is that the beat wrapped right around the vocals which give the song a lot of clarity. Now I did notice on the first verse you kind of got off beat a little bit just that one time. But other than I can listen to this song over and over so keep up the good the work and whatever is inspiring you right now continue to use it.

United States, Missouri, Homestown

Get Refreshed With Rockin' Rain!


Nice original rock from the Netherlands. I can appreciate the multi-talents that were used constructing this track. Heartfelt vocals that definitely convey passion & authenticity. Good job.

United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Great job


listening through my studio monitors everything sounds good. it sounds like the vocals are sitting just slightly behind the beat. i would turn them up just a tad. but great song! Rain Rain Rain!

United States, Arizona, Denver

good job


The destiny of hard work is always success. You have done hard work and got succeed. Congratulations on you huge and marvelous success. Why do musicians give so much time to charitable causes? The most humanitarian cause that we can give our time to is the creation and performance of music itself.

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

love the title


the title always has to capture me to know if the song is worthy of a listen.I dont know why your vocals aren't clear...they seem a but muffled but besides that i love the hook and i can tell you have a wonderful voice. i can even hear the passion that you are bleeding through your lyrics.Did you write the lyrics ..i bet you did because you seem like you put the right amount of passion in the song and besides the quality its a smash hit.

United States, Idaho, Boise

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