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Reptile ROCKS!


Today we will be checking Cozmicsoulfire's "Reptile" Whoever said that girls can't rock obviously haven't checked out Cozmicsoulfire's music. "Reptile" is a very cool fusion of Rock and Metal, it's heavy yet melodic and there is a diversity in the music that really helps it stand out on its own. The arrangement of the song is totally unique, at first I thought that the music moving in two different directions was a detraction, but as the song progressed that clash really grew on me to the point that I was loving by the end song. The song is well produced, but the vocals were the standout instrument for me. Powerful, varied and rife with emotion and conviction. Lyrically, you can tell that this track is based off personal experience which in of itself helps the listener really relate to the songs message. I love it when artists use personal experiences to infuse their art with the "human element", it helps add that extra dimension of feeling and sincerity. As with all my reviews, I try to add some constructive criticism to help the artists in question perfect their art and in this case my one critique is the lack of a guitar solo. Although they aren't essential to a great song, in my humble opinion a solo helps diversify the music, however the fact that there isn't a solo doesn't in any way diminish the quality or intensity of the track. Cozmicsoulfire deliver the goods with "Reptile" and I would say that this is a close approximation of what you would get if mixed Heart with a more metal edge. Killer voxs, great lyrics and a cool blending of melodic guitars ensure that the listener will be kept entertained for the duration of the track. This is awesome and highly recommended for anyone who is into Rock or Metal, great job! I'm looking forward to hearing more killer music from Cozmicsoulfire :) Christopher Carrion XXX

Canada, Ontario, Kingston

Ahead of its time.


The music is for sure ahead of its time. The music of tomorrow . It has a futuristic rock radio feel. We commend this music. It's fresh and innovative. Rock has been considered dead amongst the population, it's music like this that keeps that torch burning bright .

United States, South Carolina, sumter

Great energy, tear-it-up instrument tracks!


Cozmicsoulfire..., interesting name for musician who apparently strives to create and produce "IN-YOUR-FACE"tunes and lyrics! After listening to "CFS's" tune, "Reptile," I got the sense that CFS is on a mission to pull every listener in to her frenetic world and give her fan's a "peak" at what makes her tick. Maybe, just maybe, that's why her promo pic show her tearing at her hair! Keep at it Kiddo! You may go straight to the top if you keep crafting music like "Reptile!!!"

United States, Iowa, Arcadia



This song not only has you kick in to the floor but making for a hit that will remembered by..not to be taken lightly you show that you truly possess the traits that will have your music to be heard in the business today!!

United States, New York, Bethpage

Strong Song


You have a strong song with a very good drummer working it. It starts off a 'little' shaky but jumps right in. I had to listen to it twice thru and can only say that I would add a guitar riff on top of it at the bridge as it is getting out of the 'rap' thing, and at the vamp going out. It'll make it 'pop' and bring it to the 'boil' that it needs, in my opinion. Other than that....I like your drummer's sound, that dude is 'workin'! Good Luck in your Music Adventure ~ ....Gizzmow, in Bonham, Texas!

United States, Texas, Bonham



I love when a rock song starts out with a strong guitar riff. The vocals are "fine" but sound like they could be better produced in the studio. The harmonies are nice. But the vocals I think could make this song really pop if they had some massaging by a good vocal producer. Nothing wrong with the singer, just how it's mixed in with the song. It would be interesting to hear other songs by this artist to see where her journey will take us.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Reptile - Cozmicsoulfire


Big fan of female rockers. Love the voice but I would really enjoy it with more attitude. Beth Heart for example is all attitude & phenomenal in my book. Great original sound in the song writing as well. All in in all great work but I don't think the potential here is close to being achieved. Looking forward to what is to come. Definitely a fan!

United States, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

Great Harmonies and Good Breakdown

The vocals come in a bit surprising, in timing and volume. Good riff throughout, but lacks momentum, i thought it was an intro, but it never really broke that level. But, as stated, great harmony work. maybe turn up the guitar and bass drum, and turn down the vocals a bit, to flatten the EQ a bit and bring some balance. Great work, though!

United States, New York, Endicott

Your Song "Reptile - Cozmicsoulfire"


I can say that was a nice intro going straight into the verse and what a pretty catchy set of lyrics in both verse and chorus and making you feel like a snake traveling through the Dark and with strong vocals with the rest of the Band flowing into all the groves. I like the break down part instead of going into a lead because sometimes Less is More and in this case it worked out just great. Write On~~~

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas

Embedding the Reptile


Love the structure, sound and concept of this song and my only suggestions for improving it are to try embedding the vocal deeper into the mix with harmonising the main vocal (especially in the backing vocal sections) and adding either some plate reverb or a slightly alternative tuned double to the 'verse' sections. What I mean is try to give it more of a group sound. I'll be back to check out more of your tracks :)

United States, Illinois, Salem

Song Review


Very cool song... Vocals are effective, well done, melody wise as well as the lyrics, Keyboards used for backing choir vocals is well blended in, rhythm section pushes the song forward, drums and bass have the right intention for this song... In the 2 first verses, i hear an additional guitar track in the left channel, which to me, clashes with the vocals, it distracts from what a verse should be... The bridge part is welcomed, adding to the dynamics of the song arrangement, i also feel the song ending could of been built in some other way, fading out full band with the repeated chorus pattern could of done the job, or when drums and bass stop, guitar should of stopped as well, leaving the vocals to end alone... These are only my humble opinions, i'm sure others can hear things differently...

Canada, Quebec, Montreal



Great genre from Netherland. Reminds me something like patty smith with gothic and metal influences. Nice tune on guitar even if not clear in the song's riffs. Maybe vocal tune is not completely tuned, anyway good song. Greetings from Italy

Crossing the genres


I am always intrigued when songs don't fit to ONE genre. At the moment this is what I fell with Reptile. Metal guitar riffs and drum beats, combined with pop elements like the drum machine sound, and at times synthesizer backing vocals and even a bit of rap in the bridge. First, I like the 2 guitars in the beginning. Lead vocals a great, just make sure you are achieving consistent levels during the song. In verse 2 the level for the vocals is a bit softer in the mix which I would prefer for the whole song. A real drum and bass would change the flavor more towards rock and metal which may not what you want. You could give the bass track more variations and bring it out in the mix a bit more no matter where you see the song going. Well done for having the courage to integrate different styles and bringing in creativity in your music, you may be up to discovering a new audience.

New Zealand, Hamilton

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