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In an era of lack of creativity BCtheTHRILLER embodies the best skills of sculpting a polished piece of musical art. BCtheTHRILLER loves to make beautiful MUSIC. As a music producer, BCtheTHRILLER blends POP-HipHop-R&B-Rock-Jazz and EDM to deliver a uppercut -knockout piece of passionate musical composition. BCtheTHRILLER has been producing music since highschool and in 2009 released his first album “The Mack Experience” by Oregon artist Tjay - released on BCtheThriller’s label-- (expired link) BCtheTHRILLER is the CEO/Owner/ Executive Creative Director & MasterMind behind the label where he produces all the music--and places his Midas touch on each record.

“Trading Love & War Stories” starring rapper Calvin Crabtree, from Indiana- also released in 2009 was a critical suscess. It’s an album many called better than any of Emenim’s work. It contains such standout production from BCtheTHRILLER as “Society” , “When I’m With You” and “Ella Es Tan Seductora”.

BCtheTHRILLER has a broad style that grows on you. He has produced artists all over the world, he thinks big, not local and has an International appeal.

In 2014 BCtheTHRILLER packaged and released a deluxe version of “Trading Love & War Stories “ that included “All The Love” -"Good Love” and “Lover’s Lane” together calling it “Trading Love & War Stories (Lover’s Lane Deluxe Edition)". The “Lover’s Lane” track - an EDM Dance instrumental track recieved huge night club play--and it was the album’s Outro.

One year later “The Mack Experience (BCtheTHRILLER’s Golden Everything Deluxe Edition)”

was released ---it was shocking--- and deliciously good!!! As someone said. It includes remixes of “Behind Closed Doors” , “Free”, “Physical” & “Ya Dude” and it also includes 3 slicked produced instrumental suites-- “Stick Yo Self” , “The Mack Of The Year” & “Golden Everything” .It was once again “SHOCKING!!!!” ---“Scary Good!!” and created a big buzz, that continues even now.

BCtheTHRILLER list his musical influenecs (expired link) (expired link). REID & BABYFACE-----PHARRELL---TIMBALAND---TEDDY RILEY---JIMMY JAM & TERRY LEWIS-----QUINCY JONES-----R. KELLY-----HALL & OATES-----TIMBALAND-----KANYE WEST--- & BIG DADDY KANE.

As a teenager BCtheTHRILLER won a city wide Chicago Library Art contest and was awarded with a scholarship to the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago where they proclaimed him as an CREATIVE GENIUS and a child PRODIGY. BCtheTHRILLER holds degrees in ART ,Psychology, Business Management, and Finance,- writes and develops screenplays, acts, dances, sings, rap's, Produce's and fashion design's.

If you want a radio ready--- Hot--uniquely different---production - BCtheTHRILLER is your producer. With a GROWING roster on his growing label- BCtheTHRILLER plans on being BIGGER than DefJam. Go ahead, listen, give a BCtheTHRILLER song a try--- I bet you’ll like it and love it.

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